Activism & Campaigns


As a human rights defender, Viomak continues to be a voice of the voiceless denouncing and campaigning against workers’ abuse. Many workers including truck drivers who are working under unfair conditions have approached her for help. Many Zimbabweans approach her for help with workers abuse issues such as unpaid wages and inhuman and unsafe working conditions. Some Strauss truck drivers who contacted Viomak in 2018 report nepotism at work, firing of workers and unlawful termination of contracts. Dharwizi transport drivers, also contacted Viomak complaining about racism , non payment of allowances, and unfair company practices such as being charged for mechanical faults on trucks like worn out tyres, burst airbags and springs and bullying drivers, speaking to them with no respect and shouting at them as if they are children. The drivers said they are seeing modern day slavery and if they complain they get fired. They complained about having no time with their families, doing many trips without rest and have no privacy at all as they are forced to take pictures of where they are and what they are doing. Drivers said they are not paid trip bonuses and also their pay slips indicate housing and transport allowances but the money is taken from their night allowances therefore building up a credit to the company very month. The workers claim they don’t have medical facilities from the company such as a medical aid scheme so if they fall sick on duty they foot their own bills. They are not paid danger allowances, are not allowed to stop for recess and are forced to drive for more than three hours without stopping which is unfair, inconsiderate and dangerous considering the distance they cover and the heavy loads the trucks carry.

Many Zimbabwean workers are being abused by Zimbabwean black employers with many workers saying they never experienced this abuse during white rule as white owned companies would always pay workers. Among many abused workers Viomak is helping, she also helped an abused female worker at Red Fox hotel who reached out to
her for help having worked and denied her wages. Viomak challenged the employer and the woman was paid the wages owed to her amounting to us$173. The woman said, “I was looking for a job and a close friend introduced me to ZanuPF Robert Zhuwao who handed me over to his wife Joy Severe, Mrs Zhuwao who was running Red fox hotel at the time. I got paid us$75 for the first three weeks I worked there but we were to get paid us$100 for the month. At first working there wasn’t so bad because we were provided with shelter and lunch everyday. Then there was a time when Robert and his family left the country and they never paid us. Joy and her son would come back for some time but still we didn’t get paid. Joy used to buy expensive bottles of perfume and accessories all the time and the sons used to party like no man’s business. While all this was happening none of them cared about paying the workers. I used to work night shift and I would have to sleep on the couch in the bar after my shift in the middle of the night so that I guard the bar. Red fox hotel is such a huge place with broken doors that got no locks. I had to be on guard alone the whole night because the safety of their stock was more important than mine as a girl child but still all those sacrifices were not noticed. They do not appreciate workers who do for them what they cannot do for themselves. Before they left the country they bought properties and a brand new expensive car but still we didn’t get our salaries which were as little as $100 a month. One of the girls had been working for them for almost 7 months and she was owed 3 months salary but when I was given us$75 she was told she had shortfalls worth us$80 and she had to pay that first before they could pay her wages. Her mother paid the month up but they didn’t deliver their own part of the agreement so up to now she hasn’t been paid and is now being owed 5 and a half months salary. When Joy left the country again she left her son Tashinga in charge and that’s when things got even more hectic. He would buy us food only when he felt like and sometimes he would bring his friends to have fun at Red fox. We would serve them and clean up their mess the next day but still all our efforts and patience were not appreciated. We got to a point where we would be told there was no money for food yet they kept partying eating in restaurants and buying expensive phones. End of January Joy called me and said all the three girls must leave her hotel because we were spending her stock money now the stock was finished but she didn’t get a penny. Yet all the ecocash payments were made to her phone and the swipe receipts were all there in the books and we hardly got any cash. We were fine with leaving but we asked that we get paid our wages for us to leave. Their driver Ticha kept on giving us pressure on leaving because they were giving him that same pressure to kick us out. We couldn’t leave because we didn’t even have transport money and it wasn’t easy to go back home empty handed after two and a half months of work. One night one of the girls had a fight with one resident DJ who works at Red Fox hotel. The following morning Joy called us and told us to leave that very same day but we only managed to leave two days after when Tashinga gave us money for transport. We were asked to come the following Wednesday for our wages and Tashinga only took our ecocash numbers for payments and said he was going to transfer the money that night but we got nothing. We went there for a number of times but to no avail. Then the aunty who cleans there during the week said we are never going to get our money because we keep harassing Tashinga. That’s when my family came in because I’m also a child who has a baby that needs to be taken care of. Robert was a bit polite and told us to speak to the wife and son but the son was being funny till we decided to take this to people who can help us talk to them. That’s when I started to miss work many times and Joy said I must contact her lawyer because I won’t be getting my unpaid wages. Joy has a history of not paying workers and creating stories so that she won’t have to pay. There are still people who work there starving not getting paid but they can’t do anything because they were brainwashed and are scared of what the Robert and Joy would do to them if they cross their path .Their reason for not paying is not because they don’t have money but just that they are selfish and do not appreciate workers .They spend thousands everyday and even buy air tickets for their children’s friends and family friends to go visit them in Zambia. Even their maid who is looking after their house is in the same situation right now and not getting paid. I am not the only one going through this abuse by Robert and Joy so please help us. Thank you.”


