Achievements & Upcoming Projects


In the midst of her activism and philanthropy, Viomak has achieved a lot working single handedly and through working with others to achieve various goals as a humanitarian.


As an academic, human rights defender, protest singer, political activist, freedom of speech advocate and disability advocate, in 2012 Viomak founded Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression (ZIFFE) .ZIFFE’s vision is achieving a peaceful and democratic Zimbabwe where everyone is free to speak out and share views everywhere as this promotes democracy. ZIFFE is an institutional Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that represents the needs of civic society in as far as human rights are concerned, specifically freedom of expression and opinion. ZIFFE’s principles are based on Article 19 which states that,” Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression. This includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to see, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontier.” The organization educates on what entails freedom of expression and opinion and the importance of free expression in society and the need to respect it. Before the organization’s inception, Viomak has been active in supporting efforts to enhance freedom of expression and opinion in Zimbabwe and continues to monitor freedom of expression abuses in the country and fight for citizens to exercise their right to speak out without fear or victimization. The organization also engages in advocacy such that oppressive laws like POSA (Public Order and Security Act) and AIPPA (Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act) and values that hinder on freedom of expression and opinion be removed. As ZIFFE educates on this important principle the members also learn from other free expression experts and individuals in order to come up with details on how best free expression can be achieved in societies that socially, culturally or politically oppress citizens.

Due to the dangers of freedom after expression in Zimbabwe Viomak, on 08 September 2011 Viomak set up a vibrant facebook group and page to promote freedom of speech and give Zimbabweans the opportunity to voice their concerns and speak out without fear. ZIFFE on facebook is an interactive platform that seeks to harness innovative mechanisms to promote freedom of expression and opinion through new technologies and traditional ways. It fosters national and international collaboration in the use of new technologies to promote unity, peace and democracy through the promotion of free expression everywhere for everyone. ZIFFE endeavors to bring Zimbabwe youths to the forefront of this cause as the organization applies demanding approaches to the challenges that are involved with freedom of expression and human rights per ser in Zimbabwe and worldwide. In this regard Viomak has stood against many gender and political odds to give protest music a chance in a bid to bring about leadership sanity in Zimbabwe and remains a major player in the protest movement in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is a country that is struggling socially, politically and economically. Promoting freedom of expression through music and other forms of education are at the core of social change, thus setting up institutions that educate on the advantages of freedom of expression creates lasting social change. Through her protest music Viomak is promoting tolerance whilst demanding that human rights specifically freedom of expression is respected since democratic societies are easily built if freedom of expression is tolerated. The Zimbabwe Government is intolerant of diverse ideas, thus silencing voices means silencing thoughts and this is unprogressive to development.

The idea of setting up ZIFFE moved Viomak because she is directly experiencing what it is like to be denied freedom of expression so she strongly feels an urge to educate on freedom of expression so that what is happening to the current generation will not happen to future generations. Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression educates on what Zimbabwe citizens should do to be heard and how they should relate with the global world to improve their human rights on top of using music as a vehicle for social change. Knowledge can be liberating, so the educational implications on feminist socio-political activism should not be underestimated. Drawing on Viomak’s experience in education, freedom of expression principles and protest music, a radical feminist challenge to the current situation in Zimbabwe should be mounted, thus a programme of education that is geared towards articulating urgent problems facing the people of Zimbabwe is justified. With this in mind Viomak decided to set up an educational institute that teaches on the importance of freedom of expression and human rights through art. The Zimbabwean society doesn’t tolerate different views and this inhibits negatively on development. Allowing freedom of expression to prevail means allowing tolerance to prevail, thereby allowing different ideas to flow thus building a democratic society of civilized and free citizens.

The organization’s goals and objectives include,

Leading the continuing efforts to effectively promote and defend freedom of expression and opinion by harnessing the world of technology, including internet and print.

Bringing youths to the forefront of leadership, empower civil society and make the power of freedom of expression and opinion an agent of social cultural and political change.

