Testimonials and Quotations

In the thick of all her work Viomak continues to receive a catalogue of testimonials from a multitude of her supporters and well wishers. In the midst of the curses, the hate, the smear campaigns, the fake news and the death threats, she is thanked by many of her supporters for being a courageous voiceless of the voiceless for the oppressed and the depressed, for being a shoulder to lean on, an ear to the helpless and the hopeless and for being the approachable woman who is always there when she is needed. Listed are some of the testimonials selected from 2001 – current.


When my mother in law visited Canada from Zimbabwe in 2005 she cried when she listened to your music. I remember her saying such kind of music has a comforting impact and is a great inspiration to those affected.

Joyce, Canada

Dear Viomak let me just begin by saying that the reality in which you exist is an exalted one in which not many of us could survive for one day. Only God knows how you do it and only He knows what you are walking this treacherous and tough path. Viomak I have never come across any human being, man or woman who has the courage of a lioness, to stare the Devil in the face and stand your ground. I have never come across any one who understands that the road they are taking is fraught with snakes and scorpions and yet they will swiftly get up to walk on that road. I have never met anyone who everyday carries images of death and destruction and everyday writes about sad heavy matters yet she stays grounded and rooted in her sense of self. They insult her try to degrade her, heap a thousand curses on her head, yet she remains resolute and still as a calm blue lake. Viomak you are amazing and the video song you put out today has really moved me beyond description. In the same way I have been moved, many will be moved too. The God I serve and worship will protect you Viomak so that His will may be accomplished through you. The God I serve will guide you and keep your steps from striking snakes and scorpions. He will lift you up over your enemies and when you appear they shall scatter into the darkness where they belong. When you speak they shall be silenced and their tongues made mute. When you walk they will know that He that lives in you is greater than he who is in the world. I pray my God to be with you at all times to comfort you when you need it, to send his angels to you when you need solace, to give your spirit rest when you need it. I pray that the work of your hands, your voice your being all be the powerful instrument that will transform the face of our nation and change the destiny of our beloved country. I have prayed selfishly that mine eyes may see the glory of Viomak as the first president and leader of a democratic sovereign Zimbabwe, for whom many have shed blood. I pray that God may deliver our nation into your chief custodianship, for you have been tried and found worthy of such an honour and responsibility. This is my prayer for you today Vio and all this I have asked in Jesus Mighty Name AMEN. Gird yourself with strength and arm yourself with the armour of God… Victory is at hand because the battle rage on but the war has been won. I am loving you.

Barbara, Zimbabwe

Dear Viomak. I’m privileged, honored, and very very happy to connect with you, and truly pleased that whatever my little contribution can be, is worthwhile for you. Like you, I care about this world, and we are interconnected. I actually woke up with a smile this morning from having found you and for your nice warm words. I’ve read a little of your story from your page, but not enough to know the depth and details of it. But I recognize the pain in your voice, and the nature and deliberate provocations built into some of the recent comments on your wall. Those men are really after you, and you wouldn’t be human if it didn’t hurt you. I saw somebody said “forgive and forget”, but in my experience through life that is not a choice, it’s a process – sometimes it’s right, and sometimes it’s not, it takes the time is takes, – and if you should do it, you do it for your own good, not to lift their responsibility for their own deeds. Another good thing with an open wall is that their harmful intentions are visible to others. For the best, that protects you. And I agree with you; openness is desirable on all ends to achieve the kind of society we want. Anything that does not stand daylight, we do not need. Keep up what you do sister. Stand tall, in broad daylight, let them see you, protect that drive within you, that faith you have in humanity and in change – we are many, many around you, that support you. Yes, let’s keep in touch. Please be my guest in Oslo anytime you stop by, and I’ll remember you when I’m in the UK. Have a lovely night. Kind regards.

Ingjerd Johansen, Norway

Good afternoon sister Viomak. I got USD$30 from my boss earlier this morning saying that it’s from you to me. I am humbled and grateful. I’m so touched beyond words. Thank you so much for the thoughtful and generous gift, you have no idea how much it meant to me. There was nothing random about your act of kindness, you always know how to make life brighter for everyone you know and you are always so helpful. I have heard a lot about you and your good heart and all I can say is that you always go above and beyond in everything you do. I’m using you as an example to my kids of someone unselfish, giving and ready with a can-do spirit and I hope they grow up to be like you. Sisi Viomak Mwari vakuitirei zvakanaka.May He always meet you at your point of need. May He provide over and above all that you need. May He satisfy you with long life that He may continue using you. Thank you for allowing God to use you, I feel so honoured to have met you in person. I love and appreciate you.

Nyasha , Zimbabwe

Thank you sisi Viomak for being a voice to the voiceless. God bless you. Sisi Viomak ka mutori nemwoyo kudarika mafundisi. Vamwe they just say isai mari paEcocash ye Birthday ramfundisi flashy cars vachisiya vanhu vakadai. Vazhinji vacho kuda kuverengwa muma newspaper nekubuda paZTV but vachitadza kubatsira vanhu vakadai .Hayii mune rudo runotyisa God will reward you. You are Thabitha wedu of our time . Hey l am crying humble sister . Sisi Viomak you are so amazing heaven sent not kuti muri muparidzi ayewa but mabasa enyu aya anoparidza ega .Ndatya nerudo rwenyu . Thank you are so caring .Thank u sisi oh sweet of u my sister.Am so happy you are so special. l pray God to protects you. Let favor follow you all the days of your life. I told you, you are Tabitha of our generation. My Tabitha,Our Tabitha.Zvivhunzei why vanhu vachikupirai zvichemo.NdiMwari ivavo. Esther of our time .Love you sisi.Ini andidi nemi chero zvodii.Munomira saEsther paakati if l perish l perish achimiririra tribe yekwake.l salute you. Thanks my dear sister.God bless you .Andidi nemi .Ndinotenda rudo rwenyu . Makakosha . Thank u a million times .Mwari vakuitirei zvishuwo zvemwoyo wenyu .Mother Theresa of our time .Ndoshaya ndokupai zita rekutii .Sisi Rudo rwenyu ndopandoda kusvika .Kucoper mabasa akanaka .Andidi nemi hangu .My Tabitha.God bless you.Munodzidzisa vanhu rudo but havanzwi. Ini hangu ndine zvandiri kudzidza. God bless you sisi Viomak. Tabitha of our time. Muri kutokurira vamwe vatakavhotera nevedzi svondo sisi .l am praying for you too.Ini anokusvorai ndinotomira kurwira zita renyu .Mwari akuwanzirei favour sisi. Sisi ndikakuudzai nhasi was talking ndega kuti what will l eat .God l need something or send someone to boost my business randiri kuda kuita .You are sent in people’s lives .I would like to join you in charity. Thank you.God bless you sisi. Thank you sisi ndinotya rudo rwenyu. I am out of words .May God bless you sisi . Ndinotenda Mwari vakuitirei zvikuru .Vawedzere patapudzwa.Ndafara chaizvo rudo rwenyu soo.Haaa Mwari ndovanoziva .Makandikoshera. You are a star sisi Vee . God bless you my sister. Love you so much..You are so kind . Thank you so my Tabitha. l thank God nerudo rwenyu sis Viomak.Andidi nemi . Mune rudo moziva vashoma vakaita semi soo .Moziva mwoyo wenyu so ndazvivhunza ndikaona kubata kwaMwari.Musaitira ini ndega asi nevamwe.Dai makaita Pastor henyu munomira nemunhu kusvika zvaita.Family is not about blood it’s about who is willing to hold your hand when you are in need.Be blessed sisi My Tabitha .l can call u many names .I thank u for everything . Ndinotenda hangu sisi Viomak . Zino rakabviswa. Am happy no pain.

Caroline, Zimbabwe

Ndizvo zvandiri chero kuchurch vamwe vanotondivenga but handisvike pamuri.You are such a treasure kusociety but zvinononoka kuonekwa nevanhu because vanhu vazhinji ma fake they pretend. Thank you so much basa ramaita iguru ku Epworth.I have been going through your forwarded chat with Chaplain and up to the current developments I’m short of words. Yes I do have some pandinoona zvakasiyana nemi in terms of your analysis yemapolitical issues but you are still my best philanthropist so far. Differences in opinions are normal but to be honest you are my role model your level in terms of charity works is above par .May God Bless you sis and continue to give you wisdom.

