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Private parts activism should not be a national event: An Open letter to Kenyan women activists – Viomak

I found a recent move by Kenyan women activists advocating for women to deny their partners sex in protest over the infighting plaguing the national unity government very childish and disturbing. As if that is not enough the activists also requested to make this awkward move a national event. When are women going to learn to resolve conflicts by using their brains? Many times when some women are desperate for financial solutions they rush to volunteer in the buttock industry to solve their problems. Is this similar to what we are going to be seeing in politics too? Please Kenyan activists, keep private parts out of it. Private parts activism should be a private issue and not a national event. Activism should not be allowed to go out of hand, and this idea of sexually starving one’s partner for the sake of President Mwai Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga’s misguided political agreements only leaves the woman on the wrong side of her personal relationship. Why should the politics of your country ruin your sexual relationship with your partner? Leave sex out of politics, or else you are indirectly proving to the men that you are sex objects. Now all you are doing is persuading women to change their sexual behaviours instead of persuading the GNU leaders to start behaving like normal leaders.

I am finding it hard to believe that a group of sound minded women agreed to come up with a solution of sex starvation in order to resolve political issues. Stop this irresponsible activism, go back to your houses and start behaving like real African queens and stop involving politics in issues that should not be political . I thought the First lady Lucy Kibaki, was going to go against this move, but was surprised to see her embracing and endorsing the ineffective and short sighted embargo. Dear First lady, when did private parts start solving political problems? So are you starving the President now? Now stop being a hypocrite and just tell your husband to stop rigging elections and hand over power to Odinga in peace. So are you telling me that if you sexually starve your husband he will do the right thing? I know you are not sexually starving your husband Madam. Only fools will believe you.

Over to you second lady Ida Odinga, stop the childish behaviour. If the truth be told, are you sexually starving the Prime Minister? Am I wrong to say that only your word of mouth joined in the strike, whilst you are busy behind closed doors doing the opposite? Next time don’t promise women activists heaven on earth, or else they will start boasting that they are winning their battle whilst they are losing. Just tell them that their embargo is as difficult as dealing with Somali pirates so you are not interested. Remember if President Kibaki hallucinates and decides to hand over power to PM Odinga you are going to be the First lady. I’m sure Grace Mugabe is not your role model.

That said, I am beginning to get convinced that the world needs real women activists and not opportunists who end up tattooing the word activism on their private parts and use this nonsensical art to justify their incompetent behaviour, thus creating a dysfunctional and immoral society. Abuse of activism will only put your efforts to waste.

You don’t have to end up being empty vessels in your activism. I am beginning to understand why it is vital that activists have access to accurate information about the consequences of their actions and activities. You don’t have to be directionless, loose morons in your quest for political change or else the world will scorn you for engaging irresponsible ways to achieve your goals. You know the results when it comes to donor funds.

You don’t have to look up to private parts to change the political situation in you country. Brains and not private parts are very effective in political change. Such kind of private parts abuse should not be tolerated. You need to understand that whilst in many instances you are the main sufferers of political upheavals you still have your marriages and relationships to respect and maintain. Private parts power is a primitive move that should not be allowed to prosper in a nation as it also finds you the women being abused by some red eyed men. When women activists start behaving as if they are suffering from brain vaginosis things fall apart. Stop advocating for what will take away your respect and the woman in you.

Always bear in mind this question. What is going to change? Now if I may ask you. What has the private part got to do with the dubious GNU that Kibaki and Odinga agreed to? How are you hoping to achieve your objective? It worries me when women abuse private parts at every moment of desperation? Your private parts are precious, and deserve all the respect that’s why they neatly packed where they, so please don’t take them for granted. Never use private parts as political interventions as it only shows how shallow minded you are. Now if you are really serious about this failed GNU starve your stomachs and see if Kibaki changes. Abusing private parts for political change is the last thing I would expect from honourable women activists with working brains. Such types of vaginated brains should not be allowed to flourish if a country is to develop socially and politically. You are not solving anything, but you are just creating unnecessary conflicts between your sheets. This is complete shallow mindedness and irresponsible behaviour which continues to view women as sex objects, one reason why some men sexually abuse women. Where is your brain power? Activism should not be about being foolish. Always calculate the practical consequences of your actions before you get going or else your activism will become as useless as a sealed private part. Now be strong African women. Refuse to be weak minded .Tackle the political problems with your brains not with your private parts.

One more time women activists, private parts power is a useless tool for political change. Sex starvation is passive activism that should be done away with. It won’t change anything politically. The only change which is negative will happen in your relationship. You don’t change the political situation in your country by denying your partner sex. The only thing you can change by denying your partner sex is your personal circumstance .Real change at national level happens through progressive activism and not through misguided passive activism which is influenced by neglect of your thinking ability and abuse of your private parts. Passive activism is as good as doing nothing. You don’t need to stoop so low. So rise up now with your brains on top and do the proper thing. Choosing to unofficially retire your private parts from ‘duty’ when your brains stop working should be a criminal offence? Is that what you want to hear? I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be charged with sexual disobedience or else the small house will come and take over whilst you feed on pig fat in jail. Now you want the GNU sex starved leaders to approve a law that makes contempt of the bedroom a criminal offence .Is that what you are after? Open your brains and re-write your objectives.

Patricia Nyaundi, you are the executive director of the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), and part of this destructive embargo. If sex starvation is what you call activism, then I’m strongly opposed to it .Am I seeing here a cartoon packed movie of self-described ‘women activists’ who are struggling to give activism a bad name. What do you hope to achieve from this sex starvation? I ask again. So you think Kibaki and Odinga will stop their political mischief and tell their private parts to lie down because you sexually starved your partner? Now my African queens stop using your private parts to think, private parts have no brain. Something has really gone bad here. Are you trying to strangle your private parts using your brains or vice versa? Is that possible? I don’t think so. So what are you up to Patricia? Don’t you have enough snake charmers in Kenya? What about other circus stars?

Of course yes Patricia as you said, I agree, that “great decisions are made during pillow talk, so we are asking the two ladies at that intimate moment to ask their husbands, darling can you do something for Kenya?” However, those great decisions are successfully made when your private parts are not on strike. That said my African queen, get back to work now, and have that magical pillow talk with your partner in a positive way. Get the daily dose and discuss how best you can get Kibaki and Odinga to get going for the sake of progress .Of course remember to keep your private parts out of national politics.

The ticket-free circus doesn’t end with you Patricia. The Women’s Development Organization coalition including Caucus for Women’s Leadership and Maendeleo ya Wanawake and all those concerned even agreed to be paymasters for prostitutes. Do you understand the implications? Do you even realize that these prostitutes are your mothers, daughters and sisters? So what are you teaching them? So by paying the so called prostitutes are you acknowledging that prostitution is a trade that should be endorsed? In African culture women activists should be the last people to be seen encouraging prostitution. Something is not right here. Today you pay a prostitute and acknowledge that their services should be respected and paid for, and tomorrow you bitterly complain and cry saying your pubic hair is failing to grow because your husband infected your private parts with a disease that he got from the same prostitute you are paying some shillings today. Now wake up African queens and don’t tell me that the answer to 2-3 is IT CAN’T. Why not donate that money to an orphanage and improve the lives of your innocent angels before Madonna comes in to snatch your little angels from you? So you don’t want to learn from James Kambewa, Mercy’s father?