Providing an online community for the sharing of ideas and content using social network sites, websites and written materials that are educational, informative and support ZIFFE’s mission and vision

Creating a strong network of partners , convene stakeholders in the promotion of free expression and opinion (including appropriate NGOs, youth organizations, government and international agencies, private sector, religious, cultural and educational institutions) in order to voice on the social and economic challenges in societies around the world.

Contributing to sustainable development and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through knowledge sharing and by finding practical ways to use technologies at our disposal in order to encourage freedom of expression and opinion so as to achieve a better understanding of ourselves and ultimately promote tolerance and democracy.

Supporting and endorsing a national coalition of educational institutions in developing a collaborative school and college curriculum that incorporates freedom of expression and opinion studies in private and public education.

Facilitating a network of those engaged in democracy, freedom of expression and opinion and come up with options that identify possible partnerships between those working on the ground (NGOs and other civil society organizations) and on the internet.

Researching on free expression and its impact on cultural values, religious beliefs and any other appropriate researches thus serve as a resource library and platform for freedom of expression and opinion.

Providing support to educational institutions through curriculum development, training, and freedom of expression studies so as to enhance an understanding of what freedom of expression and opinion entails.

Advancing and supporting opportunities for freedom of expression, training, and mentoring of aspiring free expression activists and leaders, and promoting peace and unity through tolerance of different views.

Empowering voices and creating a society of citizens who are able to speak freely without fear or favour. Therefore, ZIFFE is in need of more free expression activists to help spread their wings for this worthy cause.

Campaigning for a freedom of expression and opinion Day in Zimbabwe – 08 Sept when the facebook group was formed and campaigning for the removal of all oppressive laws and values that hinder freedom of expression and opinion.


As a child abuse advocate, social scientist, philanthropist and humanitarian Viomak founded Hope for Zimbabwe Children a charity that advocates for children’s rights to provision of good health and access to education. The organization gives hope and livelihoods to underprivileged children (up to 17 years) through an equitable and effective distribution of health care and other resources and advocating for their rights. The organization fundraises and provides material resources in order to improve the quality of life for the most marginalised children primarily in Zimbabwe, by ensuring their basic rights are met and respected in terms of health, education, social and economic development thus enhancing their empowerment, choices and dignity. To pursue the mission and vision of the organization, Viomak does not only engage in charitable work but she also produces music to promote the rights of children while raising awareness and campaigning against child sexual abuse and other forms of child abuse. With Zimbabwe witnessing high cases of child sexual abuse and child forced marriages the album ‘Child Abuse’ addresses these social issues.


As women empowerment advocate and social scientist Viomak founded Hope for Women Survivors to foster Zimbabwe Institute For Free Expression’s agenda in regards to fighting for women rights. The organization supports vulnerable adults in need especially underprivileged women in order to sustain poor communities and enrich their livelihoods. Through the organization Viomak supports women living with domestic violence and facing inequality of opportunities. Socio-cultural and political factors continue to limit women’s role in Zimbabwe’s development process and the right to freedom of expression. This is making it impossible for democracy to be achieved. Viomak produces music to promote women empowerment and despise women abuse thus helps with the campaign and education for freedom of expression while raising awareness about women oppression. Of particular concern is the suffering of women and girls who are failing to achieve their goals due to lack of freedom of expression, educational and developmental opportunities so Viomak set up the organization to address these gender imbalances too. Culturally Zimbabwean women are expected to remain silent and not be part of the decision making process in many environments, yet if girls and women are allowed to express themselves such social change will build stronger family values and stronger communities which will end up being governed by a society of strong willed citizens. The Zimbabwean society has generally tended to acknowledge the submissive woman as the respectable woman, whilst the open minded one is viewed as wild and uncontrollable. Because women are culturally tamed to be silent they are denied the right to express their opinions. The woman’s artistic voice continues to remain silent, yet women voices can be used as catalysts for change. More so Zimbabwean women continue to oppress their artistic and political visions too at such a crucial era when every voice and progressive mind is desperately needed to speak against oppression.