Ronald, Zimbabwe

Hesi mhamha Viomak , I just thought I would drop you a note to say that I am very proud and humbled by the work that you are doing. You are so strong. I know you have always known that politics is my final destination, and I hope to uphold my morals, and stand up for what I believe in like you do. I was just reading the wall, and it’s a shame that for someone trying to be positive, you are meeting a lot of negativity. However, I know that you will arise above it all, as you are destined for greatness mhamha, and are a true leader.

Ingjerd Johansen, Norway

Sis Viomak I’m not praising but you represent one character that existed 1000 years ago as written in the holy book. ACTS 9:36-42 verses in the Bible. Now there was at Joppa a certain disciple named Tabitha, which by interpretation is called Dorcas. This woman was full of good works and alms deeds which she did. And it came to pass in those days, that she was sick, and died, whom when they had washed, they laid her in an upper chamber. And for as much as Lydda was nigh to Joppa, and the disciples had heard that Peter was there, they sent unto him two men, desiring him that he would not delay to come to them. Then Peter arose and went with them. When he was come, they brought him into the upper chamber and all the widows stood by him weeping, and showing the coats and garments which Dorcas made, while she was with them. But Peter put them all forth, and kneeled down, and prayed, and turning him to the body said, Tabitha, arise. And she opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter, she sat up. And he gave her his hand and raised her up. Then, calling the saints and widows, he presented her alive. And it became known throughout all Joppa, and many believed in the Lord.

Well wisher, Zimbabwe

Dear Viomak . It is an urge in my heart to share and honour you in public as done in mail.com. I admire you highly for bringing about awareness by means of your music and much more. Music and videos are powerful tools of communication, awareness and healing facilitators, and contributors .For your courage, strength, power, for standing up so strongly against injustice, social and political matters in your home country. Maximum Stars. You are a God send not only to Zimbabwe. You are A BRIGHT STAR shining onto humanity per se, as no One individual or country is an island in this world. All as we are around, we are interdependent and connected in the very same tapestry of Destiny colouring Mother Earth as One Love. Each and every one of our actions shines beyond, for good and bad .As violence no matter the kind breaks my heart to pieces, I FEEL YOU, be embraced in your pains. I feel it literally into the very bone marrow and core of my heart and soul. Bottom line these are the reasons for my music too. I am happy to know you, see and appreciate you as a genuine matriarch of Amazing Greatness, rare kind on this planet. Hence I appreciate and speak my heart to you, in the hopes of bringing further empowerment to your journey. This world badly needs more matriarchs to harmoniously balance world affairs currently so devastatingly infected by power abusive patriarchs. This world needs more matriarchs your genuine and authentic kind, YOU VIO. You are a highly blessed and rich woman, spiritually as personally. May all your efforts bear plentiful and sustainable fruits. May your wells of wisdom, strength and endurance eternally keep flowing abundantly , and may you always remember to nourish yourself well too , for your wells keep being to your well as well so as you do not burnout, my dear sister. This world needs you. May the best of Success be yours, now and in bright future, as the future is created and laid in the Now. You build so well and wisely and in The Now. Much love, respect and many blessings to you. ONE LOVE.

Jane Maluka, Germany

Viomak I’ve talked with you, I’ve worked with you, we have shared thoughts and ideas, but after looking and reading this web site, I understand a little more of your struggle. There is one thing I promise I know for sure that the love for mankind and the love of your fellow man is a mission that is only sanctioned by God. May the Good Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand. May He always be your guide. God bless.

Well wisher, Zimbabwe

Never in my life have I heard such emotional singing. All for the love of a lost country. Well done. That sounds like coming from deep down your heart. Isn’t it sad? God bless you.

Esther, Zimbabwe

Viomak I want to express my honors to you for your efforts to create change. You come across to me as a real brave woman. You deserve all credibility for your willingness to voice issues and for doing it openly as well. I see some of the pressure and attacks you are confronted with, and keeping your page open for anyone to comment also adds to your courage and ability to stand tall. It’s well done of you. I guess when we want openness in this world, we got to accept in on our own life too. But it’s a cost to it, the attacks, and the emotional stir they create. Just want you to know that your efforts are highly appreciated, your open-door-policy give your more credibility than it could ever bring to those that attack you and painful as it must be, the results are in your favour. Keep it up Sister, love to you from Norway, hugs.

Ingjerd Johansen, Norway

Viomak so the trick is simple your reward is not going to come from people it’s from God because whatever you do if you calculate with our human eye you are just giving you don’t gain anything in this world its loss. Your reward is with the lord .There are many rich people who are better than you but doesn’t share with those in need simply because they know profit and loss Act very well. If you are doing good your heart confirms your works better than any other person of which love is the greatest commandment. Sisi Viomak you are a little God keep it up. Ndikanzwa anokusvorai munhu iyeye ngaafe . What you do even the pastors are far from you. Sisi zvamoita izvi if people wanna speak the truth we used to watch in movies or kungonzwa iri ngano never knew panyika pane vanhu vanofungira vamwe I wish to see you one day.

Well wisher, Zimbabwe

Viomak, people don’t like the fact that you say the truth. They fear the truth because the truth hurts. Facts are stubborn. People desire comfort zone. There is no comfort in truth. They call you names and claim you cyber bullying others. I disagree with that claim. It’s not admissible. At least those of us with honour can accept the truth. It’s because your philosophy is a bitter pill to swallow so they get angry and attack you by calling you names. Stay strong and don’t stop philosophising. I like your philosophy, you are wise. What’s your profession sisi Viomak you sound like a health expert, better than our Obediah Moyo . Well I’m inspired by you. Now l understand why passion is more important than education or academic profession. You have proven that passion is gold and to be successful one must follow his or her passion because the whole world knows Sisi Vee as a writer and a successful journalist and u are more famous than most professional journalists. hats off for u. Success follows passion l have leant. You have shown real impartiality by going against your very own Wasus. You stand for what is good. Keep it up. Ayewa ndabvuma hangu. Yamunayo sisi Viomak ndoinonzi wisdom. Wisdom is better than gold so we can’t put a price tag at your intelligence. You are great at observing and you say the truth voetstoot. Dai tine majority of the population with this wise mentality dai tine first successful black nation in the world manje mabhoyi majority is extremely foolish and imbecility. I’m proud of your wisdom. I’d say you are the best philosopher in Zimbabwe. Plus you are good at psychology. Awesome Sisi Viomak I will keep on following you because l love your philosophy and perception towards life. Plus a spade is a spade to you not the cousin of a shovel kkkk, you speak truth. Sure, don’t give up you are a successful brand and by giving up you would have deprived the whole society your philosophy and service which people find amazing. The only challenge is we are currently in a global crisis which is of course proving the true mentality of people. The crisis has shown us that the population is divided into two, wise and fool. A fool delight in their own understanding and resist other views i.e. closed minded and a fool or stupid people express their anger openly, but sensible people are patient and calmly hold it back thus why fools tend to persecute and insult you in your inbox. Don’t worry about fools. Their behaviour doesn’t just prove who they are or how foolish they are. Just don’t be a victim to fools arise above them by respecting them to avoid noise. Also don’t argue with a fool because it’s no use. Keep educating us. Your perception towards the world is just perfectly correct. Remember real recognises real. Those who don’t recognize you aren’t real and are blind. You are our female President. You give us warnings about Covid, you tell us things that we must fix in order to be a better African nation, apart from all, and you entertain us with news. Viomak lives to aspire and inspire others and also to uphold human rights, the work which accrues intrinsic value. The wise understand that motivation is intrinsic but a fool like Hopewell understands it as extrinsic. Live to inspire not to impress. Sisi Vee 10 Hopewell 0. You were already popular as Viomak way before twitter and Facebook were launched and he got to fame now with social media. You are a true hero not ignorant Oppah. Such an interesting life you are living, wise and blissful. Pamberi neTruth wasu.