There are also many books gathering dust out there, with workable ideas on how to confront challenges. Many of them are not as big as Haralambos, so why not browse through the books once in a while? Yes there is need for activists to possess the skills to integrate many issues, and understand how to resolve the challenges facing their countries and the world, and how to address the issues in acceptable ways, if they don’t have the natural know how. Well-trained activists are valuable yes. I understand that activism takes a variety of forms including boycott but there are limits to how far the boycotting can go. Remember your aim is to change the politics of Kenya and not the politics of your bedrooms.

Please spare your private part from further ridicule for it has nothing to do with this political impasse in Kenya. Dorothy Parker knows that ridicule may be a shield, but it is not a weapon. You don’t have to tarnish or destroy your relationship for political change. There is great need to stop and think before acting. Set your goals right and see if they can be achieved, and please do not include private parts in your options. Look for the most effective strategies or tactics to effect political change with open minds not open legs.

Stop abusing private parts .You don’t want to end up poisoning society like other misguided feminists who know the meaning of male and female but don’t understand the difference between husband and wife, thereby distorting the meaning of equal rights. As activists you should not work to destroy societies but you should work to improve the lives of the people, communities and societies that make up our world. You are agents of good change and not destroyers of societal values that bind us. By advocating for sex starvation you are not helping your community in any good way. Now stop destroying relationships in the name of activism but address political issues destroying your country in a respectful and brainy fashion. You wouldn’t want to be a danger to the same society that you are fighting for.

vRise up women activists. Don’t be a disgrace. Take a bath and a break, retire from the buttock industry and start using your brains to initiate political change. Use your private parts for their purpose and child bearing and not for political change. You only have yourselves to blame if you fail to smell the breast milk and realize that the private part doesn’t have the ability to solve political issues but your brains have. Inferior brains look up to private parts to solve their problems. Mind you activism should remain a mechanism that you use to initiate orderly and responsible ways of dealing with conflict .Now if you start being disorderly yourselves who is going to take you seriously? Don’t be the ‘demonic’ activists who pounce on available opportunities and end up using inappropriate pressures that are irrelevant to their cause. I’m sure you are not related by origin to the pressure cookers in your kitchens.

Now all you other non activist women do not allow your minds to be taken over by some of the good self –described activists who have very good intentions but fail to implement the best methods for good change to happen or else they will end up polluting your brains with good for nothing ideas. They might lay on your heads thorny crowns if you are not careful. The campaign should start from their brains and not from their bedrooms. I hope this Kenyan pubic hair virus and private parts intervention to solve political problems will not spread to Zimbabwe in the same way the undemocratic GNU spread.

Viomak Fake News

Bitter social worker Betty Hazviperi Makoni on desperate errand to clear name spreads fake news about Viomak

Viomak is a victim of harassment, cyber bullying and fake news perpetrated on her by a UK social worker Betty Hazviperi Makoni who she refers to as a fake news icon. Having been despised by Viomak and other Zimbabweans for abusing donor funds and workers at her Girl Child Network (GCN) Zimbabwe and Girl Child Network World Wide, Betty Makoni went into a rage of spreading fake news about Viomak as she was the most outspoken to despise donor funds abuse.

Notably, after failing to silence Viomak for despising donor funds abuse and workers abuse at GCN, Betty Hazviperi Makoni, a founder of now defunct Girl Child Network Zimbabwe and defunct Girl Child Network World Wide planned to tarnish and taint Viomak by publishing fabricated stories on her blog Muzvare Betty as the shamed ex-GCN founder and director struggled to sweep donor funds abuse and workers abuse levelled against her and the organization under the carpet. Makoni was irked by the momentum gathered when Viomak added her voice to the campaign which saw former GCN employees take GCN and Betty Makoni to the labour court following non payment of wages and bullying. As a result of the anti-donor funds abuse campaign which went viral, all the donors who were funding the organisation including a long time donor Oxfam Novid withdrew their support and this irked Betty who sought revenge by publishing a tirade of fake news about Viomak and all those who were despising the donor funds abuse. The shamed now UK social worker had to leave Zimbabwe unceremoniously enroute to Britain fleeing investigations into donor funds abuse. She would then spent hours and hours fabricating stories to smear Viomak and she was so desperate to the point of lying that Viomak is a ZanuPF supporter and undercover. As she struggled to clear her name, below are some of the fake news articles about Viomak that Betty Hazviperi Makoni published on her blog.

1. Viomak bogus online papers set up to taint Muzvare Betty Makoni.

This is fake news. Betty Makoni fabricated that Viomak set up 8 bogus newspapers targeting Betty Makoni and that Viomak works with a syndicate undercover meant to spread information to Betty Makoni’s donors. Betty Makoni also claims that she left Zimbabwe in September 2007 and since then she has lived in self imposed exile after being targeted in Zimbabwe for her work to protect women and girls from high profile rapists and youth militia. Viomak did not set up any newspapers targeting Betty Makoni. Viomak supported Betty Makoni until news started spreading that Betty Makoni had run away from Zimbabwe following donor funds investigations. One of the donors Oxfam Novid indicated this scandal and abuse of donor funds by Betty Makoni in a letter to Girl Child Network (GCN) Zimbabwe and Betty Makoni. Betty Makoni fabricated that Viomak is a ZanuPF undercover to cover up the donor funds abuse and to make it appear as if Betty was being targeted by a ZanuPF supporter. It is obvious Viomak is a well known anti- ZanuPF and anti-Mugabe advocate and protest singer as also evidenced by the work on her website. She has no family or personal ties with ZanuPF a political party she has lived half of her life despising and singing against.

2. Viomak plot to taint and stop Betty Hazviperi Makoni `s work flops as world keeps support

This is fake news: A disgruntled Britain social worker Betty Hazviperi Makoni who is supposed to know and understand the meaning of cyber bullying and abuse is busy fabricating lies in a desperate bid to clear her tainted name. Desperate Betty Makoni went to the extent of taking Viomak’s image and typed ZanuPF on it to give the impression that the prominent anti-ZanuPF singer is a ZanuPF supporter. If Viomak had no solid work in her name how many people were going to believe these lies perpetrated by a professional social worker for that matter. If this is not psychotic behaviour I don’t know what it is. Betty lied that Viomak is in a dirty syndicate with Ropafadzo Mapimhidze to destroy Betty. Viomak supported abused and bullied ex – GCN employees who included Ropafadzo to seek justice regarding non payment of salaries and bullying by Betty Makoni and she calls this a dirty syndicate. I don’t understand how a social worker can deliberately defame people who are demanding their unpaid salaries like this. Betty Makoni goes on to fabricate fake news that Viomak was all along a gospel musician who migrated to Canada for greener pastures but later when her fortunes seemed lost changed to be a protest singer under unclear circumstances especially at a time she was allegedly deported from Canada. Viomak was never a gospel singer but she has always been a protest singer. Viomak was not deported from Canada and has never been deported from any country. Betty’s desperation to silence voices has come to a dangerous point where she thinks lies can turn into truth. In her head the social worker Betty Hazviperi Makoni is imagining a weird situation where Viomak’s world crumbles right in her face because she despised Betty Makoni’s donor funds abuse and workers’ abuse. Authentic tangible evidence of her donor funds abuse and workers abuse is here but she still wants us to believe her lies that she was set up. This weird world as Betty Makoni goes on to fabricate lies that Viomak sought membership in Zimbabwe Vigil in London where upon she is alleged to have used pictures of murdered activists in Zimbabwe to convince the UK Home office to grant her asylum. With this kind of childish and malicious behaviour by a woman claiming to be a fighter of girls and women rights, one wonders where her conscience will be hiding as she will be typing such deliberate childish fake news.