In 2007 Viomak was instrumental in denouncing and exposing workers abuse at Girl Child Network (GCN) Zimbabwe, a non governmental organization that claimed to be fighting against girl child sexual abuse, following years of unlawful and unfair work practices such as non payment of salaries, victimization, abuse and harassment and bullying of employees. The accused founder and executive director of the organization Betty Makoni has since relocated to the United Kingdom to evade investigations by donors into donor funds abuse at GCN.Having been approached by the employees for help, Viomak supported the campaign by the employees demanding their salaries and denouncing bullying at work by their executive director, Betty Makoni. Viomak raised awareness days on end denouncing workers abuse and also encouraged the workers to approach the labour court for justice. One former programme officer who took GCN to court won a labour dispute against the director and founder of the organisation,Betty Makoni for unfair labour practices and dismissal. Ropafadzo took the organisation to court when her employer locked her out of her workplace and arbitrarily terminated her employment contract for questioning Betty Makoni’s actions which included workers’ abuse, theft of donor funds and failing to pay salaries and benefits as stipulated in the contract and for substantial variations on the contract to suit her personal agendas. Betty Makoni built her house in Marlborough using donor funds sourced for sexually abused girls’ empowerment villages among other donor funds abuses. The damages awarded to the ex-employee would include anything between 12 months salary to about 36 months’ salary and GCN would be ordered to pay US$43 200 in addition to salaries arrears of us$15 400 , a total outlay of US $ 58 600.