Adonis, Zimbabwe

Hi Sis Viomak. Just to say I really appreciate the investigative journalism work you do in unearthing social ills done by people in a position of power on the weak and vulnerable. I also appreciate your philanthropic work in soliciting for help for people requiring financial assistance to undergo critical operations, you have saved many lives. Keep up the good work and stay protected and blessed by the Almighty.

Wells wisher, Zimbabwe

Viomak how are you. I’m looking for your cds or dvds that you sing about Mugabe please. I would be so grateful to have them. I live in Ireland is that ok. I enjoy your music let alone your courage. You are one lady who tells the truth. I like your braveness keep it up.

Well wisher, Ireland

Good evening sis Viomak ummm my sister makanyanyisa. What you do is too much. Dai munhu wese aine moyo unenge wenyu, ummm our world would be a better place. Despite maomere ari kuita zvinhu you still share with the world the little you have. I really envy you my sister. Dai Mwari aramba achikuwedzerai pamunobvisa . I follow your works, everytime I shed tears. God bless you always.

Well wisher, Zimbabwe

Hello sisi Viomak . I hope you’re doing okay .I have known you for some time and followed your stories, your charity work as well. First of all I would like to applaud you for basa ramukuita rekubatsira those in need. It’s something many are failing to do yet vachinyatsoziva how it feels like kushaya asi vachispender mari recklessly. May God richly bless you and those who you’re working with. Your efforts will never go in vain .At least you are able to put smiles on other people’s faces. Someone somewhere goes to bed nemoyo unofara knowing Viomak helped them. Zvitori nani mufunge pane kutukwa nemunhu kut why are you posting their musvos on social media. It’s funny kuti people vanonyatsoziva zvekutumirana musvo pictures and videos zvinongoguma nekupostwa wafumurwa with those who come across your nudes, yet they never stop . Havadzidze .Vafumurwa they come all guns blazing insulting you. I read nyaya yaguy uyo who was saying why do you insult blacks including your own and I was moved by your straight forward response.You would rather hurt them with the truth than comfort them with lies.Ini I support you fully, I’m a young woman. I know how men feel like when they get intimidated by the opposite sex. You are a force isingasundike and I’m glad mune zithick skin you’re not moved by silly and stupid talks. Continue doing what you are doing. A lot of people are benefiting from your good deeds .Anoita zvinotukisa if you feel like insulting them please do just that cause vamwe that’s the only language yavanonzwisisa. I sometimes laugh reading your posts and you will be feeling like kucheka munhu musoro coz musoro wacho unenge usingatofunge. I know how it feels like yet munhu hapana chaungamuite to make them see things from your point of view. So sugar coating zvinhu kuti munhu akadaro afare hazvina zvazvinobatsira.

Rene, Zimbabwe

Hi sis Viomak. I hope I find you well.Ndine nyaya yandirikushushikana nayo yemunharaunda yandogara kuChitungwiza.Pane a girl who is disabled by the name Tanya.She stays with her aunt but is abused .Right now as I speak she is admitted in Chitungwiza Central hospital akatsva but hazvisi kunzwisisika kuti akatsva sei.I’ts the second week atsva ende anga asikugezwa muviri ava kunhuwa.The auntie doesn’t care akazogezwa neimwe friend yangu as I had failed to go that day.Her situation inorwadza sis Viomak . I can go on and on. I don’t know if she can get any help. I really want to work with you if you allow me sis because my heart bleeds for the orphans and the needy.The other girl is also an orphan ari kurara panze after adzingwa nambuya vake namainini for reasons that are not valid. I was giving her food but only 4 days back I don’t know where she went. Sorry nekurebesa but please sis, I want to help out these people but I don’t have funds. Accept me to work with you. I’m willing chero kutumwa or anything sis. Currently I’m studying Theology.

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Hi Sis Viomak. I don’t want to lie you but you’ve touched my heart dearest. I have been following you even the things you send on whatsapp app especially the ones where you help cancer stricken people. I feel touched and wish to work on such things in future. I am crying right now after seeing Charlotte’s post and I’ll ecocash when I get money. May God bless you abundantly your family will be blessed. You make me want to give.

Inspired, Zimbabwe

Hi Viomak . I have never written you but I just want to say thank you for being the voice of the voiceless. I hate me who abuse women especially little girls. It pains me. Sexual abuse cause emotional abuse which doesn’t heal at all. I tell you if I see a man raping a child or woman I will destroy him with whatever I get. The situation in Zimbabwe is worse nekuda kwenhamo. Zvakaoma sisi.God bless you. Mwari vakuchengetei.

Inspired, Zimbabwe

Sisi Viomak makadii.I can see you reach out to a lot of people, sorry my name is Lynda. I have a sister of mine missing last heard from her 2018 June. She was in Daresalaam when last born yemumba medu passed away we tried to get in touch with her and her former employee but he couldn’t give a straight forward answer. Please sisi Viomak I need your help if you could please kindly send a post about her please, please, please I beg of you I’m stuck I don’t know what to do. I thank you sisi Viomak you are awesome may God bless you in many ways. It’s rare to find someone who helps without demanding money. You are blessed sisi Viomak may God continue to bless you in all the hard work you are doing. You are one of a kind who will leave a good legacy where our kids will learn right from wrong thank you again.

Lynda , Zimbabwe

Sisi Viomak I have been following you for some time now I think 2 and half to 3 years ndaimboti munopenga ( sorry to say) asi after some time ndakunzwisisai ndakaona kuti hamungotaure munotanga mafunga. A lot of stories dzamaitaura ndichiti munonyepa asi zvakazobuda dziri chokwadi dzese nezvimwewo zvakawanda. Makanyanya my sis keep it up you are the voice for the voiceless.

Inspired, Zimbabwe

Sisi Viomak ndinoda kukutendayi zvakanyanyisa nerudo rwakadai dai Mwari akurangarirai pane zvose zvamunoda muupenyu hwenyu nekuti basa ramabata iri ndanga ndakaremerwa nekuda kwenyaya yaTanatswa kufamba kumubereka zvanga zvorema saka ndinokutendayi zvakanyanyisisa izvezvi misodzi yemufaro iri pamatama munditenderewo kune vane ruoko runopa maita Mwari vakukomborerei . Mukana uyu ndakaushaya nguva refu sisy ndichine simba ndichiti kuhama ndawana basa ndisarireiwo nemwana wangu ndinosevenza ndione kumurapisa but vese vairamba handina kuziva kuti muupenyu kune vanhu vane rudo serwenyu kudai Mwari vakuwanirei nyasha zhinji kwazvo. Sisy kwandiri hangu makandikoshera zvakanyanyisa God bless you maoko enyu ngaaropofadzwe nepanotsika tsoka dzenyu. Ndakapa testimony kuchurch mufundisi wangu akachema sisy rangarirwai nedenga . Makatendwa sisy church yakaita noise because dambudziko rangu vairiziva kuzoti nharaunda kana Mwari vachikuvhurirai masuwo ndinofara nokuti ndicho chishuvo changu sisy Viomak . Ndaiona mari sisy komborerwai wedzerwai pamatapudza sisy handizivi kuti ndokutendai sei shoko raMwari rinoti vakaropofadzwa vanogoverana nevarombo .Kwandiri sisy Viomak you are my blood sister because basa ramuri kubatata pana Tanatswa rakakurisa rakakonekwa nevakawanda vamwe vaitoseka kuti nacho chirema chake uchakaura.Pandakarwara ndaingonamata kuti Mwari handirambe kufa asi dei uyu atanga mberi kwangu nokuti kana denga handingariwani.

Mai Tanatswa , Zimbabwe

Maswera sei Sis Viomak . Thanks a lot God bless you more. It’s Precious. Mufunge l saw the money in the morning but kuti nditaure nemi my buddie iri kuramba kuenda kuwhatsapp. So l thought ichaita but yaramba zvachose. Then l realised l had another phone. Ndaiona thanks so much. I am here today for few loving people like you who agreed God to use them in helping me when my own people persecuted me. You are one person who l will never forget. You stood by me panyaya dziya imi sis will always remember that makandimirira imi blood doesn’t always mean family. We bonded you will always have a special place in my heart.