3. Zimbabwean Professional terrorized by Viomak on Facebook breaks silence

This is fake news. How to spot fake news is easy at times. In so many cases the fake news fabricators just throw words around and join pieces here and there with no tangible evidence as the agenda is just to tarnish someone’s reputation. Never understand the wrath of someone named and shamed for wrong doing. When they start speaking and writing on their blogs we always hear and read one side of their story. The other side of their story you have to look for it in your common sense box. As the desperation continues Betty Makoni published that a Zimbabwe professional terrorized by Viomak on Facebook breaks silence. There is no evidence how the woman said to be a social worker called Cynthia Martha Tsetsemayi Mafara was terrorized by Viomak. A quick investigation about the woman Cynthia Martha Tsetsemayi Mafara established that Cynthia is actually an intolerant cyber bully who posted harassing comments days on end on Human Rights Defender Viomak’s facebook wall and calling Viomak names for despising ZanuPF and MDC-T bad leadership. Her agenda to silence Viomak flopped as Violmak told her off and this annoyed Cynthia who then decided to join hands with Betty Makoni when she saw Betty Makoni moaning about the donor funds abuse exposure. How Cynthia was terrorized by Viomak remains a mystery in Betty Hazviperi Makoni’s book of fake publications and malicious lies. By the way, both women colleagues are supposed to be social workers showing no integrity at all. Facebook is a great platform to learn about the human mind. A lot of cyber bullies like Cynthia enjoy it when they visit their opponents’ walls to provoke and start posting and cursing their opponents into silence and when their opponents hit back they call it terrorism. This is typical abusers’ behaviour, you should not hit back when they hit at you but you should just take in the abuse and cry your tears on your pillow as they move on to their next victim.

4. UK Police cautions a Viomak against harassment of Global Girls Advocate

This is fake news. Wishful thinking, creativity and day dreaming is typical behaviour of fake news spreaders. If you have not been in the situation you will take time to understand and to believe how anyone in their right senses would sit on their laptop and started typing that police cautioned so and so against harassment. This is why the world turned to lying detectors. Fake news generators and publishers like Betty Hazviperi Makoni have no conscience at all and this is why their behaviour has been linked to a manifestation of underlying psychological problems. In June 2019 David A Graham, staff writer at The Atlantic wrote that Fake news is not just making people believe false things, a new study suggests it’s also making them less likely to consume or accept information. More than making people believe false things, the rise of fake news is making it harder for people to see the truth. More so when people start involving police as they compile fake news, who would think someone in their normal senses would spread fake news about someone being cautioned by police. Unfortunately this is happening in the real world we are living in today. Soon fake news bloggers and publishers will be using algorithm to generate fake news. On 25 April 2011 Betty Makoni posted on her blog that UK Police cautions Viomak against harassment of Global Girls Advocate. She goes on to say police in UK reported that on Sunday, 17 April 2011 they had to intervene in a case of cyber bullying and harassment of Global Girls Rights Advocate Betty Makoni and took a tough stance in issuing Viomak a recorded caution and that Betty has all documents for submission with confidence and police will bring Viomak to book as they reassured her they will act. She added that police have given her an appointment at 4pm on Tuesday 26 April 2011 to go and give her statement and provide all what Viomak has been posting of late especially after they cautioned her. If police cautioned and recorded Viomak about this fake harassment it should be someone else they cautioned and recorded and not Viomak the protest singer. It’s really unfortunate that Betty saw police cautioning and recording Viomak against harassment of Global Girls Advocate Betty Makoni in her imagination as she day dreamed. She goes on to say Viomak is believed to have formed a Zimbabwe political party in UK in addition to many other activities she is said to be undertaking in the country. Whatever, other activities she wants people to believe Viomak is undertaking in the UK. Trying hard to make it appear like Viomak is an illegal dealer of some sort. Viomak never formed a political party in UK. Actually Betty Hazviperi Makoni is a very good creative con-artist. She took time to read and assess information on Viomak’s website and joined pieces to come up with fake news. Whoever supplies her with fake news does not exist but she generates the fake news herself and writes as if someone one told her, that’s how cunning and dangerous she is .As if this is not enough, she goes on to say Viomak defied an order from face book which bars her from using face book. I give up honestly lol .This is my first time to hear that Viomak was barred from using face book. I honestly wonder what fake news blogger Betty Makoni is smoking, seriously.

5. Trustees of Girl Child Network Worldwide report a Zimbabwean woman Viomak to Charity Commission on her illegal activities

This is fake news madness and desperation to get Viomak into trouble. Betty Hazviperi Makoni saw the name Viomak Charity Music and she convinced herself that there is a loop hole to snap on Viomak. If the so called trustees of the defunct Girl Child Network Worldwide reported Viomak to charity commission on her so called illegal activities, then obviously the charity commission never approached Viomak . They most likely couldn’t figure out what the illegal activities are. In her mind Betty Makoni is seeking revenge and nothing else makes sense to her except for revenge. This is why she is going to lengths and wishing and hoping that some donor from the blues will write Viomak a letter informing her that they are stopping all donations due to abuse of donor funds like what Oxfam Novib did to Betty and GCN. The problem with fake news generators is they think they are the only ones with brains such that everyone will believe their malicious lies. Her whole blog is full of Viomak such that even a reader who doesn’t want to suspect foul play will start wondering why her Muzvare Makoni blog is all about Viomak if the blogger is not pursuing some silly hidden agenda.

6. Action against cyber bully Viomak over 109 Zimbabwean women leaders in UK unite for action

This is fake news even at face value, even a 4 year old will see that this is utter rubbish and fake. Ever since this fake news was published by Betty Hazviperi Makoni masquerading as Naomi T on 19 October 2014, efforts to find the over 109 Zimbabwean women leaders in UK who united for action against Viomak have been in vain. Betty Makoni is the 109 women so irked by Viomak’s anti-donor funds abuse campaign and anti- workers abuse campaign that also touched on Girl Child Network , a now defunct organisation founded by Betty Makoni purporting to be assisting sexually abused girls . Donors witnessed donor funds abuse and stopped funding the organisation after which the organisation failed to stand on its two feet and crumbled amid news that Betty built a mansion in Marlborough, Harare, Zimbabwe and bought personal houses using funds donated to build empowerment villages for sexually abused girls in Zimbabwe.

Irked that Viomak had added her voice to the selfish criminal behaviour, Betty decided to bash and silence Viomak days on end publishing fake news about Viomak. Whatever came to her mind she published as real news as she went on an errand publishing fictitious articles deliberately fabricated to deceive readers. It’s scary to even imagine that the woman, Betty Hazviperi Makoni engaging in this psychological warfare using all sorts of bullying tactics to silence those standing up against corruption and workers abuse is a professional social worker in Britain. Her intention was to mislead people into believing that Viomak is a ZanuPF supporter out to destroy her and that Betty did not abuse donor funds and workers, harassing, bullying and victimising them into silence if ever they raised voices about their unpaid salaries, and the donor funds abuse. Stuck between a hard surface and a rock the workers agreed to write a petition which one of the workers, Ropafadzo, sent to Viomak for help.