  • Works with Zimbabwe institute for free expression (ZIFFE) as a supporter and donor to promote free speech and to denounce the oppressive law POSA.
  • Works with Hope for Zimbabwe Children to as a supporter and donor to help and empower children in need.
  • Works with Hope for Women Survivors as a mentor and donor to help and empower women survivors of abuse.
  • Works with Extreme Trans Children’s orphanage as a supporter and donor to help children facing poverty.
  • Works with physically challenged poverty stricken 29 families in Chivhu under Chief Andrew Zhakata (Mutekedza) as a supporter and donor for children and families facing poverty.
  • Worked with New Hope Foundation Zimbabwe (Defence For Children International) as a supporter and donor for sick children and families facing poverty and paying for children’s school fees.
  • Worked with Matthew Rusike Children’s home as a supporter and donor for children facing poverty.
  • Worked with Mutemwa Leprosy Centre as a supporter and donor for leprosy patients facing poverty.
  • Worked with Women Fertility Zimbabwe as a supporter and donor to help and empower infertile women facing oppression and inhuman treatment.
  • Worked with Zimbabwe Peace Project as a donor for opposition MDC-T political violence victims to provide blankets.
  • Worked with the human rights organization Kubatana to promote human rights and denounce political violence and raise awareness and promote freedom of expression and opinion.
  • Worked with silenced journalists facing arrest to evade censorship following Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) law to silence journalists enforced in 2002 by ZanuPF,by setting up online news sites for journalists such as Gift Phiri , Itai Mushekwi, to mention a few.
  • Composed and recorded a protest song Broken buttock blues from a poem donated and written by well wisher and renowned poet John Eppel.
  • Composed a song from lyrics donated and written by well wisher George Murevesi.
  • Composed a song ‘Betty Hazviperi’ for Girl Child Network (GCN), Betty Makoni to give a voice denouncing the myth that raping young girls cures AIDS and to support her CNN award campaign.
  • To compose songs from lyrics donated and written by well wisher Tamutswa Muzana.
  • To compose songs from lyrics donated and written by well wisher Precious Esther Makomva.


  • Vigil Coalition Protests against ZanuPF government human rights abuses and corruption: Zimbabwe Embassy in London
  • 16 Day Activism against Gender Based Violence: Free-Zim Youth in London
  • Global Forum on Freedom of Expression (GFFE) -Norway
  • Art Venture Freedom to Create Prize. Arts and human Rights: London. ArtVenture is launching the inaugural Art Venture Freedom to Create Prize, which seeks to celebrate artists who have used the arts as a medium to promote and protect human rights. The prize carries a total value of US$100 000.00 and is comprised of three different categories. The prize is designed so that a portion of the prize monies from each category will be given to advocacy groups to further causes highlighted by the winning artists or entries.
  • Article 19 Transparency and free flow of information vital to United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG): London
  • Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) women sanitary campaign: London
  • Girl Child Network (GCN) CNN Award: London
  • UK music festival



“This is the upcoming story of Viomak, the unwavering and unstoppable one of a kind proverbial ‘thorn in the flesh’ of the Mugabe ZanuPF machinery and her singlehandedly crafted mission to fight the dictator and the party, their evilness of which has brought her beloved Zimbabwe to its knees reducing Zimbabweans to scavengers in the thick of it all home and away. The look in her eyes says it all. She has seen what many women of her generation have never and will never have to countenance. Her ears have heard things that many imaginations cannot even conjure up. From death threats that are florid with gruesome descriptions of the fate that awaits her if ZanuPF terrorists and intolerant political thugs should ever catch her and her family members, to insults so colourful and venomous in their descriptions of her womanly body parts, she has heard it all. She has borne it all and has been burdened by it all. Yet, despite the haunting depth in her eyes that bespeaks the horrors that have bombarded her spirit, she exudes an aura of quiet strength, intelligence, wisdom, utmost courage and nerves of steel. She confidently throws her head back, laughs with reckless abandon, smiles with an infectious smile and she cries heartbreaking sobs wracking her body and wrecking her eyes but her tenacity boggles the minds of many who follow and admire her and her work.