Writing to Viomak the desperate for justice and abused ex- workers in a compiled dossier said, “Tatambura isu vashandi kuGirl Child Network zvokuti tafunga kuti tiburitse zvatinoitwa naBetty Makoni but tinotya because Makoni anoti ane maconnections kwese kwese kubva kumapurisa, zvipatara nema donor ake. Tapererwa zvokuti imimi munotofanirwa kuita mainvestigations enyu mega mubate chokwadi zvinoitwa naiye mwana waChief Makoni anova zvakare muroora wekwa Nyamapfeni from Njerama kwaMutasa. Mabatiro aanoita vashandi vake ndiwo anotigumbura zvikuru zvokuti tashaya kuti tochemera kupi. Kutaura chokwadi Betty Makoni mupengo chaiwo unotofanira kuona chiremba nokuti no normal thinking person can’t behave the way she does. Chokutanga chinotirwadza ndechokuti akadzinga about 15 people basa nerunhare. She just called them kuti basa rapera. These included vanhu vaishanda kuaccounts avo vakangonzi vharai office muende. Mhosva yavo yaiva yokuti hanzi vakaba zvinhu zvaifanirwa kupihwa vanhu vakapazirwa dzimba panguva yeMurambatsvina. A handful of these workers have filed their cases with NEC officer Mapisaunga at Africa Synod House at the corner of selous and fourth, near Dominican Convent. One worker, Thombizodwa Mvududu was issued with 15 written warnings in one day and a further dozen also on another day for late submission of reports. This is a woman who has worked for over six years at GCN without going on leave. Mukadzi uyu has worked non stop week in and week out with no rest and right now she looks like a zombie.She has lost self esteem as she has been bullied and psychologically drained by Betty Makoni. Thombizodwa is rebuked openly at meetings and has been accused of wanting to steal GCN from Betty. It would be interesting to find out from NOVIB, the major donor that funds GCN programmes, whether they are aware that this woman’s rights have been violated beyond anyone’s imagination. Makoni anoda kuita frustrate Mvududu into resigning. Betty Makoni is a violator of human rights and will deal with any person that stands up to her in the most ruthless manner. She has stopped payment of a workers’ salary after suspecting that the person challenged her. A case in point is that of Paidamoyo Muzulu, a former mirror reporter whose salary was taken off pay roll and also changed from usdollar to Zimbabwean dollar without his consent. Paidamoyo has been constantly accused of writing stories to media that criticize Betty Makoni. Betty is a very malicious person and we think that she must start analyzing her behaviour first before she points fingers at all her workers. We are deeply traumatized and we can’t think anymore. We all look like spooks in the dark with no one to complain to because Betty Makoni has instilled so much fear particularly in old members of staff. Betty Makoni also ordered Stephen Makuwa, the finance manager to stop payment of Tonderai’s salary. This man is made to do all sorts of evil against workers. Akatoita zvokutumira sms kuna Makuwa saying he must not pay Tonderai who is an intern. She had initially fired him for being a CIO and reinstated after intervention from Rusape state officials. Chitsotso Village, has been closed totally because Betty does not want Tonderai to set foot there because that is where he was living.All workers have gone on forced leave because she is at loggerheads with this intern.
Betty Makoni is so petty and will create a fight over a small thing. Stephen Makuwa and Thombizodwa Mvududu are the longest serving members of GCN. Another employee, Kundai Macherure has worked for GCN for nearly 9 years as a casual worker and only became permanent this year in October. If this is not gross violation of human rights, then what is it? These three employees have been subjected to the harshest conditions at GCN but they have remained resolute and committed. The founder member syndrome is what has caused all these problems and all she sees are people grabbing GCN from her. Chokwadi zvinoshamisa kuti she can abuse women who are supposed to be under her protection. These are the girl children that have now matured but she tramples and violates them. Most of the workers come from similar backgrounds either domestic violence, neglect, orphans or are survivors of sexual violence themselves. GCN is expected to at least give them hope and heal in the process, but the opposite is what is happening. These workers are being harassed and made to feel small and inadequate. Betty Makoni is no respecter of Zimbabwe laws and this is evidenced by the lack of a code of conduct, worker representatives, disciplinary committee and a senior management to oversee matters. The recently established senior management team is just a window dresser because they cannot decide on anything. This team was set up to please some donors who seem to have observed that she is abusing workers. Betty Makoni is the director, human resources manager, information officer, transport manager and finance manager. The woman is terror and will not take any advice from anybody. We would like all donors to do own investigations and interview past and present workers on her conduct. She treats workers like trash. Workers at GCN are slaves in the true sense of the word and we are pleading for Government intervention. Apart from the three long serving workers, the rest have hardly served 6 months at GCN. Makoni fires them unilaterally without adherence to labour laws and creates so much pressure for new employees. It is almost impossible to catch up with some issues because we are trying to scratch our heads to balance accounts and also write reports. How do you do this when information is lost or destroyed? New employees spend most time cleaning up mess left by predecessors and this has caused sickness in these people because of high stress levels. We badly need a doctor on site.

An example is that of Save the Children UK (SCUK) project whose registers that had to be created because information was not there to come up with a report because the implementers were dismissed without a hearing. This has resulted in workers coming to work starting from Monday to Saturday and working till late without taking any vacation or sick days. Getting an off day at GCN is impossible. Chero kuenda kurufu kana kurwarirwa kana kurwara is not allowed. Kune vanhu vanorwara (HIV/AIDS) nevamwe vane zvirwere zvimwe zviri chronic vasingakwanise kunorapwa because havapiwe nguva yokunoita zvinhu zvavo zviri private. Labour law is clear on 12 off days, 90 days sick leave and one month vacation a year. A new employee has right to an off day starting from the month they start work. We have cases of two or three people denied off sick, no off days and now she is forcing workers to take the NGO holiday as the official leave. She says all workers should fill in forms for Dec 10 to Jan 10 and that will be taken as annual leave. That is gross violation of workers rights. I want to go on leave next year because I am not a Christian that does not observe Christmas. Why am I being forced to go on holiday when she wants to be on holiday as well?

The retreat in December should not be forced. Workers must decide whether or not they want to go. She has denied some workers to write exams. Once you become a GCN employee you must not develop for the better but live, eat and dream Betty. You are not inducted into GCN but instead you are inducted into Betty who can I can best describe as a monster. She is inhuman, and a great pretender. She will use new workers to antagonize old staff and then fire you or move you to some weird position with loss of benefits. There are persons that were taken to the dumping site where she dumps non performing workers at UNIT F where counselors and rescue officers work from. She has said this kakawanda at meetings, workers are so demoralized. Makoni has had 4 personal assistants this year. There was one called Norah, then Marjorie, Gumi and now Lillian. Although Irvine Nyamapfene, Betty’s husband, does not appear on the organ gram, he is the man who runs GCN when Betty is away and this has had its fair share of problems. He keeps money and coupons at his house and he is the man who signs checks. I don’t think donors know this. Gumi has been dumped at the dump site where a Winny Murinda was also expected to be dumped but made noise about the matter. She moved to director’s office from admin where a new former REA worker has taken over. One worker from REA called Barbara lasted two weeks and resigned from this organization that uses jungle management.

