Mission Statement

The mission of my work is embedded in raising awareness and in giving. In the name of this mission I donate time, expertise and my heart to various causes. I strongly believe that change comes when we act. Following through on my dream and personal commitment I decided to use my voice to make a difference in someone’s life. I therefore sing liberation songs of freedom, protest songs to bemoan the human rights abuses in my country Zimbabwe. We need to be kind to each other, commit ourselves to those who suffer poverty, abandonment abuse and oppression and who have no voice to air their views. I stand up as the voice of the voiceless and my voice today is dedicated to the voiceless Zimbabweans who are going through hard times under the ZanuPF Mugabe regime. My heart and soul are with them, thus I hereby dedicate to them 50% of whatever cash amount I will be able to raise through this charity and human rights work. I believe that if an artist does not open his or heart to his own community then that art exists in a vacuum. I also believe in ‘action after words’, so after singing despising ZanuPF and promoting human rights , I give back to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe who have been affected by what I’m singing against thus of the music sales 50% goes to charity. I strong believe in article 29 which says “Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible”.

The voice you hear in my music is all mine sung in different parts. The main aim of my music though is not for us to dance to, but for us to cry with the crying and inspire us to speak on behalf of the voiceless and help them in whatever way we can. To me my music project is a mission and not a competition.

Music has been, and always will be, a powerful indicator of the strength and enduring nature of the human spirit. When human rights are violated, and people are denied the right to live in a free and just society, then music will always be a peaceful form of resistance. Because music can convey emotion, and contemplation in its lyrics, its use is not just something that is aurally beautiful to listen to. It can be a powerful political tool also. We must encourage forward thinking projects that use music, as a way of creating social cohesion, for the benefit of our society, and also the world beyond our window.

When I started this project many Zimbabweans thought I was doing it for ‘financial gain’ only to learn that I am doing it for the sake of spreading messages of justice , good governance, love, progress, hope, togetherness , philanthropy and demanding what is right for Zimbabwe and her citizens . I sacrifice my personal salary to fund this project. I’m very happy and confident to mention that my artwork is inspiring, educating and helping the disadvantaged and motivating and inspiring more people to take part in the arts. It also encourages voluntary work, since I am singing voluntarily. This understanding is creating a vibrant, considerate and responsible community. My music teaches future generations to be politically conscious, and practise justice and fairness thereby preparing youngsters to be good, unselfish leaders. I’m convinced my artwork is transforming society in a positive way.

The role and mission of my music and work in this troubled society is very significant as it documents the plight of the abused and weighs against tyranny. The humanistic concerns of my music are evidenced by my continuous support of the welfare of others. With a pleasing sense of timing, my music reminds Zimbabweans that their rights require vigilance and personal sacrifice if they are to be worth more than their oppressors.

My music promotes peace, love and empathy. One can’t be a good artist if they don’t face social problems. Learning from one reading, I continue to uphold the view that artists have always been an active group in social movements across the world, contributing to calls for collective action, making powerful political statements, and challenging popular beliefs all through creative methods that touch a broad audience. My music affects the Zimbabwean arts industry in a positive way and many of those who listen to it are moved and some Zimbabweans have been inspired to fight for a similar cause and consequently do something about the suffering of others.

My music has the power to make change happen, as it encourages Zimbabweans to speak out and stand strong together as we confront unlawful hard hitting laws imposed by Mugabe and ZanuPF. My protest work is a human right that should not be denied in times of struggle as it confronts inhuman ills perpetrated by ZanuPF. My songs of struggle impact on the affected community in huge ways. They are like binoculars where one sees what is happening from afar and they are also a wake up call as they expose the troubles affecting Zimbabweans courtesy of Zanupf. My music also offers some solutions to the problems faced by Zimbabweans when I suggest what Zimbabweans can do to confront ZanuPF and Mugabe’s dictatorship. I would say my music inspires and talks.

My music shows how the abuse of human rights can carry its pain right to the heart of the country when I mourn the victims of political torture in some of my songs. Leaders who don’t respect human rights don’t respect protest music. I am doing a lot to incorporate human rights in the global consciousness. My music lives to defend the powerless against the powerful, and as the power in my music was experienced and felt the music was banned. If it wasn’t for such protest music many Zimbabweans would not have known the extent to which their rights are being abused by our leaders. My music is accurate in its reflection of a country which has more in common with Hitler’s madness than the United Nations’ concerns. It exposes human hostility and reminds us of what happens to our dignity when freedoms become compromised. Being at the centre of the struggle for human rights and justice through art, I am striving to inspire and uplift. My ongoing commitment to human rights has not only made me an enemy of ZanuPF and other opposition political parties that I despise. I have become a household package of human rights abuses whose torture victims I show through the many videos that I have compiled and broadened the way activism should be achieved. It is sort of taboo in Zimbabwe to speak out against politicians but I have managed to break the barrier through protest music.