She is a uniquely approachable, independent thinker and passionate woman, with an all consuming passion for humanity, philanthropy and justice and for the restoration of Zimbabwe to its former glory. She lives, breathes, sleeps and dreams of the freedom of Zimbabwe from tyranny, oppression and bad leadership to equality for all citizens. From the rising of the sun to its setting, Zimbabwe and the needy Zimbabweans are on her mind. Her friends and admirers are astonished and wonder where she gets all the love, kindness, dedication, passion, confidence and strength from of which Viomak tells them that she is doing it for humanity and for God. She speaks in a clear crisp and uncompromising voice about truth, honest, tolerance, transparency, accountability and professionalism and she writes about the same days on end. She challenges without equivocation, the status quo and the leaders of the day, to fulfil their promises to a jaded and cynical nation. She challenges citizens for watching and not doing anything about the status quo and reminds them that evil prevails when good people do nothing about it. She blames some citizens alike for being as selfish as ZanuPF and for being hopeless and individualistic. She encourages Zimbabweans to change their mindsets and be there for each other and their nation and stop amassing wealth while the country is in tatters.

Utilizing the technological platforms, from the social networking site, myspace, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, you tube, sound cloud to online blogs and other online forums, she has garnered supporters and detractors alike. Her voice is at once defiant and lyrical as she puts her challenges, strength and her beliefs to protest music and activism .She confidently looks the regime in the eye and makes her statements, ZanuPF must go, Mugabe must go, misgovernance must go, corruption must go, POSA must go, AIPPA must go. Courageously despising and speaking against all societal ills is her mantra, awake or asleep. Bad leadership must go, donor funds abuse must go, con artistry must go, sexual immorality must go, women oppression must go, injustice must go, poverty must go, ignorance must go, evilness must go, selfishness must go, incompetence must go, nonsense must go.”


Zimbabwe Development Leaders (ZIDELE or ZDL) political party is an upcoming opposition political party, Viomak’s brainchild since 2010. Viomak has a long term vision of getting involved in Zimbabwe politics. She is hoping to pursue leadership reform and transformation in Zimbabwe and bring a legacy of good leadership and TRUTH to the troubled country and to serve and save her nation from incompetent and toxic leadership. Viomak is hoping to launch the political party and stir it to participation in the country’s Presidential elections to prepare the party for post ZanuPF era.There are indications the party will compete in the next 2023 elections and be a fully fledged entity based in Zimbabwe, which means Viomak will have to take the biggest risk of her life by returning to Zimbabwe to pursue this agenda as she is based abroad. Viomak is still a targeted political activist, who escaped the claws of ZanuPF’s dreaded Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) in 2006 when she secretly sneaked back into the country to record an anti-Mugabe album from Canada, where she had been based for years. The critical artist then managed to jump the border into South Africa after finishing the album en route the United Kingdom. In her own words Viomak says, she has been inspired and motivated to get involved in politics because,

“While many societies of the world treat women as second class citizens, Zimbabwe society from time immemorial treat women as property and non-entities, slaves to the male counterparts and more often than not dismissed as part of property in a man’s world that is in overdrive of corruption, mismanagement, and among the world’s worst human rights crimes, committed against its own citizens. However the final bearers of such injustices become the sole burden of the female population, who are left to fend for themselves and their kids, in a society that has no channels for any sources of support for women and children. My mind was opened by a series of events that fuelled me to say ‘NO’, this cannot go on. Single handedly, ridiculed by many, and chastised by fellow women, who found it ‘disrespectful’ of me to stand up to men, I started a seemingly impossible journey to change a nation in desperate need of change of leadership and mindsets. I stood up against corruption, bigotry, discrimination, hatred and intolerance and used every channel accessible to me to voice my concerns and raise awareness. From campaigning and petitioning who ever would listen, I even taught myself how to sing and started sending protest messages to the government and messages of hope to the suppressed people of Zimbabwe. My protest music was heard all over the country, and in some parts of the world and in theory the Zimbabwe people are ready for a society that is transparent, accountable , fair and respectful of all people without regard to color, national origin, religious affiliation, and somewhat a protracted acceptance of sexual orientation and gender equality. This is the war I have been fighting for the past 20 years and now I have come to realize that meaningful change of minds and attitude in any country in the world is not a function of the citizen’s desire alone, but those desires must have representation in the political system. During my activism I have founded organizations and formed several social media groups to this end, some are designed to educate the population on the meaning and responsibilities that come with freedom of expression and opinion. Another group is developing and educating the nation on the value of national development, encouraging people to support political parties of their choice, but at the same time to understand what it is the parties represent. To that end, I am forming a political party that will be known because of its values, respect for life as well as respect for people’s choices. It is my intention for the party to be the flagship, for Zimbabwe citizens to develop a better understanding of their rights, their value and most important of all that they are equal to the ministers and the president of the country. This respect is a two Way Street, that if a government wages overt or covert war against its citizen then it is not a government but a band of suppressive warlords and juntas. While I have lived in exile for several years, the efforts I have done for the past years have peaked, and I am standing up and walking into Zimbabwe to establish a flag post for the initiatives that will unshackle the mental captivity that has frozen a nation for more than 30 years.”

