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In December 2016 pained by the reality that the UK harbours ZanuPF supporters who are perpetrators of Zimbabweans’ suffering many who spy on Viomak and terrorise Zimbabweans for despising ZanuPF, Viomak wrote a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May seeking audience to voice her concerns. More so the ZanuPF supporters were granted refugee status in Britain falsely claiming that their lives are in danger from ZanuPF. In a letter titled ‘Seeking audience pertaining to Zimbabwe ZanuPF terrorists in Britain Nick Mangwana’, Viomak wrote, “Dear Prime minister . My name is Viomak , a Zimbabwean human rights defender and protest singer in Britain. I am writing to kindly seek audience with your office over the matter above at your earliest convenience. I understand the above Nick is the ZanuPF UK Chairman in Britain where he now lives and he is currently in Zimbabwe where he is masterminding the support for ZanuPF in preparation for the 2018 elections .This is a ZanuPF terrorist resident in Britain and using Britain to forge his terrorisim from. This therefore means Britain is harbouring and protecting ZanuPF terrorists despite Britain being an anti-terrorism nation. Today I also received a video showing the said Nick Mangwana at an indoors rally with a well known ZanuPF murderer and terrorist Saviour Kasukuwere. They are showing support for this murderous regime. My issue honourable PM is what is the ZanuPF terrorist doing in Britain. May your high office please allow me the opportunity to discuss this issue with you? ”


In 2013 Viomak petitioned MDC-T opposition leader Jesse Majome to challenge her party’s supporters who are notorious for terrorising opposing voices especially on social media. The political party is infested with leaders and supporters who believe that democracy means the right to oppose ZanuPF and not MDC-T their party. The woman ignored the petition typical of the type of incompetent, selfish and uncaring people masquerading as leaders ransacking Zimbabwe. In a letter to Majome titled, ‘ The first step into MDC-T hooligans’ thuggish behaviour-A letter to MDC-T leader Jesse Majome’, Viomak wrote,

“Dear Hon Majome .I hope I find you well. Thank you for adding me as a friend .I am writing to bring to your attention the abusive and intolerant behaviour by some MDC-T supporters who visit my wall to verbally attack me because I am forming a political party. This hooliganism and terrorism should stop forth with and is strongly condemned by all peace loving leaders and citizens. Facebook is not a fake book. It is real .You are responsible for the rowdy behaviour of your supporters in case you didn’t know. As a Zimbabwean leader and an MDC-T leader on facebook you are expected to take appropriate action in line with your MDC-T disciplinary code. If the code doesn’t include disciplining internet intolerant terrorists then I am kindly asking that you urgently deal with this issue by other means possible. This should stop and MDC-T leaders are expected to take lead and stop this barbaric and thuggish behaviour.That is what you are being paid for too. Before I go further please do not defend or try to lie that these are not MDC-T supporters and blame ZANUPF .I am not into that kind of childish nonsense. These are known genuine MDC-T supporters who I have been studying since 2010 when the terrorism started. These are the thugs who will torture and murder opposing voices and I am not going to keep quiet about it. Political violence is a criminal offence and all political parties that breed such criminals should be condemned. Below is an example today of an inbox threat I received from Mdc-T Botswana saying he will kill for Morgan Tsvangirai. This is proof that MDC-T is breeding political murderers too and I am kindly asking your high office to deal with these threats and abuses as a matter of urgency, failure of which I will take legal action against your party .I have also published many articles about them and I have also compiled a list of them for further action and I have all the proof needed for any necessary further action. Please take this inbox seriously as I am not joking about the issues I have raised. I am expecting immediate action and a response. I will hand over a copy of this inbox to appropriate and concerned parties as proof that I wrote to you about it and this includes the MDC-T President and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai .Your urgent response into this serious matter will be greatly appreciated. In one of the messages today, Mdc-T Botswana said,

“I am the only person who can show you exactly, how to behave in real life. I even know where you stay in the UK that’s how bad it is and don’t force me to blow your cover to Zimbabwe agents that side, I have always tolerated you as a person who has a voice to stand for those in fear but you have taken this way too far with due respect do not respond to my message and let’s keep it that way Viomak you are way too young to understand my words as I speak and act on them without any hesitation. I am not intimidating you if it sounds that way but if you feel you can take it the extra mile then bring it on. I am ready. Zidele will never see day light in Zimbabwe. We have a crisis in Zimbabwe and all you want to do is dilute the votes in whose favour. Let Mugabe and Tsvangirai battle it though we are fully aware of the out come ,for now stop this stupidity in your mind and go and find other means of surviving besides standing in dark corners in the UK and selling your stinking pussy for you to have food on the table. Zimbabwe is a blessed nation we have everything here, come and make that noise here and soon you will be going to the gallows, take note we have a hangman now, for Morgan Richard Tsvangirai I will kill.”