Betty Makoni is an authority herself because she is heavily funded by some donors who don’t know that she abuses donor funds. Apa aitaura achiita kupoza kuti she is now an international figure and that nothing will happen to her because all donors were flocking to her and saying I speak with real donors and not the local donors here that are intermediaries. Hapana zvamunondiita ini mwana waChief Makoni anonzi Muzvare Betty. Mese muri vanhu vadiki chaizvo papfungwa chaidzo. The meeting on Sunday started at 9 am and lasted until 5pm.Betty brought her own food whilst workers sat and watched her eat as she rumbled on about a retreat which most workers are not so keen to attend because it is a family affair where she and her husband will present boring lectures. We are tired of her and her loud mouth and disregard for our privacy. The venue of the Novib funded retreat is her choice. We wanted Vic Falls but she wants to be near her husband’s village. Betty Makoni has on many occasions threatened to close GCN operations in Zimbabwe and work overseas where there are people who appreciate her. GCN is there because of Zimbabwean children and she now wants to go overseas and dump them. Betty Makoni sends offending messages to workers after hours and this is irritating and gross invasion of privacy especially when you are sleeping peacefully at home. The recent one said, “Please desist from communication with former staff. Whoever is with them from inside should stop it. Let them go to press or donors it does not give them much stop communication”.She must stop sending these especially after hours. Ko tofarira kupi. Kubasa ihondo. Toenda kumba hondo dzinotiteverazve.At GCN one tends to become anti social because the place is just demonic and will require an exorcist to flash out the evil spirits. GCN is demon possessed. Betty Makoni has banned workers from discussing the bible or holding prayer meetings at GCN. Hanzi zvezvitendero zvenyu kwete pano. She worships the Vazvare at Chief Makoni district, a burial place for the women in her clan and this created problems for Kaseke, a dismissed worker that had worked at GCN since inception because he resisted ancestral worshipping. The man is an elder at Zaoga, Pentecostal Church. He was evicted, given a few days notice to vacate Betty Makoni’s home in Chitungwiza. This driver has a daughter, a GNC beneficiary that survived rape and this means that she has also violated rights of this child by ditching her father out in the open. Betty Makoni haade kuti old and new staff vaite hushamwari. Makoni anoti anoda new ideas from new staff asi hapana zvinoitwa implement. It is a one woman band show. Senior management ine vanhu vanoti Stephen Makuwa, Ropafadzo Mapimhidze, Arthur Choga, Kamurai Mudzingwa, Angeline Katsande, Nyaradzo Mashayamombe, Grace Gurira asi they have no power to make decisions even to buy ball point pens. Every thing has to be approved by Betty and this delays implementation of programmes because either she is not around or her husband who apparently is a signatory to authorize is sometimes away on REA business.