Viomak is aware that the political situation in Zimbabwe is not as easy as saying GO ZIDELE GO but it is a demanding and dangerous decision that one has to take and says, “for the sake of freedom, human dignity and development looking the bull in the eye is a worthwhile cause that is very necessary to pursue. As challenging as it is, I will strive on taking the necessary risk and map out the best way forward for the sake of our generations and ourselves. Zimbabwe politics is currently very dirty and I am willing to play in the mud and find a way of cleaning it up without making myself dirty. This does not mean that I am perfect as no human being is perfect, but I am politically clean. ZIDELE will usher Zimbabwe into a new type of CLEAN and safe politics whose TRUTH principles (Tolerance-Responsibility-Understanding –Transparency-Honesty), will give power to the people among other responsibilities. This means Zimbabwe will belong to Zimbabweans and not to ZIDELE. Zimbabwe will be for Zimbabweans and not for political parties. As an aspiring politician my urgent priorities include seeking justice and fairness. All perpetrators of political violence should be brought to book and should not be allowed to get away with their evil deeds under what circumstances. This means NO reconciliation without justice. No unity without justice. No love without justice. Justice first and everything else falls into place. It is obviously not an easy journey but we will see how best we can go around the challenge and achieve our goals. Myself being a woman, I am going to be faced with struggles within a struggle. However, freedom doesn’t come on a silver platter and it is a well known reality that the political situation in Zimbabwe is not the Garden of Eden as it resembles Hell, but it is better to try and fail than to fail to try”.


Broken Hearts Blues

‘Broken Hearts Blues’ is a corona virus covid19 inspired single song that Viomak composed on 27/12/2020 .She plans on recording the song in 2021 to raise charity money for Britain’s elderly vulnerable adults affected by covid19. Viomak said her heart is broken and constantly bleeds for the adults who are admitted into hospital covid19 negative only to be discharged covid19 positive. Many of the elderly adults have no voice and don’t even understand what is going on and the health system is letting them down by exposing them to covid19. It is inhuman and wrong for anyone to carelessly and recklessly expose the vulnerable adults to covid19 and someone has to be accountable and responsible for the suffering our vulnerable adults are going through. Viomak said she is determined to stand up for the adults some of who have been disgnosed with dementia and lacking capacity to make informed decisions and have no next of kin . Viomak will also write to the Prime minister for the government to ensure such elderly vulnerable are treated with the respect and the dignity they deserve as exposing them to covid19 is a breach of their right to exist in safe environments. Through this advocacy and charity work Viomak will donate 50 % of proceeds to Britain charitable organizations that support vulnerable elderly with mental health challenges as this sector is neglected and she also hopes to help the vulnerable elderly in Zimbabwe facing similar challenges.