Precious, Zimbabwe



As a voice of the voiceless, social scientist, human rights defender and philanthropist Viomak continues to refuse to oppress her voice and continues to stand up and speak on behalf of the less privileged, the downtrodden and the many hopeless and voiceless Zimbabweans who approach her for help. Below is a random selection of some of the many requests that Viomak constantly receive from her fellow Zimbabweans seeking help in various ways and she always opens her heart and hands and helps them on a voluntary basis whenever she can or in very rare occasions for a donation to viomak charity work and activism.

SEXUAL ABUSE: 01/01/2021

“Hi Sisi Viomak . I need your assistance. Happy New year dear. I’m not ok Sisi. Got some people sexually abusing my 16 year old twins. They are doing all this through my ex-wife. The men sleep with the children and the mother is given cash by the men .Vana vanonorarwa Mai vachipihwa mari . The other one is pregnant, so I recorded everything. I’m opening a police docket in Rusape. That’s where my kids were staying with the mother. Police refused to open docket saying the children are above 16 years and there is no law to use on the men because the children were influenced to say we are in love with the men and we agreed to have sex with them. Varamba kuvhura docket hanzi awe above 16 so hapana mutemo unokwanisa kumubata cause mwana was influenced hanzi tinodanana takarara tese nekuwirirana”.

SUICIDE: 29/11/2019

“Thank you sis Viomak you helped me a lot with your inspiration messages. I was about to commit suicide some time ago you changed my life. I am coping now I thank God who led me to you, you saved me. You helped me a lot to realize that it was not the end of the road no matter how bad the situation is. If it wasn’t you I would have committed this terrible act. May God continue to bless you. You are my life saver sis Viomak and I will always appreciate your help you have changed my mindset from evil thoughts to something productive thank you very much my sister.”

RENE: 08/01/2021

“Sis Viomak you still shock me at times. I will admit at the way you react to situations. At times I feel mmm sisi apa vanenge vawona zviri wrong. I keep my thoughts to myself. But nyaya makudzika nayo ndozowona kuti aiwa you were right and I think there are lots of people like me going through what I go through and who have had a changed mindset and way of looking at things all because of you. Ini these days I am not quick to give sympathy. I learnt from you. Tsitsi dzinotsitsirira. I look at all angles of a story then I make a decision on whether someone deserves my sympathy or not. It’s not sorry looking faces that are indeed sorrowful. Even helping vanhu I no longer give people who beg on the streets. They don’t deserve it. An able bodied person with all working limbs decides to beg yet I see zvirema working despite their disabilities. I think I once mentioned the blind lady in my neighborhood anomuka everyday selling cobra,mutsvairo and her daughter is her guide. She will be shouting cobra, mutsvairo nemadust pan everyday even on Christmas day. Such people deserve kupiwa kana Christmas box, they deserve it. I have changed because of you sisi”

ANAPAULA: 26/12/20

“ Makadini sisi Viomak ndonzi Anapaula Caetano ndine 27 years. Ndaigara neboyfriend yangu anonzi Calvin Mukumba from February till October ndikazobva. Kubva ndabata pamuiri taingonetsana, so ndakamboshinga ndichiti imimba. Akazova worse ndaigara ndichibata ma message achitaura neex wake kuSouth African vane mwana vese. So I decided to move out beacuse I spent all my pregnancy days on antibiotics.I was always sick in and out of hospital. I was operated at 35 weeks .I got a baby boy and he never come to see mwana.I tried calling him but he refused and he sent messages that I should leave him alone. I did that and I started talking to his family in Zimbabwe. I explained everything how he beat me up, how he refused to buy food and his different ladies and thy promised to talk to him. He was cross and he warned me not to talk to his family but I told him I will for baby’s sake. When I moved out he sent thieves to my new place they wanted a phone and other house furniture. I cried for help and neighbours helped me .We went to his house to warn him but he became worse. I became stressed then I moved out again. So yesterday I hired his friend’s car .He was at the car wash and they greeted each other and he came to the car. We had a misunderstanding. I was holding my baby and after a few exchange of words he beat me up by the road. Even my baby’s clothes are full of blood .He stays in Kraaifontein phase 2 Cape Town. He does tree felling. He is always finding ways to torment me .He even sends people to call me with private numbers and threatening me. Sometimes they call and offer me jobs but I never accept because they use private numbers. I am in Cape Town. I am not working at the moment. I went to the police station they said the doctor must check me and sign form. I stayed up till 10pm without getting help and I left because my baby is just 7 weeks. I was scared he could get sick it was cold. Private doctor is expensive I don’t have the money. Now the police are saying bring the paper only when doctor signs it then they can arrest him.


“Makadini zvenyu auntie Viomak ndapiwavo number dzenyu nefriend yangu .Ndine dambudziko randinaro ati mungagona kundibatsiravo. Ndinonzi CC ndinoshanda South Africa ndine nyaya yandinoda kubatsirwavo. Ndine mwana weyoung sister yangu anonzi BM ane makore 16 anogara kumusha kunonzi kwaMarange kuBocha kuraini kwaMukwada achidzidza pa secondary paMukwada form 2 ,so ari kugara nastep father vanonzi MM. Mai vemwana uyu vanonzi BC vanoshanda kuno SA ,saka vakatora mwana kubva kuna baba vake anonzi TM ari kuTopora kwaZano vachiti avuye kuholiday kukisimusi akauya kwaMutare ,mwana ndobva azoramba kudzokera kuna baba vake ,saka ange akugara na step father nevamwe vana vavo 4 kumusha achidzidza ikoko. Nezuro ndakazoona my young sister akundifonera during the night past 11 pm kuti ndiuye online, akabva andiudza kuti vakoma “MM amusendera sms yekuti B mwana ari kuda kuzviuraya. Ini ndikabvunza kuti achifa nekuda kweyi afunga chii mwana mudiki akaita so .So ndakazotaura paapp nastep father vanova MM kuti ndokumbirawo vape B foni yavo ndimbonzwavo nyaya yaari kuda kuzviurayira mwana mudiki akaita so .Saka takazonetsana paapp vari kuramba kupa mwana foni yavo.Step father ava vakabva vandibloka saka nhasi ndamuka kutenga air time kuti ndifone nditaure nemwana B. Pakutanga step father his phone was off ,ndaramba ndichiedza yazoita asi havasi kuda kudaira call yangu ,chero yamai vemwana havasi kudaira. So takufungira kuti step father vanenge vakaenda pabonde nemwana B saka vari kuramba kuti titaure nemwana. Ndazofonera my big brother ari kwaMutare anonzi JC ndichimuudzavo nyaya iyi saka ati haana mari yetransport kuti ayende kunogara step father nemwana uyu B. Saka tiri kumbotsvaka mari kuti tivatumire asi takutya kuti mwana B anogona kuzviuraya asati atiudza kuti inyaya yei yamushungurudza nekuti hanzi akatombotora mushonga achida kumwa kuti afe, so I need your help. Ndamboedza kutsvaka mari kuti nditumire FM anova mwana weyoung sister yamother vangu kuti ayende koona kuti mwana ari kuda kuzviuraya chii asi chakutinetsa step father ari kubloka wese ati anoda kutaura naB. Auntie I need your help takazotaura nemwana honai step father vaye vakudzinga mwana because ataura kuti vairara naye. Mwana akati mhamha daddy vakatombondibata vakandikumura hembe kwakuda kundimanikidzira chiro chavo.”

ESTHER: 25/11/2020

“Hi Sis Viomak how are you. How is your philanthropic work. I still have not checked your facebook posts, but will check as soon l get data. Sis l took time to write you but honestly l don’t have anyone to talk to and when things like this happen l became very depressed and suicidal.