Notably in this fake news article, Betty who is desperate for Viomak to be arrested for NO wrong doing said, “Men and women have made reports to police who seem not keen to investigate and establish nature of her misinformation, harassment and threats to ordinary Zimbabweans in the UK.” She doesn’t seem to be an intelligent person does she? She sells herself out that police are not keen to investigate her fake news meaning police figured out that Betty is just a wounded heart just throwing around words in a bid to clear her tainted name and tattered reputation. It looks like the police advised her that making a fake or false police report is a crime. She goes on to say, “Over 109 Zimbabwean women in the UK have finally come together to do a joint program to stop cyber-bullying by a woman who masks as human rights defender and who has duped thousands of Zimbabweans to join her facebook and records show that she also duped home office into granting her asylum at the expense of many well deserving Zimbabwean women.” Mark my words there are no other 108 women, Betty is the 109 women and one wonders how anyone is duped into joining someone’s facebook and even dupes home office into granting asylum to someone whose work clearly justifies why she deserves the protection lol. Betty reminds me of my school days when we used to do critical analyses of literature. She goes on to say “her encyclopedia which she fraudulently set up states she is a human rights defender but in reality she is double faced and has used that online record to dupe many in UK. A total of five women have lost cash to her. ” As said earlier on, our social worker Betty Hazviperi Makoni doesn’t even know what an encyclopedia is. It looks like she meant Wikipedia. Remember fake news rarely has names because it is fabricated news so Betty cannot pin point the five women who have lost cash to Viomak and how such adults lost cash to her and never approached Viomak to demand their cash . Only Betty Hazviperi Makoni knows who these mysterious women are. It’s not yet over until you listen to this, “Meanwhile the Zimbabwean women have made appeals to pro bono human rights lawyers to advise on how best to proceed with suing for damages collectively in UK courts. A formal petition jointly signed by the women will be presented to UK prosecutors and to Home Secretary Theresa May to investigate the number of community men and women abused.” Laughing out loud, the woman Betty Makoni is so desperately funny. I wonder if she went back to her bloggowers who follow her blog to update them that apart from raising fake alarm bells, nothing that she wrote materialised ever since she published her fake news in 2011.

7. Who is Viomak the woman terrorising Zimbabweans in UK on internet.

This is fake news. Obvious blatant lies written by a woman with no sense of shame or conscience. In July 2013 having failed to silence Viomak for the past 2 years since the publishing of her first fake news , Betty Hazviperi Makoni published this fake news claiming that Viomak is terrorising Zimbabweans in UK on internet . Mind you the Zimbabweans being terrorised in UK have no names and the terrorism is not explained. Only Betty knows what the terrorism is but she never bothered to elucidate her half faked news. It looks like Betty Hazviperi Makoni is the only ‘Zimbabweans’ in UK who has been terrorised by Viomak. One wonders why the rest are quiet if they have genuine concerns lol. The intention was for the desperate Betty Makoni to go and lie to the police that there are plenty of Zimbabweans in UK being terrorized so as to coerce police to open a docket for nothing really .If this is how Betty Hazviperi Makoni a social worker in Britain is supposed to behave God forbid, social work has drowned with its values, really gone to the pit. She has the energy to create fake news for sure. I always remind people that lies will never turn into truth no matter how many times the lies are repeated. The fake news icon wrote, “the undercover terrorising human rights defenders in UK is on asylum benefits”. The social worker is obviously suspecting. However, even if Viomak was on asylum benefits, what is wrong with that seriously. To imagine that this degrading and insensitive statement has been typed by a social worker who posted on the internet boggles my mind. This is a professional who works with asylum seekers to ensure they receive the support they are supposed to receive and this support includes asylum benefits. God forbid, she doesn’t end there and goes on to say, “Viomak now purports to be a human rights defender and she claimed asylum in UK after failed forgery of asylum in Canada. Canada made a good decision not to grant her asylum as that would have taken hard earned income some people pay for as tax. She has been on UK benefits since then. As a way to gain income she started a music business pretending to advocate for victims of political violence in Zimbabwe but in reality it was a shift from gospel music where she did not do well. An anti -Mugabe campaign was meant to blind people to who she is. She is exposed now as undercover working on cyber bullying and defaming human rights defenders. She also works with a team of men who attack anyone perceived to be anti- ZanuPF. Any spy job she does at the moment is getting her income she desperately needs. So far attempts to swindle people through membership of her new party flopped in UK as none of the members registered via facebook parted with hard earned cash. The woman uses google and facebook to create defamatory news on targeted human rights defenders as a way to scuttle their work.”

On reading the above one can safely say the desperation in her fake news is extreme and one can only agree that Betty is psychologically deranged and needs help. One would think Betty doesn’t know the meaning of anti- ZanuPF but she knows. When generating fake news one has to fabricate all sorts of malicious lies and come up with obvious lies and something as stupid as, “Viomak also works with a team of men who attack anyone perceived to be anti- ZanuPF.” The idea is to spread lies, harm and instill fear in the victim that if she ever mentions again that Betty Hazviperi Makoni abuses donor funds and workers more fake news will be written and published on her blog. Many of her victims actually went silent after she threatened them and bullied them into silence bragging that she will deal with them, she has connections. The victims don’t have a detailed profile and biography like Viomak so they feared readers will believe Betty Makoni’s fake news about them. Betty spent hours a day sending fake information about Viomak to Zimbabwe facebook pages and one of the pages ran the fake news as published by Betty Hazviperi Makoni on her blog as well saying “ Viomak also works with a team of men who attack anyone perceived to be anti- ZanuPF.” This is an anti- ZanuPF protest singer and activist being referred to as someone who works with a team of men who attack anyone perceived to be anti- ZanuPF. Fake news is something else especially when fake news generators run out of lies. The only truth in their stories is they fabricate information in order to deceive and harm and use misleading information to frame an individual so as to achieve their agendas. After generating the above fake news articles Betty Hazviperi Makoni thanked herself for being a renowned fake news icon and she shared her supposedly last blog post about Viomak on 16 July 2013 titled ‘Betty Makoni exposes Viomak as undercover’, claiming that she had exposed Viomak as a ZanuPF under cover. The news article ‘Girl Child founder Betty Makoni wanted for financial irregularities’ written by Wonder Guchu of Artsinitiates which Viomak also helped to circulate sparked hell for Viomak and she was showered with fabricated stories , fake news by Betty Hazviperi Makoni as revenge for shaming her for corruption, abusing donor funds and workers.

8. Girl Child founder Betty Makoni wanted for financial irregularities

Girl Child Network World wide director and founder Betty Hazviperi Makoni who has been nominated for the CNN Hero of the year is being sought by Oxfam Novib to explain financial maladministration. Oxfam Novib has been GCN’s major funders of nine years.

Makoni who has resurfaced in the United Kingdom after fleeing Zimbabwe for Botswana last year is currently claiming to be sourcing funds for Taremeredzwa Nomatter Mapungwana who has a life-threatening tumour and needed funds to fly to the UK for an operation.

In a letter addressed to the Oxfam Novib headquarters in the Netherlands dated 23 September 2009, Ger Roebeling the Interim Regional Manager for Southern Africa says Makoni is not responding to emails written to her in connection with financial maladministration. Roebeling states that GCN is not being run properly and that for some time, they had doubts on the way Betty Makoni managed funds.