In July 2011 Viomak suffered abuse at the hands of a ZanuPF supporter and cyber bully Howard Mukanda (Howie) who days on end was provoking and terrorising Viomak on her facebook wall and also sending her provocative messages for despising ZanuPF. In one of the messages Howard said, “Tell you what. You are so stupid and a psycho. You don’t even deserve to have any followers and you deserve to die. If I see you in Mbare where I come from I will kill you and you are a total jerk a daughter of a mentally retarded prostitute. No wonder ZanuPF target you. Hauna kukwana, you are a total brain dead pussy woman. I hate you coz of your complaining about ZanuPF and please stop spreading ZanuPF human rights abuses your days are numbered. Apparently, I wonder what you have in your brain and it is just a bunch of shit in there u’re fucked up and I suggest you go hang if you don’t hang yourself I will hang you mark my words ZanuPF trained me to hang and kill useless women like you.”

Viomak petitioned Concordia College in USA to take action on Howard who is a student ambassador at Concordia college and would post degrading, threatening and obscene comments on Viomak’s threads so as to silence her. The effects of the emotional abuse caused by the abuser Howard on Viomak was so severe such that the only other option Viomak had was to report Howard to the college as all efforts to stop him had failed. After Viomak wrote to Concordia College, Howard was challenged by the college over his abusive behaviour and he almost lost his place after which he apologised to Viomak for the bullying, harassment and abuse and pleading with her to forgive him for his thuggish behaviour.

Before Viomak wrote to Concordia college she posted on her facebook wall saying, a student ambassador at Concordia college, Howard Mukanda (Howie) is one of those people who keeps reminding me of how hard it is to be an outspoken woman. Male chauvinists and intolerant political thugs like Howard Mukanda are always there to provoke, harass, intimidate and terrorise you, not forgetting verbally abusing you without doing or saying anything wrong to them or even talking to them. But these type of abusive men feel more at home when a woman is quiet waiting to take their instructions to do everything for them whilst they are sitting doing nothing, typical of women haters and abusers like Howard. The moment you open your mouth to fight for justice and seek rights that belong to people that is the moment they open their mouths to denounce you calling you all sorts of bad names, degrading your womanhood as they deny you your right to be heard. What sin did I commit to deserve such kind of verbal insults from this male chauvinist? Being a woman, I am convinced, because as far as I know I didn’t do anything wrong to this man who obviously knows me and my work even though he pretends not to know me, forgetting that yesterday is not the first time he has provoked me. Such kind of oppressive and barbaric behaviour is not expected from modern day men who are expected to understand and appreciate that a woman is a person too. He’s really a rascal and I’m deeply worried by such kind of men who think they have the right to terrorise and harass outspoken women, disregarding my rights to be respected and treated like a person too.

His facebook profile shows he is at Concordia College as a student ambassador. This is in Minessota USA where people of his calibre should have changed by now and learnt to respect human rights, especially women’s rights but not with this Zimbabwean abusive thug. The man has been writing me abusive and harassing messages with me not doing anything wrong to him. He just thought of joining his other internet terrorists to harass me. My facebook page allows anyone to see and I accept friendship from ‘anyone’ since I do a lot of activism, defending human rights like freedom of expression. That is how I accepted the student ambassador’s friendship. Little did I know that his agenda was evil and laced with unprovoked verbal abuse, typical of women abusers. What is he teaching the students he is working with? What example is he setting to them especially when he goes to social networking sites to show his expertise in women abuse, harassment and intimidation? Do I know this thug? NO.I only came to know about Howard sometime ago when he and his group of abusive friends started inboxing me abusive messages and also posted on my wall provocative and degrading comments. This is mainly because I oppose ZanuPF too.ZanuPF is well known for exporting students to neighbouring and Western countries to spy for the party. Some of the students are funded by the Zimbabwe government which is ZanuPF in this case and some are funded by scholarships offered by unsuspecting countries hosting them. Some spy for ZanuPF on personal basis and are not paid but they do that as a good service to the party they support. Some are paid to spy for ZanuPF.Unsuspecting people will never know who the student spies are unless they expose themselves or tell their own stories like Howard Mukandi.

