Esther, Zimbabwe

Never in my life have I heard such emotional singing. All for the love of a lost country. Well done. That sounds like coming from deep down your heart. Isn’t it sad? God bless you.

Ingjerd Johansen, Norway

Viomak I want to express my honors to you for your efforts to create change. You come across to me as a real brave woman. You deserve all credibility for your willingness to voice issues and for doing it openly as well. I see some of the pressure and attacks you are confronted with, and keeping your page open for anyone to comment also adds to your courage and ability to stand tall. It’s well done of you. I guess when we want openness in this world, we got to accept in on our own life too. But it’s a cost to it, the attacks, and the emotional stir they create. Just want you to know that your efforts are highly appreciated, your open-door-policy give your more credibility than it could ever bring to those that attack you and painful as it must be, the results are in your favour. Keep it up Sister, love to you from Norway, hugs.

Well wisher, Zimbabwe

Viomak so the trick is simple your reward is not going to come from people it’s from God because whatever you do if you calculate with our human eye you are just giving you don’t gain anything in this world its loss. Your reward is with the lord .There are many rich people who are better than you but doesn’t share with those in need simply because they know profit and loss Act very well. If you are doing good your heart confirms your works better than any other person of which love is the greatest commandment. Sisi Viomak you are a little God keep it up. Ndikanzwa anokusvorai munhu iyeye ngaafe . What you do even the pastors are far from you. Sisi zvamoita izvi if people wanna speak the truth we used to watch in movies or kungonzwa iri ngano never knew panyika pane vanhu vanofungira vamwe I wish to see you one day.

Adonis, Zimbabwe

Viomak, people don’t like the fact that you say the truth. They fear the truth because the truth hurts. Facts are stubborn. People desire comfort zone. There is no comfort in truth. They call you names and claim you cyber bullying others. I disagree with that claim. It’s not admissible. At least those of us with honour can accept the truth. It’s because your philosophy is a bitter pill to swallow so they get angry and attack you by calling you names. Stay strong and don’t stop philosophising. I like your philosophy, you are wise. What’s your profession sisi Viomak you sound like a health expert, better than our Obediah Moyo . Well I’m inspired by you. Now l understand why passion is more important than education or academic profession. You have proven that passion is gold and to be successful one must follow his or her passion because the whole world knows Sisi Vee as a writer and a successful journalist and u are more famous than most professional journalists. hats off for u. Success follows passion l have leant. You have shown real impartiality by going against your very own Wasus. You stand for what is good. Keep it up. Ayewa ndabvuma hangu. Yamunayo sisi Viomak ndoinonzi wisdom. Wisdom is better than gold so we can’t put a price tag at your intelligence. You are great at observing and you say the truth voetstoot. Dai tine majority of the population with this wise mentality dai tine first successful black nation in the world manje mabhoyi majority is extremely foolish and imbecility. I’m proud of your wisdom. I’d say you are the best philosopher in Zimbabwe. Plus you are good at psychology. Awesome Sisi Viomak I will keep on following you because l love your philosophy and perception towards life. Plus a spade is a spade to you not the cousin of a shovel kkkk, you speak truth. Sure, don’t give up you are a successful brand and by giving up you would have deprived the whole society your philosophy and service which people find amazing. The only challenge is we are currently in a global crisis which is of course proving the true mentality of people. The crisis has shown us that the population is divided into two, wise and fool. A fool delight in their own understanding and resist other views i.e. closed minded and a fool or stupid people express their anger openly, but sensible people are patient and calmly hold it back thus why fools tend to persecute and insult you in your inbox. Don’t worry about fools. Their behaviour doesn’t just prove who they are or how foolish they are. Just don’t be a victim to fools arise above them by respecting them to avoid noise. Also don’t argue with a fool because it’s no use. Keep educating us. Your perception towards the world is just perfectly correct. Remember real recognises real. Those who don’t recognize you aren’t real and are blind. You are our female President. You give us warnings about Covid, you tell us things that we must fix in order to be a better African nation, apart from all, and you entertain us with news. Viomak lives to aspire and inspire others and also to uphold human rights, the work which accrues intrinsic value. The wise understand that motivation is intrinsic but a fool like Hopewell understands it as extrinsic. Live to inspire not to impress. Sisi Vee 10 Hopewell 0. You were already popular as Viomak way before twitter and Facebook were launched and he got to fame now with social media. You are a true hero not ignorant Oppah. Such an interesting life you are living, wise and blissful. Pamberi neTruth wasu.