Broken Heart Blues Lyrics

1. Smile another day will come and calm
Smile another night will come and calm
……and another calm

Smile another wind will come and calm
Smile another storm will come and calm
……and another calm

Another day will come and calm
Another night will come and calm
Another wind will come and calm
Another storm will come and calm

2. I see I have no eyes
I eat I have no mouth
I speak I have no lips
Take care of yourself wherever you are

My face is broken cannot smile or laugh
My voice is broken cannot sing or speak
My heart is broken cannot mend or heal
Take care of yourself wherever you are

3. I breathe I have no smell
I cry I have no tears
I think I have no brain
Take care of yourself wherever you are

My spirit is broken cannot touch or feel
My mind is broken cannot think or thank
My eyes are broken cannot sleep or rest
Take care of yourself wherever you are

4. I smile I cannot laugh
I sit I cannot stand
I walk I cannot run
Take care of yourself wherever you are

My feet are broken cannot feel or fit
My bones are broken cannot sit or stand
My body is broken cannot lie or lie
Take care of yourself wherever you are

5. I listen I cannot hear
I exist I cannot live
I love I cannot squeeze
Take care of yourself wherever you are

My face is broken cannot smile or laugh
My voice is broken cannot sing or speak
My heart is broken cannot mend or heal
Take care of yourself wherever you are

6. I wonder I wander
I worry I am weary
I am tired I am torn
Take care of yourself wherever you are

My spirit is broken cannot touch or feel
My mind is broken cannot think or thank
My eyes are broken cannot sleep or rest
Take care of yourself wherever you are

7. I dream I cannot hug
I dream I cannot come
I dream I cannot breathe
Take care of yourself wherever you are

My feet are broken cannot feel or fit
My bones are broken cannot sit or stand
My body is broken cannot lie or lie
Take care of yourself wherever you are

8. Smile another day will come
Smile another night will come
Smile another wind will come and calm
another storm ………

Another day will come and calm
Another night will come and calm
Another wind will come and calm
Another storm will come and calm


Viomak plans on recording the song Zidele to use it as a campaigning tool for ZIDELE political party. The song will motivate Zimbabweans to support the party’s initiatives for a legacy of good and different leadership whereby Viomak envisions a Zimbabwe with fully equipped hospitals and trained health personnel to treat all sorts of ailments. A Zimbabwe where citizens will not suffer and die at home with no medical care, a Zimbabwe where respect for humanity, tolerance and respect of people with different opinions is a right not a privilege, a Zimbabwe where all children of Zimbabwe will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education and use the knowledge to progress our nation to great heights and where children will reach their full potential to drive a new era of graduates who are scientifically orientated. Alongside the song Zidele , Viomak will record the song ‘Wasu Wauya’ to welcome her arrival and decision to make a political difference.


Zimbabwe is one country that is on the verge of collapse in the world. In light of this more than half of the population need help one way or the other. As per the objectives of Viomak’s project the main target centres of her work remain focused on the social and political crisis in the country. Viomak aims to have Viomak help centres in Zimbabwe to assist vulnerable children and adults and the physically challenged. To complement Viomak’s philanthropy she targets in future to also assist and work alongside charity centres such as,

Bonda Orphanage Children’s Home
This orphanage takes children whose mothers have died, mainly from HIV/AIDS, those who are mentally handicapped, and those abandoned. They have 24 children or more.

Chiedza Child Care Centre
This centre supports and cares for orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe.

Chinyaradzo Children’s home
Chinyaradzo cares for about 100 children ranging from birth to 16 years.

Fairfield Orphanage
Fairfield orphanage is currently home to over 45 children. The orphanage is adjacent to a hospital, dental clinic, school and United Methodist Church. These facilities plus the individuals and children, who live there, make up Old Mutare Mission which is supported by the Methodist Church and private donors.

Light the way orphanage
Light the way orphanage is a rural orphanage with about 200 children whose parents have died of AIDS.

Mother of Peace Orphanage Community
The Community builds small basic family-style homes, each accommodating 10-15 children who have 2-3 care givers.

Mutare Orphanage
At the Mutare Orphanage there are a little less than 80 children in all. They are split up into 8 houses. Each house is headed up by a housemother who lives with the children 24/7 and takes care of them as her own. Most of the children if not all are AIDS orphans and many of them are HIV positive.