“Also of concern for at least a year has been the fact that we were having doubts about the financial performance of GCN and lack of verification of expenditures. Our concern became reality after the sudden resignation of the Financial manager in December 2008 and the observations indicated by the auditor in the financial statements 2008.”

Early this year, Betty Makoni was requested to clarify the financial situation and give additional information but she did not. Unfortunately, Roebeling wrote, “we never received satisfactory response. Therefore, we decided to start external system review and expenditures verification and put our transfers on hold.”

GCN financial team then met Oxfam Novib financial manager in May 2009 where they agreed to co-operate with the verification.Oxfam Novib commissioned KPMG Services Ltd to undertake the external systems review and expenditures verification. Betty Makoni and her board were notified of the process which should have started in August 2009 but neither Makoni nor the board responded.

“We requested KPMG to contact them directly to plan for this exercise. It seems, however, that the founder/ director of GCN and the (very weak) Board of GCN and the remaining acting director of GCN in Zimbabwe are not co-operating with KPMG,” he said.

KPMG was then requested to plan for a final meeting on 18 September 2009 but GCN financial managers did not attend.

“At the moment, there is a decisive constraint on our relationship with the founder/ director who is not replying to our emails.”

The Oxfam Novib contract ended in September 2009.

“We regret to have to end the relationship with GCN after approximately 8-9 years especially with regard to the thousands of girls they stand for but under the circumstances it would be irresponsible as a donor to go on funding them,” the letter said.

Makoni has been campagning for the CNN Hero of the Year award using Taremeredzwa’s name. Although she has claimed that she was at the forefront of fund-raising for the girl’s operation, Artsinitiates reliably understands that well-wishers in Zimbabwe raised $22,000 and Air Zimbabwe provided tickets to enable Taremeredzwa to fly to the UK where Betty Makoni bought into her case. Some of the organisations that put in money are Econet $13 600, Stanbic Bank $5,000 and Bishop Trevor Manhanga’s organisation that chipped in $3 600. Taremeredzwa’s operation needed about £10 000. An investigation by Artsinitiates also revealed that the so called sanctuaries or empowerment villages for girls that Betty Makoni claimed to have built for the girls in Zimbabwe are deserted or are non-existent. It has also emerged that Betty Makoni treats GCN staff as children and there has been a huge staff turnover in the past two years. Recently, Zimbabweans in the UK who were asked by Betty Makoni to help Taremeredzwa for free complained bitterly when Makoni told them that she would give all the donations to Taremeredzwa and that they would do the work for free. Yet she was pocketing some money for her personal use until a volunteer whistle blower Priscilla let the cat out of the bag and the fundraising stopped. Makoni has since changed her organisation to an international one called Girl Child Network World wide.

9. Kwayedza editor Gilbert Munetsi sacked after Betty Makoni us$800 pay out to re-write donor funds abuse story

The moment we fail to set the record straight is the moment we allow smear campaigns and fake news to go on unchecked. Of course setting the record straight comes with a lot of risks but when the need arises it is very important that we set the record straight. Many people who have exposed and despised GCN aka GCNW Betty Hazviperi makoni corruption, donor funds abuse and workers abuse, have been called names, labelled ZanuPF state agents and in some cases reported to the police on trumped up charges in order to have them arrested so as to silence them. Some former GCN aka GCNW workers raised the corruption and donor funds abuse issue but they were intimidated into silence and victimized by Betty Makoni except for a few including Ropafadzo Mapimhidze who remained standing until some valuable information was revealed. One of the messages that came from one of the disgruntled former GCN workers said,

“Betty Makoni is theatric, corrupt and uses money to pay in order to tarnish critics and some of those paid include Robert Mukondiwa (H- Metro editor) and Gilbert Munetsi (Kwayedza editor) who was paid us$800 dollars to tarnish another former GCN employee in Kwayedza newspaper. Gilbert Munetsi was subsequently sacked thereafter because the former employee had documented evidence for both persons.”

So what happened is a Kwayedza newspaper junior reporter, Muchaneta Chimuka investigated GCN Betty Makoni abuse of donor funds after a tip off and established that donor funds we being abused and workers bullied and ill treated. The story was published in Kwayedza newspaper on 08 May 2009 and it was published in vernacular, Shona language. It was translated into English and aggregated by other online newspapers. The translated story got Betty to defend her organisation’s abuse of donor funds. She accused the reporter and the translator for working hand in hand with ZanuPF state agents to destroy her. Remember this is the same woman who is in good books with some ZanuPF state agents such as Robert Mukondiwa who accompanied Betty to the CNN awards ceremony. Robert Mukondiwa was a reporter at the state newspaper, the Herald before joining the state tabloid newspaper H- Metro as assistant editor. Robert Mukondiwa also did accounts for GCN having been given the position by Betty Makoni.

Determined to mislead Kwayedza readers and the public, Betty together with Robert Mukondiwa, a state newspaper reporter and Robert Mugabe’s presidential aid, liaised with Gilbert Munetsi, the editor of Kwayedza to re- write the Kwayedza junior reporter story shaming Betty Makoni for donor funds abuse. Betty Makoni paid Gilbert Munetsi us$800 as kick back for the favour, for agreeing to republish the story exonerating Betty and GCN from donor funds abuse. Mind you the Kwayedza editor Gilbert Munetsi approved that the story go for publication on 08 May after the junior reporter investigated it. But as soon as Betty and Robert convinced him that the junior reporter had lied about GCN donor funds mismanagement, Gilbert changed his mind and chose to become an incompetent and unprofessional editor who allows false stories to be published but was ready to correct it and become a competent and professional editor who doesn’t allow false stories to be published.

So Gilbert Munetsi took it upon himself decided to re -investigate and re -write the story after receiving us$800 from Betty Makoni. The re –investigation of the story that set to put the record straight did not go without payment. The editor of Kwayedza ,Gilbert Munetsi ,after pocketing us$800 went on to do his own fake investigations. After doing his own so called investigations he wrote a new story covering Betty Makoni’s back and defending her that she had not abused donor funds. To make sure readers believe his fake story Gilbert weirdly also went on to despise how one of his ‘workmates’ was putting Kwayedza’s sister paper, The Herald into disrepute as he argued that the Herald reporter had also erred and falsely accused GCN Betty Makoni of donor funds abuse. Gilbert was not aware that Oxfam Novib had written a letter withdrawing GCN funding due to donor funds abuse.

To prove that he had done his investigations accurately and make sure that all was under his control Gilbert wrote a leaked email to one Melaine (a GCN donor organisation boss) , taking responsibility of the Kwayedza reporter’s ‘incompetence and spoke against the ‘incompetence’ as he set the record straight. Of course Gilbert wrote the email after Betty Makoni instructed him to do that so as to convince donors that GCN was clean and also the us$800 that Gilbert was paid by Betty as kick back included this dirty work of writing an email to donors lying and misrepresenting truth. The email was to convince Melaine that Betty Makoni and GCN are innocent.