I am helping to spread the human rights message of Zimbabwe’s population to a global audience. I have always been about much more than just music. I use my music to champion countless human rights causes and have helped to shape the wayward Zimbabwe music industry in a positive way that benefits the suffering and the oppressed. I bring the issue of freedom of expression opinion to the world’s attention. I believe that it is not enough to leave it to the unbecoming leaders to change Zimbabwe but that the message in music is more powerful than the oppressors’ words.

As I motivate listeners to reflect, think deeply and change their mindsets I continue to hope that Zimbabwe will be a free nation for everyone. State media only reports in favour of ZanuPF and the national radio plays music that is not anti Mugabe and ZanuPF. My music is a national treasure and form of communication as it informs of some important aspects of the unreported issues which many Zimbabweans are afraid of saying. It compels us to react emotionally and influences us everyday impacting on even the decisions we take towards one another as it stimulates our minds, and raises our political consciousness.

I am striving to create a better Zimbabwe for everyone and provide a platform for them to access knowledge and skills to thrive in low-income situations through helping each other and inspire them to act and implement solutions to the crises. My music is a powerful tool that preaches truth, spreads words of wisdom and a healer that releases tension and enables us to search our inner feelings by lifting us to a higher point of consciousness. The struggle would be incomplete without liberation songs thus my music connects us with reality, therefore making one form a bond not just with the music but also with one another, as some of the songs call for unity and understanding.

My music spreads the power of optimism, perseverance and togetherness. As a unifier my music has attracted attention domestically and internationally with human rights organisations, non governmental organisations, charity organisations and other protest artists coming in to work with me, seek advice and support the cause in various ways. Freemuse, a Norway organisation that advocates for freedom of musical expression is also part of my audience who help in publicising my work. Human rights organisations such as ACTSA, Kubatana Coalition, Zimbabwe vigil, The fertility network of Zimbabwe, New Hope Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe vigil and Amnesty international that are lobbying for social change and campaigning for the democratic and human rights of Zimbabwean civilians have experienced my artwork in a tremendous way. The Zimbabwe vigil displays my music at the Zimbabwe embassy (Zimbabwe house) in London every Saturday and the audience is very big and it includes Zimbabweans and many other nationalities. This helps to seal my mission in regards to spreading the word about the political situation in Zimbabwe.

Through this work I intend to create ways and opportunities to end socio-political violence and exploitation facing Zimbabwe’s most vulnerable communities. My largest audience is in Zimbabwe and it is very advantageous releasing my music from far away than doing so in Zimbabwe. From far away I am able to maintain my momentum of producing the protest music with no much hindrance from Robert Mugabe and his ZanuPF terrorists. Political rallies and pubs in Zimbabwe, a place where large numbers of Zimbabweans meet have since become a focal point where my audiences in Zimbabwe experience the strong messages in my music. I have played at arts festival in UK to market my music and put Zimbabwe’s cause on the international map. My performance on the 14th of September was definitely a great way of spreading my wings and lobbying for attention to the crisis in Zimbabwe. The internet, social media, my website and other external platforms such the world music central are also playing a great part in allowing Zimbabweans and the world to experience my mission. My website is a hive of activity and the testimonials from well wishers, supporters and fans have proved that my artwork is touching many hearts. Mugabe’s agents and ZanuPF members have also experienced my work, leading them to call me Satan, in an article they published in their state controlled newspaper the ‘Herald’.

I make available on this web site options that can be used by organisations and individuals to facilitate on-line fundraising through selling my music. Having been touched by the load of problems facing Zimbabweans home and away, I thought it a necessity to offer my voice, heart and hands to work for the less fortunate brothers and sisters home. I hope to give hope to the hopeless Zimbabweans whose hope has been taken away by the hopeless and ruthless ruling ZanuPF party. Special attention is given to orphans, the homeless, the poor, the needy, the physically and mentally challenged, those suffering from prolonged lack of food and victims of political torture. 50% of proceeds go to them and 50% goes into music production. If anyone feels they can donate in cash or kind, to see this project succeed please feel free to click the donate button or write to [email protected] or [email protected]. I kindly advise you to follow your heart and not your mind before donating. If you feel like being part of this cause may you please write to [email protected] or [email protected] . Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. Let us build a house of stone together.

I promise to be a LIGHT in the darkness, to think only of the best, to work only for the best, to expect only the best, to be too LARGE for worry, too NOBLE for anger, too STRONG for fear and too HAPPY to permit the pressure of trouble. With these few words, I’m kindly asking you to open your hearts to the joy of giving. Heart to God and Hand to Man. May our dear Lord bless you all who are prepared to make a difference in their lives. My sincere gratitude goes to all of you who have taken their time, and will continue to take their time to browse this site. May the Lord shower you with more blessings. A very big THANK YOU comes to you from the bottom of my heart.

“You give not because you have more than enough but because someone doesn’t have enough”- Viomak