Precious Child Zimbabwe
Precious Child was established in September 2002 in response to God’s call upon Pastor Charles Masunungure and his wife Judith, to provide love and care to abandoned and orphaned children, having been married for 10 years without biological children of their own.

St. Augustine’s Orphanage
St. Augustine’s Orphanage home is registered to care for 40 children. The orphanage takes care of orphans whose parents perished in the liberation war.

Mashambanzou Care Trust
Mashambanzou Care Trust supports AIDS orphans and provides home-based care support for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS patients in Zimbabwe.

Other target centres are Makumbi Mission Orphanage, Simbaredenga,Newstart Children’s Home, SOS Children’s Villages and Village of Hope.


Viomak is also initiating the setting up of an award winning programme, Zimbabwe Protest Arts (ZIPA) awards that will recognise protest artists for their work. VOTO (Voices of the Oppressed) will initiate ZIPA awards which will encourage Zimbabweans to speak out against bad governance and abuses of different forms. However there are a number of music awards in Zimbabwe but unfortunately these awards neglect protest artists so ZIPA awards are hoping to promote protest artists as they are the foundation in fighting for democracy and respect for human rights artistically. Zimbabwe festivals also ignore protest artists who in turn struggle to be heard using various ways which do not make their voices heard in a large way and yet their voices are very important in building democratic societies. The awards will go to artists who are working hard to promote freedom of expression and fighting for human rights in Zimbabwe. Protest artists continue to be sidelined because promoters fear for their lives, but then the courageous artists need motivation and encouragement. They are using their talents to be voices of the voiceless .Zimbabwe is a dictatorial autocratic state and protest artists need to be promoted in their fight for democracy.

Society needs to appreciate that protest artists’ work is of paramount importance. They are sacrificing and risking a lot to be voices of the voiceless and for these reasons they should be honored, thanked and respected. Plans are underway to hold the first awards ceremony on 18 April 2009 or 2010, and then on 18 April of each following year, the day Zimbabwe gained its independence from Britain, but Zimbabweans continue to be oppressed by ZanuPF. Presently, the annual Zimbabwe Music Awards do not recognise protest musicians. What is recognised is only what is broadcasted on the state radio, which Viomak labels as ZanuPF Broadcasting Corporation. The awards will spread nationally and will be held in each province in Zimbabwe, and Viomak hopes the awards programme will reach other parts of Africa and as time goes on host other protest artists worldwide who are fighting for democracy and the respect for human rights. Viomak is hoping the awards will grow from a national event to an international event, and that other countries will also hold such kind of awards in their respective countries. Some Zimbabwe protest artists have sought refugee outside the country and with time ZIPA will hold the awards in various other countries where Zimbabweans are residing. So it will be like a franchise function with the headquarters in Zimbabwe.

ZIPA awards are also hoping to promote prize winners nationally, regionally and internationally by arranging touring whereby winners will be expected to perform and give speeches and display their works showing the importance of human rights and how to promote them through art and any other issues concerning human rights and art. Promoting the cause for human rights will not end with performing, displays and giving speeches only, but the awards will also hold workshops and lectures through which national and international trainers will be hired to train on human rights issues with focus on freedom of expression through art, as we have to remain focused on the mission and vision for ZIPA awards. The trainers will be volunteers and paid and the training classes will be free and with time ZIPA will request reasonable participatory fees from all participants to cover for overheads. The awards will benefit protest artists, participants and general audience worldwide. The youths who are our leaders for tomorrow need to learn at grassroots level that freedom of expression is the foundation to democratic societies thus they should engage themselves in arts that allow them to speak out. Zimbabwe leaders will also benefit and learn that citizens should be allowed to free their voices for democracy to prevail.


Voices of the oppressed (VOTO) radio, is an internet based radio station, Viomak’s brainchild. What is required in the long run is an actual physical studio that will broadcast on various wavelengths so as to reach those who don’t have access to the internet. The purpose of VOTO radio is to continue challenging government policies and practices that abuse human rights and impede on freedom of expression.