Wells wisher, Zimbabwe

Hi Sis Viomak. Just to say I really appreciate the investigative journalism work you do in unearthing social ills done by people in a position of power on the weak and vulnerable. I also appreciate your philanthropic work in soliciting for help for people requiring financial assistance to undergo critical operations, you have saved many lives. Keep up the good work and stay protected and blessed by the Almighty.

Well wisher, Ireland

Viomak how are you. I’m looking for your cds or dvds that you sing about Mugabe please. I would be so grateful to have them. I live in Ireland is that ok. I enjoy your music let alone your courage. You are one lady who tells the truth. I like your braveness keep it up.

Well wisher, Zimbabwe

Good evening sis Viomak ummm my sister makanyanyisa. What you do is too much. Dai munhu wese aine moyo unenge wenyu, ummm our world would be a better place. Despite maomere ari kuita zvinhu you still share with the world the little you have. I really envy you my sister. Dai Mwari aramba achikuwedzerai pamunobvisa . I follow your works, everytime I shed tears. God bless you always.

Rene, Zimbabwe

Hello sisi Viomak . I hope you’re doing okay .I have known you for some time and followed your stories, your charity work as well. First of all I would like to applaud you for basa ramukuita rekubatsira those in need. It’s something many are failing to do yet vachinyatsoziva how it feels like kushaya asi vachispender mari recklessly. May God richly bless you and those who you’re working with. Your efforts will never go in vain .At least you are able to put smiles on other people’s faces. Someone somewhere goes to bed nemoyo unofara knowing Viomak helped them. Zvitori nani mufunge pane kutukwa nemunhu kut why are you posting their musvos on social media. It’s funny kuti people vanonyatsoziva zvekutumirana musvo pictures and videos zvinongoguma nekupostwa wafumurwa with those who come across your nudes, yet they never stop . Havadzidze .Vafumurwa they come all guns blazing insulting you. I read nyaya yaguy uyo who was saying why do you insult blacks including your own and I was moved by your straight forward response.You would rather hurt them with the truth than comfort them with lies.Ini I support you fully, I’m a young woman. I know how men feel like when they get intimidated by the opposite sex. You are a force isingasundike and I’m glad mune zithick skin you’re not moved by silly and stupid talks. Continue doing what you are doing. A lot of people are benefiting from your good deeds .Anoita zvinotukisa if you feel like insulting them please do just that cause vamwe that’s the only language yavanonzwisisa. I sometimes laugh reading your posts and you will be feeling like kucheka munhu musoro coz musoro wacho unenge usingatofunge. I know how it feels like yet munhu hapana chaungamuite to make them see things from your point of view. So sugar coating zvinhu kuti munhu akadaro afare hazvina zvazvinobatsira.

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe

Hi sis Viomak. I hope I find you well.Ndine nyaya yandirikushushikana nayo yemunharaunda yandogara kuChitungwiza.Pane a girl who is disabled by the name Tanya.She stays with her aunt but is abused .Right now as I speak she is admitted in Chitungwiza Central hospital akatsva but hazvisi kunzwisisika kuti akatsva sei.I’ts the second week atsva ende anga asikugezwa muviri ava kunhuwa.The auntie doesn’t care akazogezwa neimwe friend yangu as I had failed to go that day.Her situation inorwadza sis Viomak . I can go on and on. I don’t know if she can get any help. I really want to work with you if you allow me sis because my heart bleeds for the orphans and the needy.The other girl is also an orphan ari kurara panze after adzingwa nambuya vake namainini for reasons that are not valid. I was giving her food but only 4 days back I don’t know where she went. Sorry nekurebesa but please sis, I want to help out these people but I don’t have funds. Accept me to work with you. I’m willing chero kutumwa or anything sis. Currently I’m studying Theology.

Inspired, Zimbabwe

Hi Sis Viomak. I don’t want to lie you but you’ve touched my heart dearest. I have been following you even the things you send on whatsapp app especially the ones where you help cancer stricken people. I feel touched and wish to work on such things in future. I am crying right now after seeing Charlotte’s post and I’ll ecocash when I get money. May God bless you abundantly your family will be blessed. You make me want to give.