Her language is foul, angry, hostile and horrible. The woman is always shouting on the phone and sending workers running around like a mad lot. GCN is just confusion and workers need to be rescued from this violation of human rights. She may be a winner out there in Sweden and so on, but the fact is she is one of the worst directors and managers in Zimbabwe. Idisaster chaiyo paGCN and this is an issue that is critical and important for GCN donors like Royal Netherlands, US embassy, British embassy, Egmont Trust, Firelight Foundation, Novib, Stephen Lewis, CIDA, Modica Mondilae etc to investigate before a worker dies at the hands of this woman. GCN is a well funded organization and she boasts about this. Corporate governance and rights of workers are not observed at GCN. It is run like a personal entity synonymous with the founder member syndrome. We need help before some workers lose their minds. Regular debriefing is necessary but that has never happened. Staff is burnt out. The position of programmes coordinator has had five people this year. The present one Ropafadzo Mapimhidze a former journalist has been hospitalized three times now and we all know that she is under pressure and looks ill all the time. Akatomboiswa padrip at Chitungwiza hospital. Her predecessor Grace Gurira was away on sick leave and when she came back her job had been given to Mapimhidze. Gurira is wife to colonel Cephas Gurira of Zimbabwe National Army. Betty Makoni wants Gemma Rushoko, a recent UZ graduate to take over. Gemma will not take work orders from Gurira her boss. Chaikosa some former programmes coordinator nearly suffered a stroke under Betty Makoni’s reign of terror. She was admitted at South Medical hospital and she is now running a farm with her husband. Rachel Tongoona suffered same fate. She nearly went berserk and fell very sick because of constant verbal insults from Makoni and now is a cross border trader. Vamwe vacho ndiLucia Mbofana naMvududu wacho who have acted on that post but never granted because they pose a great challenge to her. These two women vanogara vachingotukwa seimbwa chaidzo. Mumwe akamboshanda naMakoni ndiMildred Mutsvairo uyo akapotsa aita stroke ashungurudzwa naBetty Makoni. Izvozvi akuEngland and akanyora gwaro achitaura zvaakaitwa na Betty Makoni. Betty Makoni will never visit any sick worker. Arthur Choga, Kamurai Mudzingwa naPaidamoyo Muzulu vanonzi maCIO na Betty wacho. Workers are constantly reminded that she saved them from poverty by employing them. Makoni akashatirwa last week nevashandi vakaenda kumariro kwaZimunya of Madotsa, akange ari mushandi weGCN kwa Mutasa.Takazoziva kuti aisada kuti vashandii ava vaone mamwe ema t-shirt 600 aifanira kupiwa vana vezvikoro kwaMutasa. These t- shirts akaitwa nedonor rinonzi Egmont Trust.

Madotsa and Betty Makoni were involved in the beating of a Nyamapfeni (father in law brother) using 4 thugs she had employed as security personnel. Mazita avo vanonzi Shaun, Donovan, Tawanda and Boka. Vakomana ava vakarova zvakare murume wa Regina Rapoyo aimboshanda paGCN on the orders of Betty Makoni. Vanhu ava vakatodzingwa basa zvokuti vakonzera ruzha paGCN. Makoni anoshandisa vanhu ozovadzinga sembwa chaidzo. Mumwe mushandi Simon Makurumidze akashevedzerwa mapurisa naBetty Makoni achiti muMDC akarohwa nemapurisa zvisingaite. Musha wake kwaRusape wakabvanyangurwa bvanyangurwa. She also ordered mapurisa to beat Pardon Mudzengerere over stolen car items and a camera. Mukomana uyu haasi kuuya kubasa because akakuvara zvakaipa. Betty Makoni is capable of setting thugs on dissenting voices at GCN. She bribes all the way when she decides to become foul. Mukadzi uyu anoita promise workers zvinhu zvisipo. Chaikosa, Tongoona and Gurira were promised a car and then came Mapimhidze who was also promised the same car yakafa kare kare inonzi RVR iri mugarage. All progressive NGOs provide transport for senior and experienced staff but Makoni does not want her workers to have the comfort that she enjoys. The woman does not trust anyone with GCN cars and chero asipo ane mapurisa ake anenge ana Leah Hodzongi her first cousin who absents herself when she feels like and give Betty bad reports about workers. Leah’s husband is Betty’s driver who also doubles as a farm manager akangofanana nemukadzi wacho. Anonanzva magaro aBetty chaiwo. Kuitwa muranda nemumwe mukadzi nekuda usdollar chete. This arrangement is problematic because she is just picking people who are irrelevant to these projects. We do not want people who just sit and do nothing like the security personnel she hires to move around with drivers to monitor movement. This is over employing people at the expense of children that need that money. Hapana munhu waanovimba naye. All people are thieves at GCN according to Makoni. These security people are holding her to ransom because they want to remain relevant by supplying as much information as possible, some of which is fabricated. Betty Makoni acts on information that is not verified.

All her decisions are emotional and most regretful. Anobva asunga kumeso kunge shumba chaiyo. Betty Makoni has access to five cars inoti Surf, Nissan Sunny, Defender (husbands official REA car), and a Mazda double Cab. The new double cab is also parked at her house in Vainona making them 5 cars. Fuel is also stored at her house in Vainona. GCN is her personal business and all these cars use GCN fuel. Scandal chaiyo. There are no cars to do GCN business because dzakafa and these have been taken to some dubious garage in town that is demanding zimbabwe billions of dollars in repairs. Betty Makoni anoda kuti maworkers ake ose agare kuChitungwiza yet iye akatiza ikoko achiuya kuchirungu, away from the so called constituency yaanoita represent. Facilities at GCN offices are not conducive for worker development. There is only one telephone line which is supposed to connect internet.