Quoted below is the email that Betty wrote to Gilbert instructing him to write an email to Melanie. “From: Betty Makoni [SMTP:[email protected]]Sent:Tuesday, July 28, 2009 12:08 PM .To:gilbert munetsi .Cc:Melanie A .Subject: Melaine email address : Dear Gilbert .I hope you are fine. Please see cced Melaine email addresses for both work and personal. I cced this yesterday. You can reply all .Keep well.Regards

Hazviperi Betty Makoni , President and Founder .Girl Child Network World Wide.4 West Road .Westcliff on Sea.Essex.SS0 9DA.United Kingdom. After receiving the email above from Betty, Gilbert obliged and wrote to Melaine the email below which he copied to Betty as per her email instructions. On Tue, 28/7/09, gilbert munetsi wrote: From: gilbert munetsi .Subject: RE: Melaine email address .To: “Betty Makoni”.Date: Tuesday, 28 July, 2009, 11:51 AM. “My name is Gilbert Munetsi and I am the News Editor of Kwayedza, the weekly newspaper that published the original story about Betty Makoni. The story, published in our ‘Kwayedza’ issue was written by one of our stringers by the name of Muchaneta Chimuka after she had been misled by a former disgruntled employee of Girl Child Network, Ropafadzo Mapimhidze. Before joining GCN, Ropafadzo Mapimhidze also happens to have worked for the Zimbabwe Newspaper Group (as an Assistant Editor) under whose stable our paper falls and it became evident after investigations that she was using her influence as a former senior employee to make the junior stringer believe her story. After we had published the story, we had a visit from GCN staff members querying the credibility of the article which, ethically, was supposed to carry the other side (Betty’s) but because the writer and her source brought it to us just before the paper went to bed, there had not been time or effort put to reach Betty or GCN for comment (and I have to admit this was gross unprofessionalism on the part of my paper). However, instead of carrying out a retraction, I decided to personally carry out investigations which included physically visiting the schools where GCN is paying fees for the girls, going through the documentation made available for my perusal by GCN management staff and talking to employees as well as Ropafadzo Mapimhidze’s lawyer. Should you need confirmation of the above information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with my Editor, Mr Happiness Chikwanha, on e-mail address: [email protected] .Sincerely, Gilbert Munetsi. News Editor. Kwayedza news editor Gilbert then wrote a new story headlined ‘Ndorumwa Nechekuchera’ after receiving the said us$800 from GCN Betty Makoni to kill the first story that exposed GCN mismanagement of donor funds which was written by the junior reporter, stringer Muchaneta Chimuka and approved for publication by Gilbert the editor. Ropafadzo exposed this corruption to Gilbert Munetsi’s bosses and Gilbert was fired as Kwayedza editor.

What is fake news

“Fake news is false or misleading information presented as news. It often has the aim of damaging the reputation of a person or entity, or making money through advertising revenue” Wikipedia. “Fake news is a term that has come to mean different things to different people. At its core, we are defining ‘fake news’ as those news stories that are false. The story itself is fabricated, with no verifiable facts, sources or quotes. Sometimes these stories may be propaganda that is intentionally designed to mislead the reader. The other type of ‘fake news’ is Misinformation and Disinformation. The universe of ‘fake news’ is much larger than simply false news stories. Some stories may have a nugget of truth, but lack any contextualizing details. They may not include any verifiable facts or sources. Some stories may include basic verifiable facts, but are written using language that is deliberately inflammatory, leaves out pertinent details or only presents one viewpoint. ‘Fake news’ exists within a larger ecosystem of mis and disinformation news’. Misinformation is false or inaccurate information that is mistakenly or inadvertently created or spread. The intent is not to deceive. Disinformation is false information that is deliberately created and spread in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.” University of Michigan Library Online.

Viomak Under Attack

Zimdiaspora editor and journalist Admore Tshuma threatens Viomak in tribal hate fueled rant

The life of prominent protest singer Viomak is in danger in Britain after a former chief reporter with the Zimbabwe government ZanuPF run state newspaper, The Chronicle called her a Swina (Svina) bitch and threatened to strangle her neck. Admore was chief reporter for the state controlled newspaper from 1994-2001 and he helped President Robert Mugabe’s dictatorship regime to oppress dissenting voices. Like other state newspapers, the Chronicle is a ZanuPF mouthpiece notorious for publishing stories that silence opposing voices and denounce freedom of speech and democracy while promoting ZanuPF propaganda. The Chronicle’s sister newspaper, the Herald once described Viomak as satan for singing against ZanuPF and Mugabe human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. Due to poverty many journalists and many desperate Zimbabweans of all tribes spy for ZanuPF for a living.

Admore Tshuma is believed to be in Britain where he is alleged to have sought asylum fearing his life is in danger from ZanuPF. Some source claims he went to Britain on a student visa but not sure who the sponsor is. Coincidentally, ZanuPF also sponsors its spies to take up academic programmes in different countries and the Zimbabwe embassies in many countries are also manned by ZanuPF supporters and spies. In Britain he is believed to have been a correspondent for The Sun and Daily Mail in London and would also cover Southern African political stories for The Sunday Times.

Admore warned Viomak that he will not be intimidated by her in email communications after seeing her email on her website and threatened her with death. The threats came unexpectedly to Viomak as she had done nothing wrong to the journalist and she was not even aware who Admore until after he started her research and investigation having received the threatening emails from the journalist. Viomak asked Admore what wrong she had done to him and referred to him as hanzvadzi (brother). This further angered the tribalist Admore who said he is not Viomak’s brother and he has no Shona sister. The tribal arrogance was motivated by the hate many Ndebele tribe Zimbabweans harbour against Shona tribe Zimbabweans over ZanuPF’s involvement in a conflict dubbed Gukurahundi in Matebeleland that killed many Zimbabweans in the Ndebele stronghold province, of which Viomak is Shona and Admore is Ndebele. The Ndebeles blame the Shonas for perpetrating the gukurahundi violence which was not perpetrated by the Shonas but was perpetrated by ZanuPF following political conflict between ZanuPF leader Robert Mugabe and Ndebele Zapu leader Joshua Nkomo. According to information on Wikipedia, Joshua Mqabuko Nyongolo Nkomo was a Zimbabwean revolutionary and Georgist politician who served as Vice-President of Zimbabwe from 1990 until his death in 1999. He founded and led the Zimbabwe African People’s Union from 1961 until it merged in 1987 with Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe African National Union to form ZanuPF.

Viomak who is well known for producing anti-Mugabe music and denouncing the party for destroying Zimbabwe, is a known target of ZanuPF violence and she faces death threats from the political party and its supporters and sympathizers days on end. This recent warning has shocked the popular singer who sneaked out of Zimbabwe in 2006 fearing for her life. The protest singer-cum-activist who had to cross the Zimbabwean border illegally through Botswana on her way to the UK is convinced that Admore Tshuma is a ZanuPF central intelligence organization (CIO) state agent and is using the typical CIO underground tactics to get to her. It was also confirmed to Viomak by a source close to Admore’s activities that the messages written by the said journalist on his facebook wall are extremely suspicious and disturbing with one message indicating that he was watching closely a situation in Britain.

Admore threatened Viomak after the journalist allegedly solicited for a bribe from Girl Child Network founder Betty Makoni who was being accused of abusing Taremeredzwa’s donor funds after the girl living with a tumor flew to Britain for a medical operation. It is claimed Betty Makoni was to pay Admore in exchange for good publicity and for a donor funds story to be unpublished from Zimdiaspora online newspaper where Admore had published the article as a journalist. In a separate email, Admore harassed Viomak on why she helped Taremeredzwa. Viomak who is also closely related to Taremeredzwa went out her way to make sure that the girl’s stay in Britain was well catered for. Viomak who supported Taremeredzwa’s charity appeal as a volunteer said the threats on her life by Admore are uncalled for and the evidence she has gathered so far has linked the journalist to a group of ZanuPF dangerous state agents working on facebook to target their enemies who include ZanuPF opposing voices like her.