I told you why my studies mean a lot to me, told you I am supposed to start my third year this November. I had found a sponsor who came home with gifts and she promised to pay my fees and everything regarding school. That was last month she had taken my details and everything was in order. Then mai vangu vakabva vaona vanhu vauya kuzondibatsira nezvinhu vakatsamwa. Due date refees rakasvika those people had blocked me when l contacted them and my mum sis is so happy. Vakashaudha vanhu ivavo vagoratidzwa maphotos evamwe vana vavo vane mari so zvikanzi hatitambure isu . Ndakazoudzwa nemusikana aive pamba pedu akati mai venyu vavhunditsira vanhu vari kuda kukubatsirai hameno vakadzoka saka l didn’t believe her at first. I told you kuti l am now standing to her so havana kuzvifarira so she is trying to frustrate me and cursing me. Izvo l can ignore but my worry is fees. May you help Sis Viomak due date was Monday but they said if l can pay before or on Friday it’s ok. We pay using Paypal or Ecocash or through CBZ bank. l don’t even need to touch the money in my hands l can give you my details mondibhadharira .I can’t put my studies on hold l had started already reading my modules. Sis may you sponsor me my studies, be my sponsor, or you can find someone to sponsor me l don’t need to know them imi ndimi munenge muchindibatsira. Zimbabwe Open University fees are affordable since its Distance Learning.My siblings can afford but family politics they cut me off. I am trying to do something for myself and its hard may you sponsor me. They gave me up to Friday. l could have told you earlier but thought those people would do it but they went silent. Zw$7000 bonds fees so are needed for me to register by Friday through Ecocash CBZ or l can go in person. I know ndanonokesa kukuudzai. Zviri kuita mai vangu ndofanira kubva pamba apa. Sis in future hamuna munhu wamunoziva ari diaspora ane imba or flat kuHarare kuno panogara maid or what pandinokwanisa kugara hangu mahara. Sis l don’t have peace of mind at all its now affecting my well-being.

RUMBIDZAI: 06/01/2020

“Hi dear how are you sister Viomak. I am Rumbidzai Guma .I heard that you help people with different problems. I have a breast problem. My breast is swollen and it has a growth. It started in March 2019. It started when I was breastfeeding. It is very painful. I am therefore seeking for help so that I can seek medical attention. I don’t have money to pay to see a doctor. Currently I live in Sunningdale 2 with my grandmother. I am not married. I am a single mother to one child and I’m not working at the moment. I have seen a doctor at Harare hospital he has reffered me to a specialist. Tendai Guma is my uncle .The doctor said I should go and see doctor Wazara. He said the consultation is zw$150 bond. He said it’s a growth. I don’t have another health problem besides the breast. Even today I can go I’m in pain. ”

MDUDUZI: 21/02/2020

“Morning sis Viomak hope to find you well. I have been referred to you by a friend Yuda. Sis I was diagnosed with cancer last year. I was put on chemotherapy and I did 6 sessions. I went for a CT scan last month and I have been put on chemotherapy again. This is the prescription and quote I have. Now I’m struggling sis to raise those funds. I have to go for chemotherapy next week Thursday. Would appreciate any kind of help and assistance I can get. I have managed to buy all the other drugs but ndashoterwa ne Fluorouracil .Uyo unoita zw$3150 bond. Family also helped especially on CT scan because it was very expensive. But now with our economic situation vanhu vari kuchema.Last year I went for 6 chemotherapy sessions at Parirenyatwa hospital .I’m a 42 year old man from Zvishavane.I’m married with 4 kids. I’m unemployed. I have been having chest problems since 2016. It started as a small pimple on my chest.I went to Driefontein Hospital and they took x-rays but nothing was showing. The pimple kept growing till I went to Harare hospital. They advised me to have a CT scan and referred me to Parirenyatwa hospital. At Parirenyatwa they did a biopsy on the growing lump and that’s when I was diagnosed of cancer. Last year I had 6 chemotherapy sessions at every 3weeks interval and another CT scan was taken in January this year. The lump is still growing. They said they can’t do an operation because the growth is encircling the pulmonary artery from the heart. Now I need to have 4 chemotherapy sessions at 4 weeks intervals and then review. My first chemotherapy is due next week Thursday. The price of the medication is too high and it’s difficult for me to raise all the monies required. Most of my medical reports/notes are at Parirenyatwa hospital. My ecocash number is Sikosana. I would really appreciate any kind of help and assistance I can get my dear sis. At times it chokes my voice to a point of kuvhara inzwi and kuzozarirwa. Last week I was given medications to stabilize my breathing. Since 2016 I have been going to hospitals and they took x-rays, ultra sound scans etc and they said all was ok. The lump continued growing on my chest. It was later when another doctor said go for a CT scan and biopsy and that’s when it was found to be cancerous. My sister had to add me to her medical aid last year. Unfortunately it has a waiting period so it will cover chemotherapy after 2 years,that is next year January sis. For now it covers hospitalisation, kudhindisa card. I buy mishonga yechemotherapy ndega and I was admitted for a couple of days while they administer the drugs through drips. I use my sister’s medical aid for hospitalization. Dambudziko rangu hombe riri pakuwana mishonga apa panodiwa 4 sessions of chemo at 4 weeks intervals. Ndatumira image yegrowth yacho last year before chemotherapy and chemotherapy has 24 months waiting period. Ct scan I topped up zw$1250 bond pamedical aid last month. I’m HIV negative, no BP, no sugar. 4 sessions of chemotherapy were prescribed so I will be going for chemotherapy once every 4 weeks .1st session medication cost zw$5398 bond, but now the drug that is short is Fluorouracil costing zw$3150 bond. So every session will be costing around that figure, but you will know exactly when you are discharged from hospital and you will be given prescription of your next chemotherapy. Asi mishonga yacho inowanzofanana. If I finish chemotherapy yechi4 I go kuCT scan again for doctors to see progress inenge yaitwa. Based on the prescription ye1st chemo all 4 chemotherapy sessions will cost around ZW$21592 bond. I was admitted on Monday for chemotherapy and for past 2 days there are no doctors and no nurse is ward, even nurse aid is not here. It’s said they are on strike. I was in pain most of this week but now I’m ok. Just waiting for my 4th chemo early September but I’m in a tight corner. I must go kuCT Scan next week and then review, but mari dzacho dziri kuramba kubata wena.

So they need a full CT scan if not just chest, but also abdomen and pelvis for a proper assessment and diagnosis. So far I have managed to raise us$100 and I’m short of us$100. Apa sis every cent counts, even rtgs it’s ok will rate it. I will appreciate your help and effort.