The ZOL facility for Internet is accessed on by her and workers will only read what she thinks is appropriate for workers. There is no freedom of association. She has made work life for past and present workers so difficult by creating schedules that are so difficult to maintain. Accounts people walk to the bank with millions of dollars because there is no transport. Munhu iyeye akabirwa what next. But she wants workers to perform under these stringent conditions and that is our major bone of contention. No workers can create networks, attend professional meetings because they are completely cut from the rest of the world. Networking without authority is a cardinal sin at GCN. Betty fears being talked about and constructive advice to her means kuti wamusvora and you can be victimized. Workers movements are monitored closely so that neither meets the other informally and with other organizations. There are no telephone extensions and vashandi vanoita kumhanya from one block to the other like a confused lot to answer phones. Internet is always down and communication naye kana ari mhiri inoti netsei because akashaya responses anoita kupenga chaiko. Mukadzi iyeye anopupa furo chairo nehasha. Anoti endai kuVainona kunoita download ma emails but that is unprofessional. Chokwadi tingaungana kumba kwake kunoita basa here nhai vanhuwe? Ko mota dzacho dzokutakura vashandi dziripi like now when mabhazi ari kudhura kudaro. To and from Chitungwiza now costs $1million.Ko mari ye lunch yacho anotipa here.

Tibatsireiwo nokuti isu tinoda kutaura nemadonors acho tega asi anotivhara. This is a very genuine plea. Please tibatsirei hama. Tiri kutambudzwa. Nyamapfeni anoisa mitemo yake kuGCN Betty ouya oita dismantle. KuAdministration ndiko kune dambudziko nokuti kunochinjwa vanhu nguva dzose. Kune vashandi vasati vasainirwa macontract izvozvi asi vari pabasa. Betty Makoni is a dictator of the worst order ende akafanana na Morgan Tsvangirai zvokuti isu tinofunga kuti anotopenga chaiko. Anotove a psychiatry case. Please assist us and investigate Betty Makoni on rights abuses. This is critical for survival of workers in the future. Kune zvakawanda zvaanoita zvisingafanirwe kuitwa. She is a specialist in bribing vanhu because anayo mari zveshuwa. She is trying to divide old and new workers but hazvisi kushanda and all we are waiting for is her next move. She is in for a big shock this time around takamirira. Girl Child Network and Betty are not as what you think from the reports that people read.

She hates other local NGOs. She thinks all people are fighting her and she is creating situations for Government to take action kuti awane mamwe maaward or reason to perhaps finally leave Zimbabwe and she has hinted this on many occasions. She is soliciting for awards. Akambotuma maforms eCNN Heroes award which she wanted the employees she despises so much to nominate her. She has become obsessed with awards and publicity about herself and yet there are officers like Makurumidze, Katanha, Macherure who have done wonders in as far as rescuing, rehabilitating of sexually abused girls is concerned. Drivers of this organization will remain in dark because she fears going off the limelight. That is what preoccupies her time these days and antagonizes her journalists over these issues. She has complained via an email kuti she has employed 5 journalists who are not writing anything about her and GCN.

We urge British Embassy to avail her funds kuti atangise newspaper rake so that these journalists can write news about her daily. She is competing for newspaper space with President Mugabe. GCN has a newsletter called Newsflash that focuses on Betty in all issues. It is just sickening. Below are names and tel numbers of people who may assist you with the above information but motoita zvine tact because they may not speak because chero havo vamwe vacho vari mafesi a betty, vanenge vaakufembwa naye because they are principled people that who do not tolerate such rubbish. Betty haana friendship inosvika kure and this is one person who is a master in rights abuses. Anyone who complains anonzi tangai GCN yenyu, iyi ndatakatangisa ndega.Please tibatsirei. There is a likelihood of people resigning or leaving without notice in the coming year, a sad development. This woman needs extensive counseling. People that were abused sometimes grow up to become abusers themselves. Betty Makoni is an excellent example of this theory and she must visit a psychiatrist soon before she goes crazy that is if she is not crazy right now. Ari kutopenga kuti hiriri chaiko.All we want is fair treatment from Betty Makoni. That’s all. Not the insults and overworking without overtime paid and time off duty at our own pace and not as wished by herself. We work on empty stomachs because there is no food. Food used to be cooked at premises but Betty stopped the practice asi we spend 3 quarters of our time at her workplace. Hutsinye hwakadaro hatisati tahuona kubva kukumunhukadzi who runs a humanitarian organization. Founder member syndrome is what has hit Betty Makoni and her GCN.