“Right now I am also worried about Taremeredzwa and her family’s safety when they go back to Zimbabwe. Why would any normal person harass someone for helping out someone in need. All the evidence is there. All I did was help but the harassment has continued with the reporter for ZimDiaspora, Admore going to the extent of publishing my cell phone number on his website without my consent.” Said Viomak.

The protest singer who is working on her sixth music album Happy 86th birthday President R.G Mugabe (Supreme Leader) out in February 2010,said reliable sources told her that Britain is infested with ZanuPF state agents many of who claimed political asylum and were granted refugee status whilst genuine asylum claims are thrown out.
In a bid to intimidate the singer, the journalist boasted in an email to Viomak quoted below and bragging that,
“I hold an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Journalism from London’s City University. I worked in Zimbabwe for 9 years in a daily newspaper, I was the first journalist in 1998 to cover the story of the Gukurahundi massacres in Matebeleland. I was hounded by people who are viewed as dangerous, for example Chen Chimutengwende who accused me of writing the Gukurahundi story. I have been sued more than 5 times by people viewed as dangerous. Finally, just around the corner talk to the editor of the Sunday Times in London Mr Hellen, I have worked for the paper on a placement and broke a record of breaking a front page within a week’s placement. This is to warn you that I cannot be intimidated by people like you. I am thick-skinned.”

The thick skinned journalist’s actions which Viomak consider as being very irresponsible and unprofessional is a good example of how some outspoken courageous Zimbabwean women are suffering under the merciless hands of some male journalists. This kind of bullying and harassment is not new to Viomak who some men view as too outspoken and thus try by all means to silence her. So the best move these men take is publish fake news on their news sites thinking this will take away the power from such women.

“It is sad that whilst some men are busy trying to remove ZanuPF and Robert Mugabe from power some cowardice low lifers are busy terrorizing innocent women whilst struggling to find criminal cases against them. What a shame. Right now I know that what I am going to get after exposing this journalist is bad publicity on their website. This is how these male Zimbabwe print and online journalists victimize women who challenge their sadist behaviors , and are using their online news platforms to intimidate and to terrorise outspoken women. ” Said Viomak.

Viomak who is taking Admore’s warning and threats seriously said between 2007 and 2008 she petitioned the British Government to look into the issue of ZanuPF supporters who claimed asylum and were given refugee status whilst the cases of some genuine asylum seekers were thrown out. The ZanuPF supporters who are sponsored and planted by ZanuPF in different countries start terrorising opposing voices after they are granted refugee status with many of them lying that they are opposition supporters. The petition was not actioned by authorities.

“No wonder why dangerous terrorists find a safe haven in Britain. No one seems to give an ear to the words of those at risk. If they don’t take my concerns seriously, I will take up the issue with the United Nations. We can’t have a situation where one runs away from Mugabe’s ZanuPF terrorists only to meet up with the terrorists again here whilst the British Government gives a deaf ear. I will soon make a report to the police and give them names of the suspects so that their moves and agendas in Britain are closely monitored.” Said Viomak.

Admore Tshuma takes pride that he is a close friend of Jonathan Moyo and the two come from Matebeleland. Jonathan Moyo, the former ZanuPF information minister and Tsholotsho North independent MP who was recently re-admitted into the party he once described as a “dead duck on the shelf, only breathing from evils of state security and the abuse of funds,” is well known for crafting the draconian repressive laws, POSA and AIPPA that have destroyed press freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe. Ironically Admore Tshuma is said to be pursuing studies in Global Poverty, Social Justice and Human Rights Law at University of Bristol in Britain.

“It is weird that someone who is studying global poverty, social justice and human rights law views Jonathan Moyo, an oppressor who crafted repressive laws such as AIPPA and initiated the closing down of the Daily news, Zimbabwe’s independent daily paper as his hero. One wonders what Admore is really studying in his social justice and human rights law classes. Someone who crafted POSA and AIPPA is only a hero to people of the same caliber. It is unfortunate that the right people who really deserve study opportunities such as his will never be granted those opportunities. The moment I Iearnt that Admore is a former chief reporter at The Chronicle, a state run newspaper and ZanuPF mouthpiece, I immediately knew he is dangerous. The fact that he is a scholar at a University also made me suspect his mission in Britain because ZanuPF sponsors these students and more so many of the suspects who are causing terror around the world register as students.” Said Viomak.

The reporters at the state run newspapers are well known for being ZanuPF undercovers and Viomak has every reason to fear for her life. Some reporters of the independent newspapers are also state agent spies. A striking example is that of a Zimbabwe Independent reporter Augustine Mukaro who was masquerading as an independent journalist but in realty he was a ZanuPF spy after which the newspaper named and shamed him.

Following her outspokenness Viomak’s stories are banned in the so called independent newspapers , including the Zimbabwe Standard, owned by Matebeleland bred, Ncube after she suspected one of their reporters of being a ZanuPF CIO. Viomak said her suspicions are justified because Mugabe’s deadly agents can be anyone, anywhere. They can be the priest in the church or even the husband in the house so everyone is a suspect. ZanuPF has polarized all systems in Zimbabwe and has planted spies to the extent that human rights defenders, activists and Zimbabweans are always living a life of fear wherever they are on the planet.

Journalist Zenzele Ndebele threatens Viomak over Gukurahundi song

The issue of Gukurahundi and Zimbabwe artists remains a diamond in a dark pit as human rights abusers continue to harass artists home and away in a bid to silence artistic voices.

Whilst the world has the impression that Mugabe and ZanuPF are the only human rights abusers who are against artistic freedom of expression, prominent protest singer cum activist Viomak and other witnesses who have privately contacted Viomak have a different story to tell. The singer is paying back for singing a song about Gukurahundi as some Ndebeles continue to harass her for expressing herself in song.

Her life has come under a new wave of threats after another Ndebele man who is a journalist, Zenzele Ndebele, desperate for revenge having failed to silence Viomak , requested that someone expose Viomak on Facebook. The singer who has been using a pseudonym since 2005 for security reasons is well known for her vibrant political activism that has seen her produce protest music to highlight the socio-political issues facing Zimbabweans whilst blaming ZanuPF and Mugabe for the mess and despising bad leaders including bad opposition leaders for being incompetent and useless. If caught she will be charged for going against Public Order and Security Act (POSA). POSA is a piece of legislation introduced in Zimbabwe in 2002 by a ZanuPF dominated parliament. The act was amended in 2007. The chief architects of POSA are Jonathan Moyo and Emmerson Mnangagwa. The draconian legislation helped Robert Mugabe to consolidate his power and it gave the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) extra powers to deal with human rights issues. POSA is viewed as an unjust plot to thwart freedom of expression and the legislation has been used to arrest artists such as Owen Maseko.