“How are you sister Viomak I am Pee’s father. I am appealing for assistance in locating and bringing my daughter back home. She went missing on the 6th of January 2020 in Marondera after being promised scholarship prospects to Canada by someone I later learnt to be a kidnapper and sex predator Lovemore Chivese who is also a fake pastor. He is also a con artist due to his unscrupulous, shady dealings and has a reputation of womanising school children. He has a history of abducting Marondera school girls lying to them that he will arrange scholarships for them to go to Canada .As of now I have tried everything in my capacity to locate her but I am finding it difficult due to minimum information regarding to Chivese’s residence since he is of no particular fixed abode. Let’s help each other keep our daughters and sisters safe from such predators. Pee has a medical condition, since she is anaemic she requires attention and I was hoping she could continue her A level studies since this is her final year but she has disappeared. I have since made a report at Marondera Rural Police Station for missing person, your information and help is greatly appreciated. Makadii hanzvadzi ndinogara kuMarondera . Hanzvadzi ndine dambudzikowo remwana wangu musikana gotwe rangu ane 18yrs anofanirwa kuita A level this year. Akanyeperwa neumwe murume kuti anoita kuti ayende Canada saka akabva amutora against her will ndokumuvharira mumba kumuita mukadzi it’s a long story hanzvadzi. Since Sunday hatizive kwaari but I managed to find number dzemurume uyu. Sisi this man is a devil anenge anoshandisa mushonga kuvana. He has a history, he kidnapped umwe mwana achangopedza form 4. Maybe kuvhariridza his evil so akachata naye kwamagistrate that was in 2010. Mwana uyu was 19 years achigara natete sister yababa vake. Kutaura kuno she has six kids and haadi kuwona tete vakamuchengeta. All this information I gathered ndichitsvaga mwana akandiudza akati whatever it is tsvagai pane mwana mumutore. She lied kumwana that she would facilitate her kuenda Canada when I got home on Sunday afternoon I was told kuti she has gone kunoona munhu for that arrangement sisi. I was shocked that’s when I started looking for the kid. Tuesday as I was at the shops a certain girl approached me akandipa kasmall paper kaiva nephone number akati number dzemunhu ane mwana wenyu haana kumira mushe. I was so confused by that the moment I recollected pfungwa mwana iyeye akange atoenda. I went home stressed. When I checked the number ne ecocash I found out kuti that person once visited my house achida kutakurirwa huni ndikamuudza kuti handitakure huni dzinosungisa. Akati no iye achanopihwa tsamba kuEmma after some discussions ndikati it was ok as long as ane permit. He told me that he is a pharmacist and he worked abroad so he was going go give me a deposit so that when the permit issue is sorted I carry the fire wood. He took me to show me the site where I was going to take the firewood a piece of land he said he wanted to put up a college of which I leant yesterday that it’s a church stand and he has a dispute with other church members and he is the pastor. Pastor mufunge sisi. So before parting I asked him what we will do if the permit issue was to fail, he gave an assurance that it won’t fail. So he sent zw$200 on my phone and the name Lovemore Chivese appeared and that’s the same name which reflects on the number which I was given by the anonymous girl same age as my daughter. Tuesday at around 2200hrs the day I got that phone number I went to the police to make a report. I never attempted to call the number fearing that he will flee. At the station I explained the whole issue and was advised that they will take it as a missing person report and furthermore at 18 years she was an adult and is able to make her own decisions. I was pained, I tried to explain but I left disgusted. The whole of Wednesday I spent the whole day making my own investigations in a bid to locate my daughter that’s when I got the information that the guy is a pervert who is very interested in school girls that’s when I got that story of this girl she took when she was 19 in 2010, as of to date she has 6 kids and is dumped in Rusape. Since I had alerted all family members about the issue my other daughter used a South Africa number and she talked to the guy. When she asked about her young sister or to talk to him he told her that she was fine and can not talk to her. Through her effort she managed to get his other number. So I have a netone and econet number .So yesterday Wednesday I went back to the police and this time I went to the superiors to present my case. After listening to my explanation I was referred to the officer in charge whom I will see today. My prayer is if this evil man can be exposed to save other kids because my own it’s sad I don’t know her fate. Yesterday evening on my way from the police I gave my young brother the contacts and he sent a message maybe due to panic he called and he was ordered to let go the kid but instead he said she was ok and brought her to the phone. Hanzi mwana ange achitaura zvinoratidza kuti it’s all against her will. Am shattered sisi dai ndaiziva paanogara I would have stormed that place kudhara hanzvadzi. This is a brief over view sisi. I might have confused dates here and there but those are the facts. I don’t know the best way you can help me hanzvadzi mwana wangu is very young and she is being abused as we speak. Munhu iyeye hanzi nevanhu vandataura navo ane mushonga chete. Very evil sisi my wife is diabetic so I put a lot of pressure on her she collapsed Monday .I regret and wouldn’t want to put her under pressure again. Mapurisa I got assurance from the top man that something is going to be done and I promise to keep you informed hanzvadzi. On facebook I haven’t checked sisi but I managed to get his photo. Zvakawoma sisi ndiri seni I can’t sleep it’s 2.00 am still awake. Thank you hanzvadzi I never thought one day it will be me telling you this sisi, this can happen to anyone of us. I pray this man be brought to book and answer for everything he has done. Am sure he has got away with a lot of cases of abuse. My daughter should be doing form six come school open and I had prepared everything for my daughter she is a bright little girl. I am certain akashandisirwa mushonga chete because the way I raised her pane zvakaitika chete or mari yakaiswa muecocash hanzvadzi.If it is him he is of no fixed abode but stays in Marondera but where to start is our challenge in the mean time. This Lovemore Chivese anozviita pastor uye anonyepa kuti ndipharmacist. Anogara Marondera especially Cherutombo area some places vanomuziva.Mwana anonzi Pee , this year ange achifanirwa kuita form 6 paNnyameni high school, tinogara Marondera as well. ”

COURAGE: 22/05/2020

“Hey Viomak . My Name is Courage the father of the boy Devine who was hit by car by president ’s wife . Zvakaita hanzi vainotsvaga mvura across the road makuseni I think around 7 to 8am that’s when pakarohwa mwana nemota . So am not sure kuti kuchipatara akaendeswa nani but kuchipatara he was transferred to Gweru vachibva kuKwekwe then after Gweru ambulance yakamutora kuma 3 pm achienda kuMpilo hospital in Bulawayo. So ivo vakasiya zw$200 bond kuGweru yekuti vabatsirike of which it’s nothing 200bond. So nhasi hanzi vasvika munhu wacho zvakunzi ndiminister azotenda azozadzisa mari yokutenga mainjection .ZBC vasvika ichida kutaura naamai vangu but hanzi they were threatened kuti vasabvume kuti ndiani akatsika mwana vanyarare and now my mum is alone in the ICU. So now my mum is saying let’s just leave this vaedze kurapisa muzukuru wavo. Let’s just wait because hanzi vawana mathreats and now after those threats manurses have changed from what they where doing before. Vachinja the way they were taking care of him and he is still in ICU but I will come back to you. Thanks you very much for your time. The problem is vanhu vakuru are scared have been harassed too much before and inini am staying here in SA that’s the problem. Us youth we know our rights and where to stand let’s wait for him to wake up from the ICU coz they are saying his brain shaked so there is too much pressure in his head so they drugged him to try and reduce pressure . If he wakes up in ICU I have asked for pictures then we can see what we can do. Am waiting for the images from my mum coz she was scared because of threats.He is getting better but he is still on ICU thank you.

ESNATH: 12/09/2020

“ Hie sis Viomak makadiii zvenyu . I am Esnath , mother to a 2 year old cardiac patient. That’s her recent Echo report. These are her quotations from India. Where I am network is a problem so don’t be discouraged kana matadza kundibata nguva yamunenge maedza.Ndawana iyi picture when she was admitted in Gweru private hospital in January this year .I don’t know if you can help my daughter in a way . I was referred to you by someone. Akanzi anofanirwa kurapwa out , countries like Italy, Egypt, India. My worry is doctors are saying she mustn’t reach November without being operated as her pulmonary artery is constricted they are saying she is becoming hypertensive. Zvakaoma kungotarisa mwana achida help .Doctor Bannerman castigated me vehemently in July when we went there for an echocardiology saying ndaregerera mwana , that’s why ndava kungojamba jamba mufunge I cried. All along I was of the opinion that I have come to terms with my daughter’s plight but the way he spoke to me made me to realise that I have not yet come to terms with it. Alright my sister keep on working for the need you will fail to contain the blessings .Mark my words .Saka chiregayi tizviise mumaoko aMwari God’s time is the best , also delay yakaropafadzwa , as it is said all things work for good to those who believe. Saka ndanga ndichida kunotsvaga rubatsiro rwekunorapisa

TINAYE: 25/11/2020

“Hallo Sisi Viomak. I am a father aged 35 years who works as a cook earning rtgs7500 which is about US$70 when converted and my wife is a full time housewife. I have 3 children with Partial being the last born who is facing health challenges as to his urinary system due to a kidney problem. My family is financially dependent on me which has put a serious strain in my financial affairs. Partial was first operated here in Masvingo by Dr Zulu who later referred him to Harare hospital where Dr Mukwekwerere performed another operation so that he could be able to relieve himself. The passing out of urine is uncontrollable on his private part so he uses his belly button to pass urine. The other challenge is my lack of knowledge as to who, where and how l can be assisted which is why l am giving you full custody and power to use every information and pictures that l will send to you. We have gone to hospitals several times where we are told that doctors who can assist us are not available. Please my sister help us. I will try to gather more information and advice and l will keep on updating you. What we are desperate for is for him to be able to pass urine normally like others and money to take him to doctors who can help”.