In my case it is well known that I strongly oppose ZanuPF and why would Howard terrorise me and harass me, making it a habit to provoke and verbally abuse me? I have not done anything wrong to him, meaning there’s nothing personal between myself and him. He could be an opposition MDC supporter yes because I also despise MDC bad leadership in some instances but all evidence I have about him since he started harassing me points to the fact that if he is in MDC then he could be spying for ZanuPF inside MDC. Enough is enough. Abusive thugs like Howard cause so much pain to the victims and should not be allowed to get away with their evil and thuggish behaviour.His abusive behaviour and unwarranted attacks are unjust. I hope he doesn’t come on facebook again to harass and terrorise women who have done nothing wrong to him. His uncalled for and unethical behaviour should not be tolerated by any educational institution that teaches students good societal values and institutions that expect to see their student leaders behaving well wherever they are to avoid tarnishing the names of the institutions they attend like what Howard Mukanda is doing. Yesterday the abusive student ambassador, Howard was back again conniving with his other colleagues like Hondo naMugabe another internet terrorist who has been harassing me since last week for opposing Zimbabwe political leaders and for also forming a political party. Hondo naMugabe with Howard’s blessings set up a facebook group and they invited their friends and started harassing me using my name willy nilly as they sought the attention of their friends so that they could join them in spreading hate against me. Yet these are people who I have not wronged but just evil abusers who want me to remain silent and stop fighting for human rights or despise corruption by our leaders. Without any provocation from me as usual Howard sent me abusive inbox messages and in the communication he is pretending as if he doesn’t know me as he became a devil’s advocate also pretending as if he was coming in good faith. He didn’t even know that I would pick that he is the same thug who has been tormenting me now and again. So he was supporting his colleague Hondo naMugabe who opened a fake facebook profile to harass me, a tactic Howard has also used before. Viomak who contacted Concordia College in a communication titled ‘Abusive Student Ambassador at Concordia College Howard Mukanda provoking, harrassing and terrorising me’ wrote, “Dear Sir /Madam. I hope I find you well. My name is Viomak and I am a Zimbabwean woman activist and a human rights defender. I have written to know if by any chance Howard Mukanda is a student ambassador at Concordia College. His facebook profile which I have pasted below says he is. The reason why I am writing today is if he is a student ambassador there, then his behaviour leaves a lot to be desired. I do a lot of activism on facebook and of late this man has been terrorising me, harassing me, sending me provocative and abusive messages without me saying anything to him. He has been working very hard to silence me. He is also involved with a group of dangerous ZanuPF thugs who terrorise activists who speak against Mugabe on facebook.For a long time he has been harassing me, even changing his profile, opening fake facebook profiles to harass me and just yesterday he started harassing me again. It is typical of African men to provoke and harass outspoken women but it has to stop. I am willing to provide the messages he has been writing me and all his other evil activities on facebook. I am about to make a public outcry about his behaviour and thought of checking with you, in case he is a student ambassador there, the college wouldn’t want to have such a terrorist as a student ambassador. If he is there I will share the link to which I am writing to expose his abusive behaviour. I phoned the college to verify and the phone went to voicemail. I hope to hear from you. Thank you very much”


In 2009 Viomak petitioned Dr Arikana Chihombori and challenged her to stop seizing a white owned farm in Zimbabwe. Viomak was irked that Dr Chihombori, now a USA citizen who has lived in America for 30 years was in the middle of illegally seizing Cremer’s farm in Chegutu. Viomak feels farms should be allocated to farmers who have the expertise and competence, be they white or black and if white farmers are better farmers than black farmers the farms should be given to the white farmers. She understands that historical injustices should be resolved but at the same time the nation needs food. Zimbabweans are starving, the economy is dead thus the country needs farmers who are able to provide for them be it white, black, pink or yellow. Viomak added that it does not make sense for Dr Chihombori to terrorise a farmer in Zimbabwe who is working hard to feed Zimbabweans and is wondering why a learned and respected person of her calibre would be involved in farm grabbing and would even bother to own a farm which she will most likely not utilise. Viomak reminded Dr Chihombori that her hard earned doctorate degree is much more important than the farm squabbles. Dr Chihombori explained to Viomak that media reports are false and tarnishing Tsvangirai’s image by using her issue. She added that it is her sister who went to the farm with an offer letter and when she got to the farm the farmer called her a kaffir. After she was challenged, Dr Chihombori stopped the farm grabbing.


In May 2007 Viomak petitioned the Australian government and the immigration department to deport a ZanuPF supporter, Reason Wafawarova based in Australia and notorious for supporting the ZanuPF evil regime. Wafawarova is spreading ZanuPF propaganda and supporting the violent chaotic land reform from Australia yet he left Zimbabwe due to his party’s incompetence and failure to revive the economy. The immigration office responded to Viomak through a letter attached. Writing to Australia authorities in a message ‘You’re hosting a Zimbabwean murderer Reason Wafawarova’, Viomak said, I am a Zimbabwean protest musician and I do thank you very much for the stance you took on the cricket team. However it has also emerged that Australia is harbouring well known Zimbabwean torture agent. You assistance in providing justice to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

