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No lies radio July 2008

BBC interview November 2007

On the Pulse April 2007

Thazonet radio February 2007

Zimalive 2006

Voice of America May 2006

Thazonet radio February 2006


Warning against opposing voices

Come back from England

Economy will do well

Investors coming to Zimbabwe

Mining in Zimbabwe

Anti corruption commission

Economy not doing well

Mugabe swears in Tsvangirai


“Always be thankful to those who are there for you when no one else is there for you.” Viomak

My utmost gratitude goes to God the Almighty for giving me the wisdom to know the difference, the passion to pursue my vision, the confidence to believe in my mission, the heart to help the needy , the empathy to feel for others, the courage to speak for others, the vision to take up this challenge, the strength to work day in day out, the patience to keep going, and the voice to air my concerns for the suffering Zimbabweans home and away and to confront the regime about the abuse of human rights perpetrated by Robert Mugabe and ZANUPF.

To those who are helping me to help the needy some of who are featured on this website, may God reward you and shower you with blessings. You are a blessing in this wicked world where humanity is a trait of the past. My sincere gratitude goes to all who listen to my music, buy my music, give me advice, constructive criticism and moral support, some of the messages I have shared on this website. May everything good happen in your lives and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the kind words and moral support. To all those who are buying this music not because you understand it ,but because you understand the good cause for Viomak charity music , showers of blessings to you all and thank you very much for your support for you are fighting a struggle for a better Zimbabwe with me.

I wish to thank Ahmed for his extensive knowledge of music recording. His patience and positive attitude were crucial elements of his assistance, second only to his willingness to look at each song from many angles to find the best way forward and therefore the most appropriate approach to the overall project. His particular brand of support and encouragement when combined with his considerable expertise are an inspiring combination. To the music producer in Zimbabwe who worked on the first two albums and the producers in Britain who helped to record the other albums ,thank you for your kindness.

An enormous thank you goes to Chamisa for referring me to Mangoma, who in turn referred me to the producer in Zimbabwe who worked on the first two albums. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Shonhe for helping me to display and agreeing to sell my music in his shop, and for referring me to the producer who produced the rest of my protest music albums. Thank you very much for your understanding and for taking the risk with me. Chikunguru of Tsunami your help and support is appreciated. Mr and Mrs Tsvangirai thank you for taking your time to listen to my music. To Dread Reckless thank you for writing me requesting collaboration and I pray one day it will happen.

I wish to thank all those who come forward to write about my mission and listen to my vision through various platforms ranging from news publications by the Standard, the independent and the Zimbabwean newspapers , World music central , Freemuse to the interviews at the BBC, SW Radio Africa , No lies radio, Thazonet, Voice of America and many others.

To Zimnetradio Munamato thank you for airing my music when I needed this support most. Blessed be yourself and the rest of the crew behind your radio station. You and your DJ’s were instrumental in helping me analyse my objectives and build the future for this music project. In the Zimnetradio chatroom, my sincere appreciation to all the good people who have conveyed to me their advice, words of encouragement and hope, and all those who continuously do so. It is because of your supportive words that I am pursuing this project. To Peter Toh who hosts the show Africa United ATCKDU, I do thank you for your endless support. To Mukoma Joy at good4zim radio station I sincerely thank you for the superb offer. Thank you so much Dj Losa of Zimvibes for playing my music and at Zimlife for Wonai thank you so much for featuring my work and for creating a page for my profile and work and not forgetting My2cents for the support.

I also thank Fortune at Nehanda radio for offering to feature my profile on the who is who platform on their website and those at Mopane tree for their support in promoting my work and not forgetting the overwhelming support by Bev programme manager at Kubatana Trust of Zimbabwe. To Rose Benton at Zimvigil thank you for giving me the Zimbabwe flag and to the others at Zimvigil thank you very much for everything you have done and continue doing for me. Your support means a lot to me for my mission and the vision I have for our tattered nation. To good Samaritans like Luka and Jangwa who offered to support with distributing my music I would like to thank you for the help.

To all those who volunteer to assist me whenever I need assistance, all the visible and invisible guests who leave comments on this website and about Viomak charity music on many other different platforms thank you so much. Not forgetting all those who are behind the designing of this website from its inception in 2005 for their expertise, support and guidance. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. In these trying times, Dynamite media group, Webcreationuk and many others came to the rescue by agreeing to offer their excellent services at a very reasonable discounted charity cost. I thank you so much for your kindness and greatly appreciate your help.
Finally to all the warriors who fight on my behalf when haters and enemies strike I thank you so much for your protection. It is because of other people that we are able to achieve our goals. I promise to remain a voice of the voiceless and a beacon of light for the needy .With your unwavering support and motivating words of perseverance we will continue to travel the journey together until we are ALL free and happy. Thank you.