SHAME: 20/11/2020

“Masikati akanaka sisi Viomak . Chokutanga ndoda kukutendayi zvikuru nerudzidziso kunyanya ndaimboita time yekuti sisi Vee apa varesva but ndakazoona kukosha kwechokwadi chamogara muchireva,Chepirizve ndechekusandirasa ndakaita mamistakes akati wandeyi but hamuna kana 1 day zvaro ramakambondituka. Ndaingoona vamwe vachishurwa. Hatisati tamboonana hedu but sisi kutaura chokwadi makandikoshera pakureva mashoko anovaka hupenyu.Thank you so much.Mwari ngavakuchengeteyi uye shuviro yangu ndeyekti muwane zvakanyanyisa kuti vanoshaya vagowana mubatsiri akavimbika semi.Ndinoti ndikakuudzayi problem yangu munongonanga straight zvisina kakunyengererana asi zvichivaka.Ndikafunga chokwadi chenyu nyangwe ndapererwa zvakadii ndinonzwa kunyevenuka.Uum sure Mwari vakatitendera pahurongwa hwenyu ndicharwisa zvakaomarara kufamba tichiparidzira kukosha kwenyu, uye nezvamunoitira vanhu nyangwe nevasingakuziveyi. Mwari vakupeyi simba rakapetwa kasingaperi . Thank you so much my sister Viomak , stay safe.”

ZIVAI PENYENI: 14 /10/2020

“Hie sisi Viomak . Ndinofara hangu. Ndoitwa mai Muchadziya.Ndapiwa number dzenyu naShame mushure mekutengesa kwaiita saka akasvikawo nepamba pangu akaona mwana wangu ane disability akati nditaurewo nemi. Kwandiri hakuna magetsi saka pekucharger phone pari kundinetsa ndingadai ndakatumira information zuro. Zita rangu rekuberekwa ndinoitwa Zivai Penyeni ndine makore 38 years . Zita rababa Tapson Muchadziya vanogara kuChikuti, basa toita zvekurima asi dzimwe nguva baba vanoita zvekukorokoza kuti tiwane kurarama. Vana first born anoitwa Solomon Muchadziya ane 21 years. Second anoitwa Kudakwashe Muchadziya ane 12 years ndiye and disability. Third born Melody Muchadziya ane 7 years , fourth born Mercy Muchadziya ane 3 years.Tinorarama nekutengesa kumaruzevha. Disability yaKudakwashe ,hafambi, hataure, hanyatsonzwa kutoilet haazivi . Mapamper anondinetsa kuwana .Pandogara handina rusununguko nevanhu kuburikidza nemwana wangu, kudzikisirwa uye hapana rubatsiro rwandakambowana pakurapwa. Kana Kudakwashe akarwara ndinoenda naye kuclinic .Rubatsiro rwekurapwa anoruwana rwakanaka. Ndokumbirawo rubatsiro rwekuti mwana wangu aende kuchikoro chinoitwa maexercise . Ndinoona anofamba nokuti anogara , ukamubata maoko anofamba. Kudakwashe ndiye ari pamaimages andatumira apo ari kutamba hake necup yake. Phone yakabva yangopera moto zuro kwandiri akuna magetsi kana mukangoona ndabva online yakangodzima. Ndinotenda nerudo rwenyu ndotsvaga chikoro kana ndapawana ndokudzai.

MICHELLE: 04/07/20

“Hi Sis Viomak how are you? Sis I need your help. I am in a deep crisis. Not me but my mum. About two months ago she developed a small bump on her leg. It was like a small mosquito bite. Ikazokura over time and it opened up and developed a hole yanga ine pus. Took her to hospitals, doctors both government and private but they gave her different types of antibiotics and pain medications. It would get better a day or two but then get even worse. One doctor cleaned it and removed the pus, but after a few days it got so much worse. All in all I think we went to about 11 different doctors. No tests were done so we don’t know what it is. They checked her sugar thinking pamwe diabetes, but it was normal. Others are saying maybe cancer. So the initial doctor referred us to a specialist doctor at Charter house here in Bulawayo. Problem though is that his consultation alone is US$85. I don’t even have a single cent left. I’m all out and this month has been terrible. That’s just consultation alone so I don’t know if he will refer her for tests or medication. So I was hoping you could help if possible or help me by setting up a Go fund Me page. Sadly I tried setting one up but can’t open one in Zimbabwe. Just wanted to try ,that’s why I thought to at least ask you whether you can help or even just help set up a Go fund Me on my behalf. I’m just stressed. Someone had suggested boiling black jack but I haven’t yet tried it. Someone else said aloe vera so that’s what she’s been trying. Problem is she’s also a stage 3 heart patient so that could also be the cause kuti ropa harisi kusvika flowing in that area hence its not healing cause it’s now been about 2 months .Do you have any herbs to suggest that maybe she can try.”

DOMESTIC ABUSE: 07/08/2020

“Sisi Viomak ndine problem nemukadzi wangu mundebele ini ndiri mushona tinongorwa nguva dzese last time muna January akandipisa nemvura ndikanyarara.March she did the same thing izvozvi nezuro l came home late tikarwa but pay yangu ndomupa yese ndaneta sisi ndoshanda kunge wachi 6 to 6 but she doesn’t appreciate.Izvozvi ndakarara kumba kweshamwari yangu because aisada kuvhura door apo ndine mwana naye handichazivi kuti mwana ndevangu ere apo akambondidedzera mapurisa tarwa.l love my wife sisi but zvaanondiitira zvanyanya.Hama dzangu dzinongoti ndakadyiswa ndaneta sisi.Kuti ndimurowe ndomukwadza ndoitaseiwo sisi. Mostly chinonyanya kundishungurudza ndine mwana naye ane 11months apo tine less than 2 years tiri tese asi tarwa kasingaperi. Hapana chandisingamuitiri last time ndakambopiswa nemvura ndikamuregerera akadzokorodzazve achida kundicheka nebanga.Nezuro akanditema nebhotoro izvozvi ndiri kufamily kumba kwasekuru vangu. Hapamborina nyaya hombe kungonzi why uchinonoka kupinda mumba unenge uripi. Chinozondibhowa anokumbira ruregerero kunge asingazivi zvinenge zvaitika .Kana muchionao zvine future here handichazivi kuti mangwana ndichashandisirwei”.

SHAME: 09/06/2020

“Maswera seyi sister wangu.Panekamwana kanonzi Prince kavene 5 years kanogara namai vacho. Hakakwanisi kugara kana kusanduruka kega kanoswera kari mumba uye hakasi kukura kanotopfekedzwa mapamper.Hakataure mai vacho havashande vanogara muchicabin pastand pemumwe munhu.Ndangofunga imi pandaona izvi. Hapana kana chakanokwanisa kuita zvakaoma sisi.Togara navo muCrowborough phase 4. Mai vacho vanombokasiya kega mumba vachinotsvaka chikafu hakasanduki kanenge kachingochema .Ndasvika kumba kwa mai Prince ndikataura navo kuti ndichauya Friday tozokurukura pamwe nekutora mifananidzo yenyu neye mwana nepamogara pane vanonzi sisi Viomak vanoda kuziva zvakawanda pamusoro pekurarama kwenyu nemwana.Vachema mufunge ndanzwa tsitsi. Ndakwanisa kutengera mwana mabanana 2.”


“Hi sis Viomak . Merjury is a 43 year old widow of Unit O Seke Chitungwiza. Merjury does not have permanent place. Life is not easy for the poor lady. She has been living with AIDS for more than 10 years .ln 2010 she lost a leg to cancer. Merjury is also diabetic. She has a mentally challenged daughter who is 26 years old, who has been a victim of sexual abuse. Life for Merjury is extremely difficult and she has a table at flea market where she sells clothes and other stuff. Merjury needs an artificial leg .Merjury drinks a lot of pills so she needs food for her and family and the money from the flea market can’t do anything much. She has a 24 year old son who passed 6 ‘O’ levels but doing nothing and a 20 year old son doing nothing also. The sons are well behaved. Tebisa is a 64 year old grandmother of Unit O Seke. She is a HIV positive. She has 5 grand children and all of them need to go to school but sadly only 2 of them are going to school. In the photo Tebisa is also taking care of a nephew who is sick with an STI but no money for medication. The grandmother is struggling very much and needs help as soon as possible. Here is a list of her grandchildren, their parents died of AIDS, Bruce 16 years, Faith 14 years, Portia 13 years, Lorraine 10 years, Charity 6 years, the nephew Stanley 17 years.”