The Zimdaily media were also involved in this good cause to deport ZanuPF leaders, their children and supporters from Australia and on 16 May 2007 they published the following article, ‘Australia plays host to one of Mugabe’s brutal men’, stating that Wafawarova who is enrolled at the Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia helped to establish the Gestapo-like youth militia in Zimbabwe and he personally helped in the recruitment of the youths.He was involved in the abduction and torture of opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters and he personally led the invasions of some farms in Bindura and Glendale and had them parceled out to senior politicians and their relatives. Wafawarova joined the youth ministry in 2000. The youth ministry is housed at the ZanuPF headquarters in Rotten Row, Harare. He was the director of the technical services in the youth ministry and his main responsibilities were to recruit and instruct trainees for the national youth programme.The youth militia, named after a former Mugabe bootlicker, Border Gezi, set up torture camps where opponents are murdered and mutilated. After the rigorous indoctrination, the youth programme churns out graduates who are intolerant of divergent political ideas. As technical services director, Wafawarova roped in serving and retired members of the army to give the youths some military training. He also roped in the dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operatives and ZanuPF political commissars for the indoctrination of the gullible youths, most of whom had little or no formal education.

Apart from the army personnel who offer the youths basic military training, Wafawarova recruited war veterans as instructors to harden the youths so they could unleash violence with reckless abandon. In April 2000, a Marondera white farmer, David Stevens, was murdered in cold blood by war veterans and farm invaders, sparking an orgy of violent farm seizures throughout the country. The seizures saw almost 5 000 white farmers losing their land to Mugabe cronies in ZanuPF and government. In Bindura area, the name Wafawarova is synonymous with violence and torture. He is said to have teamed up with a former director of the military intelligence who was running the Bindura youth camp, Colonel Josphat Shumba, and gave a Glendale white farmer, Charles Wood, 24 hours to vacate his Charleswood Estates farm. Wood, a third-generation Zimbabwean complied fearing for his life and the farm is now occupied by Stan Kasukuwere, younger brother to Saviour Kasukuwere, a former CIO operative and now a cabinet minister. Wafawarova and Shumba, accompanied by the veterans of the independence war, then invaded adjacent farms, chased the owners away and looted and vandalised property and farming equipment. They also invaded Condwelani Farm in Bindura, owned by Terry Hinde. Hinde exhausted all avenues trying to keep his farm but Wafawarova and his menacing group of invaders, threatened the hapless farmer with death. He succumbed and left. The farm was allocated to Colonel Don Muvuti, the embattled Grain Marketing boss. Wafawarova gave himself the adjacent farm and he renamed it Nhaka Farm. Among Wafawarova’s team of invaders, was a notorious war veteran, Francis Zimuto aka ‘Black Jesus’, who led the first farm invasions in Masvingo in 2000. He is now based at the main camp in Mount Darwin.Labour minister Nicholas Goche, Public Service Commission chairman Mariyawanda Nzuwah and several other ZanuPF officials are beneficiaries of Wafawarova’s escapades. They all have farms in one of the best farming areas in Zimbabwe.

In the run-up to presidential elections in 2002, Wafawarova and his band of indoctrinated youths abducted opposition MDC supporters and took them to Border Gezi youth camps where they were tortured and subsequently murdered. On January 13, 2002, MDC Mashonaland Central youths chairman Kenneth Matope, was abducted from his home in Guruve by the Border Gezi youths and taken to the Bindura camp. He was murdered at the behest of Wafawarova then dumped along a foot path near his home. The youths are also known as Green Bombers because of their green military fatigue. Wafawarova and his team set up numerous roadblocks along the Bindura-Mt Darwin highway demanding Zanu-PF party cards. Those who did not have them were perceived MDC supporters and taken to the Green Bomber camps were they were raped, tortured and sometimes, brutally murdered. Most MDC supporters were killed by well-known youths and CIO operatives but despite having been reported to the police, they have not yet been arrested, let alone, prosecuted. Talent Mabika, an MDC activist was petrol bombed by a well-known CIO operative, Joseph Mwale in Murambinda, who has not been arrested since the 2002 incident. His docket keeps on vanishing from the Attorney-General’s Office.

This year, Wafawarova’s products were behind the torture of MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, National Constitutional Assembly’s Lovemore Madhuku and other civic leaders and MDC activists while in police custody, following government’s crackdown of a prayer meeting in Highfield, Harare. They sustained broken arms and cracked skulls, triggering an international outrage. Another MDC activist, Gift Tandare, was shot dead by suspected CIO operatives who later stole his body from a funeral parlour and forced the family to bury him in his home area of Mt Darwin. The family had planned to bury him in Harare. Australia is serious about banning its cricket team from touring Zimbabwe and they must also fish out from their country ZanuPF devils like Wafawarova , who are enjoying a free society in Australia while making life miserable for millions in Zimbabwe.