Aware of this, Zenzele Ndebele has gone on an evil spree to expose Viomak in a bid to put herself and her family in trouble with ZanuPF, the reason being Zenzele does not like the song Gukurahundi that Viomak recorded as it speaks the real truth behind the conflict that caused ZanuPF to massacre citizens in Matabeleland. In the song Viomak calls for unity between Shonas and Ndebeles but Zenzele feels it is his view only that is right so he wants the protest singer to be put down. Commenting on the new development Viomak said,

“The life of a Zimbabwean protest artist is always in danger since freedom of expression oppressors are always against hearing the truth. The moment you create the truth you are assured of hoarding enemies who will do whatever is within their means to silence you. Even journalists hate truth but they claim to be writing truth and they demand press freedom to write truth but hate and hurt those who speak and sing truth.” She said.

The outspoken singer who was inspired by her experiences as a banned singer and founded a free expression organization, Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) that advocates for free speech continues to be harassed by some Ndebeles over her controversial song Gukurahundi with some claiming that she is not an artist and others saying she has defamed Lobengula their king by singing that Lobengula and Robert Mugabe are human rights abusers as she calls for Ndebeles and Shonas to unite. Some Ndebeles have written her emails demanding clarification and some have asked for explanations through her facebook message inbox. Among those who have contacted Viomak over the song is Mthwakazian editor. Mthwakazi is a group of hate filled Ndebele people who are demanding that Zimbabwe be demarcated with one side for Shonas and one side for Ndelebes . The tribalistic Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF) is a pro-Ndebele and anti-Shona group and Viomak speaks against their hate fuelled agenda to dismantle Zimbabwe.

The harassment and hypocrisy leaves a lot to be desired as some of the Ndebeles including Zenzele, are calling for the freedom of a Ndebele artist Owen Maseko who was recently arrested in Zimbabwe over his Gukurahundi paintings, highlighting what happened during the era. Zenzele who was also at the forefront of highlighting Owen Maseko’s arrest, condemning the arrest as undemocratic and disallowing artistic freedom accused Viomak of misleading the nation in her lyrics and he believes that Owen is not misleading the nation because Owen is from Matebeleland like Zenzele. Zenzele who was also angered by Viomak’s use of the word madzviti in the song attacked her on why she used the word madzviti saying it is not helpful in any way but Ndebeles find it helpful to use the word swina (svina) to refer to Shonas.

“Coincidentally Owen Maseko was arrested for painting the story of gukurahundi something which is deemed as not helpful by others and Zenzele is persecuting me for singing the story of gukurahundi which he says is not helpful in any way. As artists Owen Maseko painted the gukurahundi story which I supported and helped to promote the art , and I sang the gukurahundi story and in Zenzele’s eyes it is wrong for me to artistically express myself because I am Shona and it is right for Owen to artistically express himself because he is Ndebele. This is hypocrisy at its best on Zenzele’s side and his other culprits”. Said Viomak.

The arrest of artist Owen Maseko over his Gukurahundi paintings and the threats on Viomak’s life over her song Gukurahundi is evidence that freedom of artistic expression is still not guaranteed amongst some Ndebeles and ZanuPF, and that protest artists are constantly under threat. Maseko’s paintings which are interpreted by some as demeaning Shonas and Mugabe was arrested for his art. Viomak’s song which is interpreted by some as demeaning Ndebeles and Lobengula is being threatened for her art.

Since Gukurahundi many Ndebeles have blamed Mugabe and the Shonas for the massacres in Matebeleland .Up to today some Ndebeles harbour feelings of hate and anger towards Shonas which is one reason why some Ndebeles are calling for Owen Maseko’s freedom and Viomak’s persecution even though the artists are exposing similar issues.
Apart from being irked by the fact that Viomak went beyond the history of Gukurahundi versas ZanuPF Mugabe and ZAPU Nkomo and touched on the history of the Shonas and Lobengula (a true history that some Ndebeles don’t want to hear about), Zenzele was also irked by the fact that Viomak exposed him as a hypocrite and a tribalist who was giving people the impression that Viomak was glorifying Mugabe’s Gukurahundi. Yet Zenzele was actually helped to market his Gukurahundi film by Viomak. Viomak contacted Zenzele and offered to promote the film on the internet. Despite the fact that Viomak was instrumental in helping Ndebele market his Gukurahundi film, phoning Ndebele, who she has not met in person, in Zimbabwe to have him send the DVD to her at Viomak’s cost, Zenzele has gone on a spree to look for Viomak’s head and asking ZanuPF supporters to get Viomak knowing very well that the protest singer has officially assumed the name Viomak for security reasons. How evil is that, biting the hand that feeds him. He doesn’t see the good that the Shona singer did to him because he hates Shonas. One wonders why he agreed to send his film to a Shona woman for promotion.

After deleting Viomak from his facebook friends’ list the named and shamed, defeated and annoyed Zenzele shared a desperate post on facebook on Tuesday. His desperate request quoted below is said to have harvested less than five responses. He quoted the below quote on Wikipedia,

“Viomak is arguably the only woman Zimbabwean protest singer and one of the country’s popular protest musicians. Viomak has been likened to opposition activists and journalists, who are being harassed and arrested under laws such as POSA designed to quell discontent,” and he went on to say, “This woman likes beating her own drum. Who can tell me her really name Tue at 3:24pm • Comment • Like.”

Unknown to Zenzele, the words that he plagiarized from Wikipedia are a paragraph taken from a story on Viomak which was written by a Zimbabwe journalist. Ndebele thought he was exposing the singer as someone who beats her own drum all in an effort to discredit her work.

Even though the banned singer is a well known protest singer, Zenzele and his mates are desperate to discredit Viomak as one despite the fact that in November 2007 Zenzele wrote an article titled, “How Zimbabwean musicians avoid censorship” that was published on FreeMuse in which he indicated that, “Another way of evading censorship is to migrate to other countries. There are a lot of Zimbabwean artists who have left the country and what they produce is not kind to the government. Artists such as Viomak, Thomas Mapfumo, Lucky Moyo (formerly of Black Umfolosi), and others, have been making international headlines from their exiles. ”

A few days back as Zenzele and a group of other Ndebeles verbally attacked the singer on facebook over the song, Viomak had to report the abuse by one Shalton Yotham Ngwenya to the police after he sent her a hate message. She is still to get updates on the issue. This is not the first time the singer has been threatened by Ndebele men. In December last year Admore Tshuma a former Zimbabwe Government run The Chronicle newspaper chief reporter warned her that he will not be intimidated by her in an email . The harassment came unexpectedly to her as she had done nothing wrong to him. As the man threatened her he went on to warn her that he is thick skinned and would not be intimidated by people like her .After discussing the issue at that time Viomak confirmed that the hate was about her gukurahundi song even though Admore Tshuma lied to her and gave her the impression that he wanted to investigate Girl Child Network (GCN) for donor funds abuse. Viomak highlighted to him that an investigation about GCN donor funds abuse does not warrant that Admore curse and threaten Viomak for an investigation which has nothing to do with her.

Meanwhile MDC-T opposition leader and Zimbabwe’s Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai has called for tolerance in the country when he said, “ there can be no place in the new Zimbabwe for hate speech or the persecution of any sector of our population based on race, gender, tribe, culture, sexual orientation or political affiliation. All of us are entitled to our own opinions on certain values and beliefs, but in order to move our nation forward and achieve national reconciliation and healing, we have to uphold and foster the fundamental principle of tolerance, including tolerance of people that have chosen to live, believe and vote differently from ourselves.”