MELISSA: 17/09/2010

“Hi my sister Viomak my name is Mellisa .We grew up with our single mum. My sisters are married and they have a nice life. l was made pregnant by a man whom l later realised was abusive so l refused to stay with him much to the dismay of my sisters and uncles because l was going to be the only one to have a child out of wedlock. My mum was the only one to support me and that time she had cancer. I was happy when l tested HIV negative and l thought only HIV babies die. My son was big and very light in complexion and he even won a baby contest at our clinic. When he was one year old he died. He started vomiting in a matter of 3 hrs he died. They said its sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Imagine the pain l had gone through people laughing at me even my real sisters then my child died. I will never forget 2008.My mum was worse affected she is on BP pills.4 months later my mum sold her electric gadgets so that l could come to South Africa. The idea was to refresh to change the environment but she told me to buy all things back when things are fine .A year later l have bought all things back as l am working. The salary is small but l managed to buy. Now l am trying to get my life back. l was once a very confident person but that was lost .l am starting to gain confidence but now l have BP maybe l was thinking too much. I have suffered depression but l think l am fine now. I feel l can do anything but am not sure what but it will come. I want to do something to make myself proud and my mum proud and l wish my enemies all will be alive to see me .l believe l have hope as long as l am alive. Thank u for listening to me. I am sorry l had to write in 3 parts as l am on a phone not a pc. God bless.”

MELISSA: 01/07/2014

“Sis Viomak. Kutotadza kukunyorerai message nekurwara.I lost both of my hearing, kutouya ndichitadza kuona maziso. It happened two months ago. Mukandiona munochema imi, am 40 kg. Apa remember l had not told my family about HIV. However my cd4 is a way above 550, tested TB negative and all tests are negative except HIV. Madoctor ari kushaya kuti chii because hanzi HIV yacho iri kure but was forced to start ARVs havasikuziva. My elder sister tried but now akungoti haana mari and my mum she doesn’t support well, she talks too much though l believe l will be well. HIV inoitisa munhu bofu and deaf makaionepi? Now am at home, someone had volunteered musikana webasa akatiza she talks too much. And the elder sister l know she is in the capacity of helping me but munhu akaoma. l once told you vari kutofunga kuti ndaive hure . To make matters worse my donor died in an accident few weeks ago. Now ndoda maglasses,hearing aids,mari yekurapwa hapana. Things are just hard. Like now ndine musoro doctor said l should come zvikanzi imwa panadol.l know am wrong but am in pain. Ndoda kumbokuudzai zvinondinetsa mumwoyo,zvanga zvichindidzosera kumashure pakurwara. Hanti l told you kuti ndakadzokera ku South Africa ndokubva ndanaiwa nechimvuramabwe ndokubva ndaita chest infection kusvika ndaserious vakauya kuzonditora. Now its exactly 2 months ndauya ndikaitiswa matest ese eTB meningitis matest anenge 11,sisi vaya she used about her 1000 us ipapo. CD4 ikanzi iri pamusoro pe500 saka madoctors vatoshaya kuti chii chaizvo chirikudaro. Because vaiti ichiri high ndakatouya ndisingatoone. Saka mhamha she treats me very bad. Musikana webasa akatiza ega vamuonesa moto. Saka nedzungu remapills andakatanga and still frail handigone kubika kana zvimwewo. Saka vaindipa porridge na12 kana nemi ndozodeedza vanhu vondibikira. Vanenge vachingofinyama. Kana one day havasati vandigezesa. Hanzi ndaive joki mu South Africa so l should suffer apa havazivi kuti ndakapiwa HIV nababa vemwana wekufa uya ndakakuudzai kudhara. Saka musikana mukuru anovatevedzera.Ndakanzi ndidzoke kumaziso a month ago kureview handina kudzokera kuti ndiwane mumwe mushonga,apa unotengwa strictly after review hapana akatenga. Ndanga ndatove right ndakutoona. Saka now toswera tiri two pamba,mazuvano if you ask anything vanokufinyamira. Paive nemusikana webasa mumwe musi ndakamudeedza ndikaona achinditiza ndikati why zvikanzi mai venyu vati mhanya. Never knew she was like this,pandaishanda kuSouth Africa ,l bought her a big fridge ,a big stove plumbing kupedzisa imba apa hembe never thought she would be like this. Pane madzimai maviri emumaraini anopota achimhanya kubetsera kana vakaona mhamha vabuda. Pane mukomana ane HIV kuSouth Africa akambotumira mari vakairova yese ndikanyarara. HIV needs a lot of support and love not just food shuwa. Mukavaona hamuvafungire. Ndofunga haisi mhosva yavo hameno Mwari. Am always stressed because of her .Mothers should not be like that but l know I shall be well soon.”

THABITHA: 25/11/2019

“Please sisi Viomak , I know with your platform you can reach many people ndasangana nemukomana uyu akanditaurira kuti sisi vake vanoda rubatsiro . Hama vadikani makadii mose zita ndinonzi Thabitha ndokumbirawo rubatsiro vanhu vaMwari ndafamba kwese kun’anga maporofita zviri kuramba kuma doctor kukudiwa mari ndokumbirawo vakasununguka vandibatsirewo number dzangu dzinoti 00263……Ndiri kumusha kuGokwe Nemangwe village.Kana vakasununguka kufona fonerai hanzvadzi yangu Last ari ku South Africa panumber idzi 0027……ndatenda.”

TAKUNDA: 08/11/2019

“Hi sis Viomak I am a whistle blower. I have a friend who is in danger .I was referred to you by someone and please hide my identity. Morgenster teacher’s college and mother of three Takunda is being abused by her abusive husband Takawira Tsanu. The house number is ……. Zimuto Street, Mucheke A Masvingo. She no longer has a phone. Her husband took her phone after an argument and she did not give him password as he requested. She is being accused of being dishonest and all sorts of things. The relatives came and discussed the issue and he pretended to be nice to them then they agreed with his terms and conditions that she should stop going to college, no phone, no friends or talking to anyone. Paari ndipo paari right now she is being sexually abused, so she managed to write me a letter telling me that she is dying , she says if I leave who will take care of my kids . Her child hand delivered the letter to me. Zviri kurwadza because akamutorera everything cell phone, chitupa, passport, academic certificates and even forbid her to go to school to finish her teaching practice and she is saying I don’t have no one to turn to with my 3 kids . What will happen to her and the kids she still has 2 terms to go at college that’s the most reason she is allowing the man to neglect her. Sister you are doing well chakuurairai huku pamunouya kuMasvingo. May the good Lord bless you. Stay blessed. Thank you for being there for us. ”

SICHAYA NCUBA: 12 /02/2016

“Hi Viomak . I am writing to request you to help about women abuse by a Zimbabwean fake prophet of the so called “Johan Masowe Chishanu” based in Hamasdalle in KZN Durban. The man goes by the name Professor Sichaya Ncubza. He gives prophetic visions which I believe to be demonic and on two occasions now he has been reported for abusing women informing them about infidelity issues with their husbands leading them into having sex with him. Personally I’m a victim. The man gave me some prophetic vision about my life which he later said I’ll have to stay at his place for deliverance. I had no problem since I was not the only one and we shared a room with his second wife. He told us to pray and fast and one day he called us into the church, a structure constructed at his place for worshiping. I was surprised when I heard him say “You have got something that needs to be removed from your private parts” and he said it will come out by itself. It was in the afternoon, I knelt down and he instructed me to breathe in and out heavily but I was shocked to see him putting his fingers in my private parts. He asked me if I had a boyfriend and wanted to sleep with me. I exposed him only to realise that there is also another lady that had been abused the same way and the other one had been raped. I went there with my man and he framed a different story for me. There were two church members when we arrived who did not speak any justice but took his side. He had already organised youths from his wood to attack us. We had to leave the place as he was already calling them. Beware this man tries by all means to get your trust by telling you what you already know about yourself. This is a devil, prostitute, and demon. Beware women. The police will give further details with regards to the matter. Number dzake idzo…………..”